Tuesday, October 12, 2010

:: review - biore makeup remover wipes ::

I've seen an advert on Biore Cleansing Oil - In Cotton Wipes in last month's Cleo magazine. In fact, the product itself was nominated as the best facial wipes for their Beauty Hall of Fame '10. Such buzz successfully influenced me to give it a try. Wondering what the fuss is all about, I made my way to Guardian to purchase a pack. Biore Cleansing Oil Wipes is made in Japan and in fact the no.1 makeup remover in that country. It came in two pack sizes, one with 10 wipes for the price of RM5.90 and another is pack of 48 for the price of RM32.90. For trial purpose, I grabbed a pack of 10 which came in a small, thin plastic packaging that can easily fit into my small handbags. Definitely a perfect travelling companion!

The wipes are actually similar to baby wipes - white, moist tissue and this one comes with light rose scent. Without any hassle, just take out a piece of wipe from the pack, swipe the makeup area you want to remove and *poof* they will all gone. Biore Cleansing Oil Wipes can be used on all face as well as neck area and gentle enough to be used on delicate eye area. To remove heavy makeups and waterproof mascara, it is recommended to put the wipes on such area for 5 seconds before wiping it off so dirts will be easily removed without scrubbing. In simple steps, let me share with you how it works:
1. I was wearing paint pot (cream eyeshadow) and normal dry eyeshadow with liquid eye liner and mascara. 

2. Take a piece of clean wipe from the pack.

3. 1,2,3,4,5 seconds... wipe off.

4. One eye done, another to go.

5. The wipe, no longer white & clean.

6. My eyes - clean & clear.

The verdict: Biore Cleansing Oil Wipes is definitely my new friend. It has proven its capability to remove my makeup clean and clear. It is a lie if I said everything can be cleaned with one swipe because you will need more (in my experience at least 3-5 swipes for one eye) to ensure everything is gone. So far it didn't irritate or made my skin dry, but instead made it feels clean and fresh especially after washing the face with cleanser. The wipes are convenient and you won't spend more than 5 minutes to get rid off everything. The scent is just nice, I don't know what it is actually but to me it smells like rose water. I believed one wipe is sufficient enough to wipe off all face area with normal makeup, but maybe you will need more if you are wearing heavy ones like bridal or photoshoot makeup.

I highly recommend the 10 pack size for all light travellers, but actually the 40 pack size is still okay for those who normally carry large handbags. I can say goodbye to my bottled makeup remover during my next vacation. With such convenience it can offer, Biore Cleansing Oil Wipes is actually affordable (around 60 cents per piece for the small pack but around 68 cents for the larger pack maybe because of the hard plastic packaging). If you don't mind about the price, you can have it in your daily cleansing regime. As for me, it will be my definite choice when travelling and also tiring after-work or outing days. 

I would rate Biore Cleansing Oil Wipes 4.5 / 5. Do give it a try and share what you think too (*wink).

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