Friday, March 30, 2012

:: finally! ::


.....I'm back to the blogging world. Sorry for the temporary hiatus. Been very busy at work and I was down with combination of slight fever, running nose, terrible cough and toothache. Except for fever, other culprits still disturbing me until now and the earliest dentist appointment I could get is next Tuesday. Terrible. I'm living in major pain -_-


.....I got a nice maxi dress. Been interested in owning one since months ago. Have been eyeing for maxi dresses from the PopLook but always contemplate because I do not want to be upset if it does not fit me well. We have sale booths in Menara TM this week so I went down to check it out yesterday. Found this particular booth selling pretty and good quality blouses, skirts and also maxi dresses. Price for each item was very reasonable and way better than blogshops so I did an impulsive shopping spree buying two blouses, two maxi dresses and a scallop long skirt. It was a great, satisfying bargain because when I tested all the items at home early this morning, they fit me well and made me happy so I wore the black maxi dress to office. Not only that, I also went back to the booth and grabbed another maxi dress in ocean blue and another chiffon top. Happy~!!!
The new black maxi paired with leopard print belt, cream knitted cardie, cream & pink shawl and a black heels.


.....I got an instant camera. Earlier this month I gave Nor an extremely early birthday prezzie (her birthday is in October by the way) and it was something she really wanted for her home, which is a vacuum cleaner. I granted her wish because I want to be remembered everytime she vacuums the house so in return she granted my wish today and handed over a pink Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S instant camera with two packs of films. When I was small, my friend who was a daughter of state's Chief Minister got an instant camera. I personally found it was cool to have one so I have been dreaming of owning an instant camera since then and finally got one after more than 20 years! Thank you BFF for making my dream comes true. Love it to bits and we should better learn how to camwhore better. Lol.

Check here if you're interested to own an Instax and its accessories too ;-)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

:: brb ::

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

:: crazy about corsage ::

Previously I have shared about my craft projects that are made of felt fabric. From this pompom felt flower which then turned into a colour block bib necklace to this 'garden of roses' bib necklace, they were all handmade with love and passion.

It was already midnight when I chose my outfit for last week's casual Friday. Ady was already asleep so I had a quiet me-time while hubby was busy with his computer. I really wanted to wear the white strappy high heels I got from a colleague last month and to match it, I chose an old tube dress to be worn with a slim fit jeans. Since I will be wearing black shawl and black inner, I felt like wearing something to enhance the outfit. Somehow I got an idea to make a corsage that could complement my dress so there I was sitting on the couch in the middle of the night to produce this:

Fuschia slanted pompom felt corsage

...and a pic of yours truly wearing it :-)

Actually that was not my first felt corsage because few weeks ago I made and wore these 3 red roses to enhance my monochrome (white & grey) outfit:

Wore a pink felt rose yesterday to match my pink & grey outfit too but didn't snap a pic. However it doesn't stop there because later in the evening I made more pink felt roses at parents-in-law's crib while fetching Ady and waiting for hubby to arrive.  

Got to go now so that's all for today from this crazy-about-corsage lady. See you in the next blog post. Taraaaa...!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

:: 9 months ::

This is the first ever pic of my baby when he was 12 weeks in my womb.

I carried him for 38 weeks before we welcomed him into this world on 17 June 2011.

It has been 9 months. Watching him growing is another wonderful experience for us and no word could describe how grateful we are for having such adorable sweetheart who cherish our life every single day. 

Haven't share his milestones for few months already but as at today, Ady could:

- Sits on his own without support. He now sits in baby high chair when we dine out.
- Crawls to move around. He is like a mini tanker, crawls over anything including us.
- Stands while holding onto something.
- Passes item from one hand to another and purposely drop and pick the item.
- Speaks in baby language.
- Make the "want" gesture by holding up his 2 hands if I offer to carry him.
- Knocks his palms continuously on the table.
- Eat a large size (4 scoops) of KFC's mashed potato and a piece of roti canai.
 Ady celebrating his 9 months anniversary wearing his first shades

p/s: Baby, we love you so much with all our heart.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

:: scrapbooking - the afro girls ::

A scrapbook of pics taken during Malaysia Social Media Week 2012 at Menara TM on 13 - 17 February 2012.

Monday, March 12, 2012

:: glam bazaar ::

I had a not-very-productive-weekend. Not sure why but I was so sleepy on Saturday and Sunday... and it seems to continue until today. This is major Monday blues. My brain literally freeze since morning. Man, should I take supplements to boost my energy? I have a trail of to-do-list and it is very bad if I am stuck in this condition for days.

Anyway, let me share about this event called Glam Bazaar which I went with BFF: Fila & Rabby plus Rabby's student, Hana last two weekends ago, on Saturday 25 February 2012. It was held at this gorgeous bungalow named Adik Villa in Setiawangsa. So what is zis Glam Bazaar thing? Well it is a bazaar selling pre-loved clothings owned by famous local celebrities like Shaheizy Sam, Hans Isaac, Iqram Dinzly, Zahid AF, Faizal Tahir, Sari Yanti, Intan Ladyana, Fauziah Ghous and even Siti Nurhaliza. Not sure whether many people knew about it but when we arrived at 10 in the morning, the place was still serene. That was a good thing because we had the chance to browse and grab good pieces before many arrived.

These single photos are taken from Fila's FB (mohon izin ya buk Fila):

"Lelong lelong... murah murah!"
(Those jeans were owned by Sam and priced at as low as RM25)

Browsing through Sam's tops while carrying babyAdy who was asleep. The art of multitasking :-D

Myself with the beautiful lady, miss Fila

babyAdy strike a pose with aunty Fila. I love this pic!

Fila bought this cupcake from Enot. She also sold cookies and cakes that day. That's her phone number if you're interested. I love the cookies - crunchy and rich.

Enough with photos. After spending few hours in heat and humidity, I bought a Topman shirt pre-owned by Shaheizy Sam's at only RM25. According to the organizer, that is one of Sam's favourite shirt and now it is owned by my hubby :-D I also bought a maxi dress at only RM5 which was owned by someone who is not very famous but Rabby and Hana bought Sari Yanti's dress and few others. For your info, Fauziah Ghous is one of the organizer so she was in charge at the cashier counter that day and she is so pretty. It was an interesting event with good bargain and we look forward for another session next time.

Follow @GLAMbzaar on twitter if you want to be updated with their next project.

Got to go now. Bye!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

:: shop till u drop at mac cosmetics ::

Heyya peeps, I'm shopping inside this awesome retro supermarket...

 "Wanna join me?"

Colourful and chic - two words to describe the supermarket and also MAC Cosmetics Spring 2012 collection.

I am an avid user and a fan of MAC cosmetics. My first MAC product is the Studio Fix compact foundation and I have been using it until today since 7 years back. Last Monday MAC sent me a text message about their roadshow in Mid Valley on 7 till 11 March. As usual, Friday lunch time is the perfect time to go window shopping for us women. Lucky to work in Menara TM which is nearby Mid Valley, together with my BFF Nor we took the opportunity and checked out MAC's latest collection.

Back to Front / Left to Right:
* Kissable Lip Colour - Woo Me, So Vain, Enchantee, Flaunting It, So Delicious
* Lipstick - Innocence Beware!, Watch Me Simmer, Dish It Up, Quick Sizzle, Naughty Saute, Runaway Red
* Cremeblend Blusher: Florida, Optimistic Orange, Restores Dazzle!
* Quadraple Eyeshadow - Colour Added, Call Me Bubbles, Shop & Drop

Every season and each of MAC's makeup collection comes in theme. I never fail visiting MAC's roadshow for few years already and this season's theme has officially becomes my most favourite among all. As we arrived at the Centre Court, there was a supermarket complete with cashier counter, aisle and rows of colourful packed bottles, boxes and tins. The whole area looked chic and retro-ish so after a free makeover using MAC latest makeup collection, we did our own photoshoot inside that lovely supermarket.

"modelling for products" :-P

The spring collection offers fresh and colourful bright shades in line with the blooming season. For the makeover, I chose Optimistic Orange eye shadow but could not remember the lipstick shade (maybe Naughty Saute) while Nor had the Shop & Drop colours on her eyes, which she ended up buying it. Every purchase came with a lucky draw and Nor got herself a pink shopping bag. Other 2 items that can be won are household items that is actually related to the supermarket concept - a set of 4 dishwashing sponge and pink rubber glove. The cashier was very kind because he also gave each of us a 6ml Pro Eye Makeup Remover sample and a 6ml Strobe Cream sample, which according to him able to make skin glows while wearing makeup. Will definitely try them later.

Shop 'til you drop~!

This makeup collection is already available in all MAC stores but the supermarket thingy is only available at certain places during their roadshow. If you could not make it to Mid Valley, fret not because this lovely supermarket will come to KLCC on 19 to 25 March 2012. Don't forget your camera ;-)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

:: charles & keith warehouse sale ::

Today I took leave for the sake of this:

It's the first Charles & Keith Warehouse Sale and best of all, the venue is near to my house.

It was a wet morning and still drizzling when I arrived at the place, around 10:05 in the morning. Traffic was okay maybe because it was still early and instead of parking at the roadside, there were crews directing us to a parking space opposite the building. The event was held at the basement of Wisma GBA and those who came with big handbags had to place their bags inside sealed plastic bags before entering the sale area. 

For you info, the entire basement were actually full of shoes. They were everywhere on the tables and inside boxes and they were all placed according to price range of:
* RM19 - RM29
* RM39 - RM49
* RM59 - RM79
* 50% discount

Wide range of shoes were available from flats, heels, wedges, booties... just named it all and they all came in many colours (rambang mata dibuatnya). Samples were all stacks on the tables so just pick which ever you like and ask for size. There were only a number of assistants available at an area so it took a lot of time to get their attention to cater you. It took me almost 3 hours to leave the sale because most of my time was spent pushing into big crowds to view samples and waiting for the assistants to get my shoe size.

Besides shoes, they also sell accessories like belts, purses and handbags priced from RM9 and above but in limited choice. Handbags were still expensive because there was this particular denim chain bag priced at RM116 and a small studded sling bag was priced at RM89, which is unreasonable for warehouse sale. Other than that, nothing much to write about because if you normally go to warehouse sale, you will know how the ambience is but if you are interested to try your luck and 'join the fun', here are some tips:

1.) Wear comfy shoes and clothings because it is quite stuffy and crowded. You will be sweating.

2.) Bring your wallet, handphone, etc inside a clutch or pouch so you can move around easier. 

3.) No need to spend time at the accessory area at all. Wasting time. Just focus on shoes!

4.) If the shoe sample is in big size, smaller sizes are normally no longer available for that particular pattern. No need to waste time, just search for other models instead.

5.) Don't be shy to make friends. If you see someone holding a pattern you like, approach her so she can ask for two sizes from the assistant.

6.) They only accept shoes that come inside boxes during payment. Please do not leave your boxes around. Ask crews at the entrance for shopping bags. A woman who was queueing at the cashier with me was left with only a pair because she left the boxes.

7.) Be patient. Please note that this is a warehouse sale. If you can not deal with big crowd and anticipation, forget about going.

I know some people were dissatisfied with the organizer but for myself who normally go to warehouse sales, this sale is considered worth going because all shoes are inside boxes and in excellent condition, except last pair. The space was ample and there were numbers of payment counters available. The only setback is due to limited number of assistants. Some assistants were competents and able to search sizes for up to 5 designs but some can only cater a pair or two at a time so imagine how slow it is. Some assistants entertained people too personally which is good but since this is a warehouse sale, that took a lot of other people's time.

You can still make your decision whether to go or not to go because this sale will go on until this Sunday, 11 March 2012. I was contemplating last night but satisfied with my decision this morning because these are my haul for today:

Spent only RM88 for two Charles & Keith shoes. H-A-P-P-Y-!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

:: surprise for shazwani ::

On 4th of February, most of us who attended the tea party in Bangsar last year received an FB message from Aishah about her plan. After more than 200 messages between us, plan became reality on:

Date: Sunday, 26 February 2012
Venue: Garden Cafe, Alamanda Putrajaya
Theme: Pink

It was a surprise party for Shazwani Hamid, a famous blogger in town in conjunction with her engagement and birthday celebration.

We arrived early to set-up the place and also made a scrapbook theme gift for the guest-of-honour. I don't want to write much though because I want to let these photos do the talking instead...

Garden Cafe is such a beautiful place with cosy ambience. It was even more beautiful when combined with our theme colour.

The organizers from left to right:
Lina Zahrah, Afra Yuri, Ayna Jalal, Me, Aishah, Zuen, Ashikin, Raisya, Nurul

The 'Queen' arrived at 1 something and she got this priceless expression on her face!
Wani was crowned as queen of the day by Aishah. As if she knew, Wani was actually wearing yellow - the colour of royalty. Everybody was starving so we all then enjoyed our food.


Girls will always be girls.
We posed for photos then gave Wani our handmade gift, took more
 photos, then asked Wani to cut her pink stiletto cake, chatting, then took some more photos...

Many thanks to Shiela for helping us to bring Wani.
We owe you one ;-)


To Wani:
Congratulations on your engagement and Happy Belated Birthday. Hope you enjoyed our lil party for you and wishing you many happiness in the future.

To the "pink team" members:
We made it girls~! I really had a great time with all of you. Hope to see all of you again next time and do keep in touch ya ;-)


Monday, March 5, 2012

:: mama {heart} ady ::

Mother & Son
Saturday, 030312

Friday, March 2, 2012

:: drink with style ::

One criteria (out of many) that shows my womanhood is my interest towards kitchen appliances. I may not cook as often as others but I still go "ooh and ahh" over kitchen gadgets especially the awesome ones. Previously I was so into knives and after having few pieces of Zwelling J.A Henckel's I moved on. The latest item in our kitchen is the Philips handheld blender/mixer/chopper, which is really good and I love it to bits. I have no intention to add more kitchen gadget until my visit with Nor to Coffee Beans few days ago.

Have not been to Coffee Beans for ages because we usually prefer to hangout in Starbucks. Apparently these days they also sell stuff related to coffee. They got coffee maker but I'm not interested with that. Instead, I was eyeing on the milk frotherer and excited to find a handheld one, priced at RM55. I found it awesome because I can replicate the similar frothy hot drinks at home like what we usually had at coffee houses so I said to Nor, "this is in my wishlist this year".

Yesterday with Nor again, we went to Daiso The Curve to get supplies for my craft projects. I have this love-hate relationship with Daiso because I lost my beloved cat, KiKi due to their incompetent cashier but I like their wide range of products that are only priced at RM5. With hand full of fabrics, we went to the kitchen appliances area and my eyes were glowing seeing a pink handheld milk frotherer. My goodness! Why must splurge when there is a steal? I bought it of course, saved myself RM50 and already crossed an item in my wishlist. I was so excited to try it so last night, I made hot Milo for hubby and myself with a froth milk on top:

Nice? Thanks to this lil thing here:

...and this was taken earlier this morning...

Love it to bits!!!
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