Monday, January 31, 2011

:: a happy preggie mommy-to-be ::

Haven't write much about my pregnancy lately. This is my 18th week and I've been preggie for 4 and a half month. Surprisingly time flies pretty fast for me because I don't feel like carrying the lil one that long and it's almost halfway to delivery. I now understand the joy of being pregnant and the most wonderful experience so far is feeling the lil one kicking inside my tummy. Started feeling light kicks in my 16th week but they're now stronger and sometimes vigorously active as if he / she is playing, turning and spinning around. Such moments not only create bonding between us but also give positive sign that our baby is growing healthily. Day-by-day my fervent wish is for him / her to grow heathily and perfectly well.

Went to the second check-up two weeks ago. Bee came all the way to my office just to accompany and together we watched the lil one through the black & white ultrasound scan monitor. Alhamdulillah, according to the doctor he / she is growing accordingly to his / her age. Yeap, if compared to the printed scan image from previous month the lil one did look bigger and the best of all was watching his / her heart beating. MasyaAllah! 

Apart from all that I was also happy to know that my weight still remain as it is like the previous month. Like the doctor said, "it is fine if the mother doesn't gain weight as long as the baby is growing healthily." (ngeee :-D ) I didn't control my eating behaviour but I must admit that I didn't eat more than usual. I just eat when I feel like eating and the frequency is almost similar to how I normally eat before, only this time I hardly skip the three main meals especially breakfast. So far I have gained around 2 kg above my normal weight. However, when I was in Melbourne my weight was 2 kg lesser so all in all I might have increased around 3 to 4 kgs so far. I've read and heard about people associating pregnancy with 'the joy of eating for two' and I'm expecting that 'joy' in the next few weeks perhaps.

Apart from the maternity pants bought last month, I didn't buy anything else for this pregnancy except a pair of wedges to be worn everyday to office. No maternity dress yet or 'uniform' as what people have been asking because my current principle is "pakai selagi mampu". No need to worry peeps, I'll buy and wear appropriate clothing when the time comes. No need to gasp everytime you see me in that 3-inch wedges or wearing a skinny jeans or what you claimed as 'tight clothes' (referring to before pregnancy working shirts / attire) because I'm still comfortable in one. No worries though, I'll move on later :-)

Starting first week of new year people have started 'discovering' about my baby bump. Seriously, the growth was tremendously obvious after entering second trimester and I've been stopped by a number of people asking and confirming about it. I only informed the good news to a very small group of people earlier, only to those who were close to me but I've learnt that first pregnancy not only bring joy to the parents-to-be but also to those who knew because almost everybody who have been asking me so far showed this warm reaction after I said "yes." Not forgetting those who willingly provide tips and shared their experiences happily; and being a newbie, I really need those knowledge. Although they might not read what I write here, I still want to thank them for their support - thank you so much to each and every one of you.

I've been trying to snap at least a pic of my baby bump but too bad I still couldn't make it. Will try to achieve it soonest possible and treasure it here later. Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah the almighty for this gift. There's nothing else to say apart from "being pregnant is such a wonderful experience and I'm enjoying every moment of it."

Sunday, January 30, 2011

:: french crepe ::

That was my FB status this afternoon and I'm telling you, having French crepe on a cold, gloomy, rainy Sunday is simply a bliss. It's easy to make (only 15 minutes from A-Z) yet the result looks sophisticated as its name. 
Here lemme share with you the steps to an impressive and tasty dessert / savoury:

I'm a pancake fan and Betty Crocker Pancake Mix flour is the best pancake flour I've used so far. I tried Pillsbury's but it wasn't as milky and good as Betty's. This mix can be used not only for pancake but also for waffle and crepe, so this is my main ingredient for the crepe I was preparing.

I'm making one serving of crepe so the ingredients and measurements are:
1/2 cup of flour
1 egg
1/4 cup of fresh milk

Stir all ingredients together into a silky smooth batter.

Heat a non-stick pan and pour in a thin batter, cook until bottom is golden on both sides. Fold each crepe into quarters and serve with fillings of your choice. As for mine, the end result looks like this:




I felt like one of the MasterChef!

I served my crepes with banana and chocolate sauce but you can choose whether to make the crepe as a savoury or dessert. If savoury, common fillings include cheese, eggs, mushrooms and various meat products whereas for dessert, sweet toppings for the crepes include sugar, maple syrup, whipped cream, jam or fruit slices. 
Happy trying!

p/s: this is my loyal companion or 'supervisor' in the kitchen who always watches everything I cook:

*keywords: how to make crepe, french crepe recipe, how to make french crepe, simple crepe 

Friday, January 28, 2011

:: what your handbag is saying about you ::

Thank God it's finally Friday.... woohooo!!! After a long hectic week I can now forget all those numbers for a while and do something relaxing / something I like to do such as writing or blog hopping or even sleeping. From what you could read in my previous entry, this week was not only stressful with workloads and long list of deadlines but also filled with annoying behaviours - up till today's afternoon. Well, I have surpassed all that so let's just forget about it and move to other interesting stuff instead. 

Every morning I start my day in the office with a lil' routine, which is going through thumbnails of featured news / articles on It's a personal thing and I really enjoy it. I don't like reading online newspaper so it is another option for me to gain new knowledge everyday. Furthermore, local newspapers are kinda sucks with all those political stories. Through my own personal thumbnail-news-surfing activity I learnt a lot of new info and even updated with what's happening all over the world. I will choose topics that interest me and they are random either from yahoo!Finance, Shine, omg!, Health, News, Sports... anything as long as that particular topic attracts my attention. 

There was this interesting article I read days (or was it a week ago, I couldn't remember) from yahoo!Finance and it was about "what your purse (handbag) is saying about you". I love handbags and believed most of us do too so I thought sharing the info here is worthwile. It might be true and it might be not... so just take it for leisure reading. Enjoice! (*wink).

The Eternal Prepster

 A woman who totes Longchamp's classic Le Pliage canvas bag to the office is conservative and traditional, yet secretly relishes carrying a status symbol. "She is wearing plaids and pearls," says Zoe. Adds Minkoff, the owner is "practical and loves a bag where she can carry all her essentials at once."

The Upwardly Mobile Do-Gooder

 The legions of young urbanites who cart around burlap bags designed by FEED, a philanthropic organization whose mission is to curb global hunger, are "obviously concerned about the world and the environment," says Zoe. She's "a little crunchy but brand-aware," adds Collins.

The Lady Who Luxes

A ladylike Louis Vuitton bag is the standard arm candy of a woman who has feminine -- and expensive -- taste. "This woman is a label freak," Collins says. Adds Zoe: "She has a job, but she may not need the money." Minkoff notes: "You'll never find her outside her house without the 'It' heels."

The Multitasker

 A young gal who wears many hats in addition to her 9-to-5 job favors an expandable bag with many pockets. "She was voted Most Likely to Succeed in high school," Collins says. "She's a little bit safe in her dress, but in a cute way." The purpose of her tote "is to allow her to be hands-free," says Minkoff.

The Brooklyner

 A vibrant print bag is the sign of a city-dwelling hipster who doesn't care about dress codes. "She isn't too worried about her bag matching her shoes matching her belt matching her outfit," says Zoe. "It's for the style blogger," says Schelter. Collins adds: "She doesn't get her hair blown straight."

The Power Mom

The leather shopper was made for working moms. She "needs room to keep all her necessities in place while running around in between meetings and playdates," says Minkoff. Its wearer likes labels, says Collins, "but doesn't need to show them." Schelter adds that its price makes it "still a treat."

The Pantsuit Executive

 A leather handbag from a luxury house such as Mulberry completes the no-nonsense executive's professional look. "With the power women of today, they want to be taken seriously," Zoe says. "They also want to look fashion-forward." Schelter: "It is very easy to put files and a laptop in here."

The Party Girl

 A crossbody bag that doubles as a clutch screams "work hard, play harder." The owner is "still young enough to go out at night after work," says Schelter.

The Early Adopter

 A purse designed by an of-the-moment fashion darling suggests the wearer isn't referring to real machinery when talking about hardware. "This bag doesn't have a lot of functionality," says Zoe. "You make it work because you love it." Adds Collins, "People think she's on the cutting edge."

The Hoarder

 Massive oversize bags show "that maybe you're not as focused as you need to be because you can't edit what's in your handbag," says Schelter. "If you go to a job interview with a bag the size of your body filled with crap, they're going to be a little nervous," says Zoe. Collins agrees: "She is kind of a mess."

So which one is yours and what does your handbag is saying about you?
{ pssttt... mine's third from top ;-) }


Thursday, January 27, 2011

:: busy like a bee ::

Sorry for the lack of update but I'm going through a hectic week. Due to this stressful moment, I highly appreciate if some people could tolerate and assist me by:

1. Not talking to me if it's only to hurt my feeling. Yes, I feel quite lonely lately because I have no social life but if communication occured was only to offend me, then I'd rather continue being alone.

2. Showing some effort at least instead of continue being ignorance. I don't want to hear those excuses. If you're the boss, act like one.

3. Asking nicely if you require something from my side. I can construct my words and speak nicely to you and other people so please respect that and don't be rude.

4. Stop giving lame excuse. Yes, I am busy with my work but it doesn't mean I don't have time to eat or answer phone calls. I don't mind if you don't want to invite me but no need to say to myself or others - "I'm afraid you / she's too busy with work, that's why" whereas you never show any effort of doing so.

Thank you.

Monday, January 24, 2011

:: gambar kereta jejai yang terbaru ::

Petang tadi masa baru masuk highway plus dari tol Seremban ada kereta kuning berdesup kat lane laju. Kereta pun bukan sebarangan, jenis Corvette Concept z28 yang entah ada berapa buah je kat Malaysia ni. Encik suami terus cakap "ni lah kereta Jejai tu...". Sebenarnya nak tunjuk pada saya jenis kereta yang dia pakai, tapi sekali memang betul laa pulak tu memang kereta dia sebab no plate pun obvious - JEJ41. Bawak tak payah cakaplah, memang laju gila. Tapi apa nak kisah, kalau dia mampu beli kereta harga setengah juta takkan bayar saman pun dia tak mampu kan.

Before this Jejai pakai Lamborghini tapi maybe tak nampak berapa ganaz kot. This time memang caya lah bro... ganaz habes! Kereta macam BumbleBee Transformers tu...
Hrmm, agak-agak Fasha ada dok sebelah tak tadi? 

*keywords: jejai fasha, kereta kekasih fasha sandha, kereta jejai, kereta baru jejai

Saturday, January 22, 2011

:: zaquan & ayu raudhah bersanding dgn monyet ::

Kalau nak tengok gambar-gambar majlis persandingan Zaquan Adha & Ayu Raudhah, bolehlah check blog beautifulnara. Cantik! Pengantin pun sama cantik sama padan... memang seswai. Saya tahu diorang akan kahwin tapi tak amik port sangat pun cuma apa yang membuatkan saya tertarik untuk buat satu entry khas untuk diorang ialah gambar-gambar ni:

Comel je baby monyet tu tido hisap jari. Rambut pun stylo abes. Siap bawak bersanding sekali. Alahai, mesti diorang sayang sangat kat baby monyet tu kan... yeap, saya faham perasaan itu. Kalau kitorang ada KiKi, diorang ada Rooney ;-)

*credits (image): piccalasso via

Friday, January 21, 2011

:: exhausted ::

Wanna write some stuff but couldn't hold my eyes any longer.
Guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow then.
Good nite and sweet dreams peeps!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

:: the one about my birthday ::

Starting new year I've been quite busy with office workloads, hence my priority went elsewhere than blogging. I have several moments to share lately and if time permits me, I'll write it here not only to share it with you but also to keep it as my personal journal. Believe it or not, I've been blogging since 2003 but back then I didn't publicise the address because I was well, shy? Moreover, my main intention was to keep the memories alive so by blogging, I could turned back to those sweet or bitter times whenever I need to. For instance, I managed to reminisce about my birthday celebrations since 2004 because they were all treasured in my old blog. By the way, I used to have and write in my own diary since I was in primary school until I was 18. I sadly burnt them all though because I didn't want anybody else to know and read about my feelings back then. 

Ok, let's move on and talk about my 30th birthday celebration this year. As an overall, it was a simple, intimate one. When the clock striked 12:00 midnite, I received a call from my sister singing birthday song along with her friends. Bee was home with me, wished me and handed over 2 pink envelopes with 2 different birthday cards. He often bought me more than 1 birthday card a year - the first would be a sweet one and the next would be a cute one. Myself, being the fragile one automatically melted away with his sweet gesture. Actually I received 4 cards from him this year as another two came with the gift later. 

On the next morning we woke up a bit early and went for breakfast at mamak, then went out to KL city after Zohor prayer. First destination was Nuffnang office to collect my birthday gift from Nuffnang and TGV which comprised of 4 movie passes. Once again, big thanks to Nuffnang and TGV for choosing me~! 

We had our lunch at the arabian restaurant, al-Rawsha located at Bulatan Kg. Pandan. Weeks before, we did go there to have dinner but that place was insanely full. Cars were parked on the opposite roadside under the flyovers and people were seen queueing, waiting to be seated which finally made us abort the mission. Last Monday, that place was almost empty. There were only 2 cars in the parking lot if not mistaken, most probably because it was working day and already pass lunchtime. We shared a plate of Chicken Mandy as the portion was huge. Chicken Mandy was special briyani rice served with half chicken, plain yogurt and something like salsa, made of chopped tomatoes. 

I love arabian or lebanese food, but one thing that is lacking about arabian rice is the fact that they are dry. They do not come with gravy so there was less satisfaction during eating although both plates were all empty at the end. However, one thing that could not be denied about arabian cuisine is their fantastic, sweet, concentrated mango juice. I don't know about you, but I never order any other beverages than mango juice in any arabian restaurants because I knew they would never fail to satisfy me.  Just to note, a plate of chicken mandy at al-Rawsha costs RM25 and a mango juice is RM10. Perhaps you could give them a try if you haven't been there because the restaurant is among talk of the town. Oh, they also have drive through and opens 24 hours a day.

Just look for this castle-like building

After that late lunch we straight away went to Lowyat Plaza. If you knew me well, you'd say "apa Yatoque, Lowyat Plaza?" Ok, that place is so-not-me but since you already knew what mr.Hubby gave me as prezzie this year then I should not explain more about it because we were actually looking for iPad's casing. In the end, we didn't buy any casing for the iPad but Bee brought home an iPhone instead which he bought at the DiGi promo booth. So out of nowhere, we've suddenly become an "apple couple". 

We were back home before midnite and that was all. Just a simple celebration, yet memorable enough for me. My heartiest appreciation goes to family members, BFFs, friends, colleagues and blog readers for those birthday wishes. Thank you so much y'all, really appreciate the thoughts! Once again, for my other half... thank you for everything... mwahs!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

:: my new bff? ::

My waiting days are over.
I'm gleaming with joy and happiness as it has finally arrived today...



* a pretty, sleek packaging...

...with a sweet note on top...


...personalised with engraving...


it's a birthday gift.



it's an iPad...

  ...and it's mine.

Dear Bee,
Thank you soOo much for the marvellous birthday gift (love it to the max!). 
I'm deeply touched not only because of this, but also for having you always by my side. I'm a proud wife of yours and I'm honoured to have you as my husband, my only soulmate. You cherish my life with happiness and I do appreciate every lil' things you did. Looking forward to spending rest of my life with you and our kid(s). You're the only owner of my heart and I will always love you till the end.


It's gonna be my perfect companion during breakfast, every morning in the office. BFF, jangan kecik ati yer... I still need you though. Just buzz me when you're free ;-)

Monday, January 17, 2011

:: snowman award from naddy ::

Last week I was tagged by Naddy and given the "Cool Like A Snow" award organized by Mizz Lullaby (ML). 
Brrrr... syejukkknyaaa... (sebab cool kan) hehehe. Thanks dear... terharu akak ;-)

So here are 5 questions that need to be answered:

1. Bila korang suka tulis entry?
Bila-bila free dan ada modal nak tulis apa.

2. Adakah korang blogwalking hari-hari?
Tengok time. Kalau free memang merayau sana-sini. Kalau tak dok diam-diam je sebab mesti tengah sibuk wat keje lain.

3. Namakan 3 blog yang korang paling suka baca:


4. Apa yang korang akan cakap dekat ML kalau korang jumpa ML (hahahaha):
...err hi, nice meeting you?

5. Tag 5 orang rakan blogger yang korang rasa cool like a snow:

i. Qistory 
cool mama.
ii. MrsDJones 
another cool mama.
bukan saja cool, dia juga fofular.
iv. Ellen 
cool dengan blog yang sentiasa updated dengan info2 terkini.
blogger seperjuangan masa treasure hunt digi last year. In person dia mmg seorang yang cool.

Ok itu aje. I'm cool...!

:: happy birthday (to me) ::


Sunday, January 16, 2011

:: last day of the decade ::

Tomorrow I'm entering a new age decade: the BIG three-O or the 3-series zone. When I was a young kid I always thought that being an adult meant no more fun because everything seemed to be so serious. It's like you will have a new personality, an adult personality which differs you from being a kid, but eventually my perception was wrong. Through my experience, being a kid or an adult does not totally change your whole personality. It does change your physique (obviously) and the way you're thinking or making decisions but other than that, you're still who you are. At this age, I'm still the person you knew 10 years ago with similar traits and I don't want to change it if possible. 

Reminiscing the ol' days, I'd say twenties was an awesome, adventurous decade for me. Tried a lot of new stuffs, went through numerous new experiences, learnt numbers of knowledge, succeed in few achievements, met my soulmate and many others. There were also big leaps in life from being a student to an employee, from a bachelorette to a wifey... well, everything happened in my twenties and I have no regrets, enuff said. Above all, alhamdulillah; I thank the Almighty for the blessings, rezeki, good health and permitting me to live till this moment.

There's no other wish than hoping for a blissful, exciting decade ahead with the loved ones. May the good things remain the same and may the coming years are better than yesterday, insyaallah.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

:: pertandingan template tercantik by gayahspears ::

Tak pernah pun join mana-mana contest kat blog, so ni kira pemecah tradisi laa. Saja suka-suka, mana tau ada "ong" lebih bleh merasa pakai domain sendiri. Anyway contest ni anjuran GayahSpears Dot Com. Baru je follow blog dia minggu lepas tapi satu yang saya respect, Gayah pun rajin jugak menerjah blog-blog orang. Kat sini pun bape kali jugak dia terjah... mekasih la bebanyak cik Gayah, terharu ai~! :-)


~> Syarat2 :-
1. Wajib menjadi pengikut gayahspears(dot)com

2. Copy banner beserta isi entry ni dalam blog korang dan jangan lupa buat sidebar
3. Tajuk entry korang mestilah Pertandingan Template Tercantik by Gayahspears
4. Tag kepada 3 kenalan blogger
5. Copy dan paste link entri korang kat entri ni ya…
6. Contest tamat pada 26 Januari 2011

~> Hadiah :-
Pertama :- Domain
Kedua :- Domain
Ketiga :- Domain
Saguhati :- Domain

Ok semua dah buat. Last sekali, insan-insan "bertuah" yang saya tag ialah:
3. Qistory

p/s: berita sedih, saya telah disqualify untuk masuk contest ni sebab tarikh mengundi dipercepatkan. hwaa hwaa... lenkali lah nampaknya :-(

Friday, January 14, 2011

:: penantian itu suatu penyeksaan ::

I've said it all on my FB status, posted at noon today:

Penantian itu sesungguhnya suatu penyeksaan.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

:: pinki kiki ::

Some people said we are too obsess and spoilt our kitty too much. Yes we may but showing your love towards your pet is pretty subjective. I've seen people built huge handmade wooden house just for their fur kids, not to mention spent hundreds RM per month for food, medical and other stuff for them but there are also others who just provide their cats with leftovers and yet claimed they love their cats so much (so who are we to judge?) I believed everything depends on you as the owner. Whether you want to splurge or not should not be an issue as long as your cat is provided with the necessities, love and care.

As far as we're concern, we love our lil' KiKi so much. Although she is just an animal, we always try our best to make her feel appreciated in any way possible because personally, she means a lot to us... and if I could, I would ask her how she feels about us too. I know it might be a bit challenging to provide the same attention when our child is born later, but as for now... why not seize the moment?

Anyway, here's our cutie pie in her new pink dresses :-)

KiKi looked away in her frilly tiered dress

Strike a pose in her pinky polka dots dress




So which one do you like the most?
The tiered dress, the pink polka dot dress or this earlier one:

Sporty KiKi in pink stripes shirt

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

:: new year eve bbq party ::

I'm done with all those gossips so I'm back to my usual self, writing about my own life. I owed myself this entry for more than a week now but still insist to write and post about it because it is about our memorable year-end + new-year celebration. 

It was 31.12.2010. Fila hosted the BBQ get together at her sister's house in Bkt. Jelutong since her sis and family were away for holiday. It was an intimate get together I would say. There were only us, the usual four: Fila, Nor, Rabby and myself together with our loved ones. I came with mr.Hubby and KiKi while Rabby came with Zahid and Sophie. Besides the BBQ, we also brought extra dishes so it was BBQ-cum-potluck to be more exact. We ended up having so much food that could survive us for another day.

our mouthwatering potluck dishes 

*counter clockwise: my perfect telur dadar before it was sliced for deco, Nor's shepherd pie, my spicy cili api fried bihun, Rabby's burritos, my homemade coleslaw, Nor's mashed potato and my sweet seafood fried bihun (oh my, looking at this pic reminds me how yummy they were!!!)

Since Fila and Nor arrived earlier than us, they have grilled the first batch of marinated chicken so we went straight to the main agenda which is eating soon as we arrived. Seriously, the chicken were nicely marinated by Fila and Nor. Babes, hopefully you still remember what to mix and how to get the exact marinade if I ask the recipe later ;-) 

enjoying our scrumptious food... nyum nyum nyum 

Few minutes before midnight we walked out just to the opposite side of the house to a spot where we were able to see panoramic view of the Klang Valley. A lot of cars were already parked on the roadside and many people were already there, anticipatedly waiting for the clock to strike 12:00. It was not exactly 12:00 when the first firework made its appearance in the sky. It was then followed by many others and once, there were around 10 fireworks displays across the sky from different places through out Klang Valley. It was a moment to remember. Even KiKi enjoyed watching the colorful display, but too bad we didn't own any SLR to capture 'em. 

Happy New Year 2011~!!!

We then returned to the house and continued BBQing. There were still chickens and skews so the guys took responsibility in the grilling department while us girls did a bit of cam-whoring (well, what else to do?). 

We continued eating and chatting until it was 2:00 something in the morning. After cleaning up, we left the house with full tummies and sleepy eyes... and also 'tapau' food. It was indeed a warm get-together and I thank Fila for hosting such a sweet event. It was a perfect ending for 2010 and a great way to start 2011.

*This entry is dedicated to 3 of my besties: Fila, Nor and Rabby for always being there through thick and thin. Thank you so much, korangs! I highly appreciate our friendship and hopefully it will remains forever and everrr. Mwahs!

:: fasha the bikini gurl minta maaf ::

Okey okey tetiba terasa layan plak update pasal gossip artis tempatan ni. Actually ni dah bukan gossip lagi sebab dah pun masuk Harian Metro harini. Terima kasih krew breakfast@suriafm - Halim Othman & Zizi sebab selalu bacakan berita menarik setiap 7 pagi. Saye tak rajin baca newspaper so diorang lah antara penyumbang info saye setiap hari.

Anyway, siapa tak kenal Fasha Sandha yang significant dengan suara halus dan imej seksinya. Harini baru keluar cerita pasal Fasha pakai bikini kat Bali masa sambut tahun baru haritu. Dah seminggu pun tapi tak tau kenapa baru harini ceritanya keluar. Papepun, sape nak tengok gambar Fasha tu bolehlah klik link ni sebab saye malas nak copy paste hot pics tu.

Lagipun niat sebenar saye ialah nak beritahu semua orang yang harini Fasha dah pun minta maaf melalui twitter. Cengginilah ayat maafnya:

@FashaSandha1: Salam utk peminat yang saya kasihi.Ya, memang benar ini gambar saya yg memakai bikini dan kain pario berwarna hijau. Dengan rasa rendah diri, saya ingin memohon maaf kerana berpakain begini bersama 3 sahabat wanita di tepi pantai Tanjung Benua Bali pada 30 Dec lalu. Gambar ini telah tersebar luar dalam blog2 internet dan menjadi isu selepas sahabat saya Syazwani meletakkan di laman facebook miliknya.Saya amat kesal dengan perbuatan saya. Saya tidak sempurna dan tidak lepas dari melakukan kesilapan.Pls accept my apology.Thank You.

So maafkanlah Fasha yer... lagipun dia pernah cakap tak nak pakai seksi-seksi lagi tahun 2011 ni. Tu kira last la tu kot?

*Tersenyum sesorang bila dengar Halim Othman cakap mungkin tu kira pakaian seksi penghabisan lah Fasha pakai sebelum tahun baru. Kira lepas tu dia tinggalkan terus kat Bali dan balik Malaysia terus tak pakai seksi-seksi lagi...

p/s: Happy Birthday to Siti Nurhaliza - 11.1.11 - nice date... mesti Dato' K buat surprise yang super spesel punya... hehe.

Monday, January 10, 2011

:: anugerah juara lagu suka bikin gempak? ::

Harini mana-mana pergi pun sumorang sibuk cite pasal Anugerah Juara Lagu 25 (AJL 25) yang baru berlangsung malam tadi. Nak ikutkan dah lambat jugakla saye nak sembang pasal AJL ni tapi sebab sibuk sangat kat opis tadi terpaksala tulis dah malam-malam buta sekalipun. Sebab AJL tu event TV3 saye pun memilih untuk tulis entry ni dalam BM. Jarang nih nak tulis BM, tapi sekali sekala tulis dalam bahasa ibunda apa salahnya kan... ihiks. Sumorang pun dah tau keputusan AJL 25 semalam, tapi kalau ada yang masih terlepas bot atau ada 'short term memory loss' mehla saye ingatkan semula:
  • Persembahan terbaik: Faizal Tahir - Hanyut
  • Vokal terbaik: Hafiz AF - Noktah Cinta
  • Tempat Ketiga: Hafiz AF - Noktah Cinta
  • Tempat Kedua: Black & Meet Uncle Hussin - Drama King
  • Tempat Pertama: Ana Raffali - Tolong Ingatkan Aku

Secara terus-terang, saye hanya tengok persembahan pembukaan dan dua persembahan awal je iaitu nyanyian Yuna dan A.P.I lepas tu terlelap dan tersedar masa Shahir dah pun menyanyi separuh lagu Kebahagiaan Dalam Perpisahan. Tup tup lepas tengok Shahir kena penampar dengan Nasha Aziz, AJL pulak yang menonton saye tidur...  tapi terima kasih kepada En.Suami sebab kejutkan masa acara penyampaian hadiah, tak melepas la jugak saat-saat penting tu. 

Memandangkan saye pun tak tengok sume persembahan yang menang tu saye relax jerla... sampai part diorang announce tempat pertama AJL 25 iaitu Ana Raffali dengan lagu Tolong Ingatkan Aku. Errr... boleh tak sesape "tolong ingatkan aku" lagu tu macamana? Serius beb, selama hidup saye tak pernah langsung dengar lagu tu sepenuhnya kecuali masa iklan-iklan promo AJL yang obviously berapa saat je. Semi-final haritu pun tak tengok sangat... tapi kot iye pun takkan lagu tu keluar kat AJL je sebab saye ni tiap-tiap pagi, pergi dan balik keje memang dengar stesen radio BM... still tak pernah dengar lagu tu jugak... Ke sebab saye dengar suriafm, lagu tu keluar kat hotfm jer? Hrmmm... pelik jugaks ek.
Saye kata AJL ni suka bikin gempak sebab benda-benda cenggini lah. Harini kalau baca blog-blog hiburan pun banyak juga yang report kata ramai tak puas hati dengan keputusan tu. Siap ada yang buka fanpage Kami Tidak Setuju Ana Raffali Menang AJL 25 lagik... ekstrem la jugak. Nak ikutkan ini bukan first time AJL dan TV3 buat kontroversi dengan keputusan-keputusan camni. Rasanya hampir setiap tahun kot ada je yang pelik-pelik. Mungkin diorang lebih suka untuk bagi underdogs menang dan mereka boleh cakap ini bukan anugerah lagu popular...  ye paham. Memanglah susah dan tak boleh puaskan hati semua peminat muzik kat Malaysia ni tapi kalau dah berjuta orang tak puas hati apa maksudnya... nak kan publisiti? Biar orang bercerita pasal AJL berhari-hari? Ntahlaaa... 

Papepun keputusan juri adalah muktamad dan segala surat-menyurat mahupun fanpage dan mahupun entry-entry blog tetap tidak akan dilayan. So, udah-udah le sembang pasal AJL 25 ni... mohle sembang hal lain pulak. Kasi canla Ana Raffali enjoy duit RM35,000 yang die menang tu. Tahun depan kita layan AJL 26 plak ye ;-)

Friday, January 7, 2011

:: kenny rogers buy 1 free 1 red day is back! ::

Walaweh... the most anticipated Kenny Rogers Roaster Healthy Eating Day is back!
valid only on 12 January 2011 at all Kenny Rogers outlets nationwide

Wear any RED clothing or footwear or accessories
BUY 1 Kenny's Quarter Meal
FREE 1 Kenny's Quarter Meal

** Jom serbu ramai-ramai jom! **

Thursday, January 6, 2011

:: early birthday prezzie from nuffnang & tgv ::

Haven't checked my Gmail account for almost a week. With intention to clear up the mailbox, I opened it today and found a lil' surprise. It was an e-mail received 2 days back from Nuffnang entitled Happy Birthday from Nuffnang and TGV Cinemas!

In their blog last month Nuffnang did announce that they are introducing the TGV Birthday Surprise for Nuffnangers. Thanks to the very generous TGV Cinemas, 250 lucky Glitterati Nuffnangers who are residing in Klang Valley will be randomly chosen during their birthday month to receive 4 complimentary passes valid at all TGV cinemas nationwide.

It's a birthday gift from Nuffnang and TGV for bloggers............... and yes, I'm one of the lucky winner and the chosen one (yeayyyy~!!!). It is a surprise indeed and still couldn't bellieve I'm lucky enough to win. SUPER MASSIVE THANKS to Nuffnang and TGV Cinemas for the early birthday gift - you guys are awesome cuz it really made my day!
Ironically mr.Hubby also received 4 complimentary movie passes today after winning a contest by RHB Bank through phone. This means we now have 8 movie passes, so no more excuse to skip watching movies in the cinemas.   

p/s: my birthday is coming up soon and I can already feel the "heat" :-)

:: starbucks released new logo ::

If you're a huge fan of Starbucks (like one of my BFF) you need to know that the world's largest coffee company has revealed the revamped look of their logo yesterday to a cheering crowd of employees in its Seattle offices and also on a webcast. The new logo is yet to be widely used, maybe in March to coincide with their 40th anniversary.

The new Starbucks logo still sustains its iconic sea nymph graphic with few slight updates but comes without any circling STARBUCKS COFFEE wording around it as per image below:

I'd say the new logo is fresh and modern. It may look a bit simple than the current one but we'll get used to it in days. For your info, that is the fourth version of Starbucks' logo since establishment of the company in 1971 as a small coffee, tea and spice shop in Seattle. The first logo was in brown colour but updated and changed to green with a dash of black in 1987 and further refined in 1990s with the current logo that they are using.

Just to be franked, I don't mind them changing their logo how frequent they want as long as they still maintain their good service and good coffee... and writing about Starbucks somehow reminds me about the taste of their rich Dark Mocha Frappuccino, my most favourite drink after Java Chips Frappuccino. If only I could have a venti of each right now... superbly yumm-eyh!

- news source: Yahoo! Finance
- image source: Yahoo! Finance - AP Photo/Starbucks

*keywords: starbucks logo 2011, starbucks new logo, starbucks rebranding

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

:: celcom to offer iphone 4 ::

Hey, have you heard? If not, you gonna know it from here that rumours about Celcom to offer iPhone 4 is almost true!

I did ask someone who is a reliable source about it yesterday and he admitted that the company is still working on the deal. It is still unsure about the exact date of release but it should be anytime within this first quarter of the year and they will be offering much better deals than the other two giant providers. Possibility on this news to become reality is strongly supported with the launching of micro sim by Celcom few months back. Just think about it... why should they offer micro sim which can be used only in iPhone and iPad if they're not going to sell it one day, right? ;-)

Monday, January 3, 2011

:: when everything is only RM5 each ::

Maybe you're already familiar with Daiso shop, a Japanese multipurpose store that sells everything for only RM5. We did pass the shop few times already in Sunway Pyramid but never interested to enter until yesterday and oh my, there were so many things inside and once again all of them only cost RM5 each. How could I miss such good bargain!

I used to go to RM2 shop in Seremban but we have to be careful because not everything is sold at RM2 like the old days, when such shops started opening in Malaysia. From my experiences items like broom, floor mop, pail and other large goods are nowadays sold at RM4 and above. But that didn't happen at Daiso because everything is at flat rate no matter how big or small the good is. It depends on us as customers to think and decide on the items whether it really costs that much, higher or actually lower. As stated above, Daiso is a multipurpose store that sells everything from beauty stuff, kitchen stuff, sewing stuff, gardening stuff, office stuff, laundry stuff, toiletteries, stationeries, toys, potteries and many more. Rambang mata dibuatnya...huhuhu. But one that really impressed us the most was pet stuff. Yeap, couldn't believe that Daiso also selling pet items and that also include pet costumes for only RM5 each! 

We checked out with smiling faces as we bought 6 items with total price of RM30. Our haul includes a pair of grip gloves, an extra large 60cm x 60cm laundry bag and these:

KiKi got another 2 pink costumes and a polka-dot pink collar (not in the picture because she already wore it). Another collar is meant for KoKo, the cat that Bee has at his shop.  

What a worthy bargain. Daiso will definitely be my must-visit store ;-)

:: walk the cat ::

We did it! We successfully brought KiKi to the park yesterday noon for a walk (or more to smelling the grass for her).

It was still morning when my previous entry was posted and that time I wasn't too sure whether we will be able to take KiKi for a walk because she was still unfamiliar with wearing a harness since we just bought it the night before. Surfed the Net and found that we should train the cat before taking her out to get them feel comfortable so we did. Referred 'how to leash train a cat' from wikihow and here are among steps involved in case you're interested to walk your cat too:

1. Get the supply.
- we bought the harness (RM28.00) and the leash (RM7.90) from Pet Lovers Centre. Both could be found in most pet stores, however you need to ask the SA to get harness in smallest size for cats because they are mostly for dogs and in larger size.

2. Don't stress your cat out on the first day. Start with having him/her in the harness.
- we put the harness on KiKi and let her wear it for only around 1-2 hours (only).

3. The first day is over and time for real training. Don't do it if your cat is still uncomfortable with the harness. Attach the leash and start walking (don't tug, this needs patience). If your cat does not move, hold a treat. If that does not work, pick him/her up, move him/her forward and point the direction where you would want him/her to go.
- we didn't take one day to move to this step. We were still inside the house and KiKi didn't move but busy biting the leash instead. We then opened the door and she started walking few slow steps and stopped. This happened few times and we had to carry and place her around the porch to make her walk. She was more interested in smelling and eating the grass though. Around 20 minutes later she got a bit more comfortable and able to walk few steps more than earlier.

4. Keep training until your cat is pro then take him/her outside.
- we only train KiKi around 45 minutes when Bee decided to take her to park straight away. With us, she really need to be a fast learner heh? Hehehe.

5. When your cat is used to the harness you could substitute it for a collar if you wish
- we personally do not agree with this because if the leash is attached to the collar, it means the only support is around the cat's neck. Imagine if he/she got surprised or shocked with something and suddenly tugged or run away as fast as he/she could, it may hurt his/her neck or get choked.

We were happy and glad that we were able to take KiKi out on her paws and enjoy the nature instead of sitting and observing surroundings inside the carrier. KiKi likes to look around and that's why we like taking her out in the car because she will behave just like an excited kid. Besides smelling the grass, she even climbed a tree and did a bit of running in the park yesterday after she got comfortable. It was a memorable experience and hopefully we could walk her out more often later.

Just to share that I pity the dog next door. Dogs need to be walked but we never see her being walked by our neighbour at all. Dunno why some people still want to keep an animal as a pet but could not care less about its needs...

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

:: cuteness ::

Look who's wearing a new tee:

KiKi got her first top from Pets Lover Centre Ikano. It was our first visit there and we were so impressed. There were lots of pretty items for pets from costumes, shoes and even strollers. I was so attracted with various costumes available. There were tees, dresses, gowns, elvis presley suit and even cheongsams. We bought KiKi that pink stripes top because of the colour and also because it came in smallest size. Most others were in larger size for dogs and maybe many cat owners have bought the small ones for their kitties. It fits her well and automatically transforms her look. KiKi instantly look girlish in it and we were speechless everytime watching her... total cuteness!

Other than that we also bought KiKi a harness and a leash, a comb and also a canned wet food as a treat. We planned to bring KiKi for a walk in the park this evening but not pretty sure about it yet because she got shocked when we tested the harness on her yesterday. Have to train her first and let her feel comfortable before taking the next step. Above all, we were satisfied with our purchase and will definitely visit Pets Lover Centre again next time as it's far more better than Pet's Wonderland. With that purchase, Bee also got himself a free membership and we instantly got 5% discount yesterday - at least something than nothing. 

Pets Lover Centre outlets are available in Ikano Power Centre, Sunway Pyramid, Mines Shopping Fair, Bangsar Shopping Centre, SS Two Mall and Jusco Kepong.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

:: 1.1.11 ::

It was a great ending for 2010 and a nice start for 2011.
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