Wednesday, November 30, 2011

:: it's a girl thing ::

Can you guess what is inside the 'Rock n Roll' tin case?

Unless you have already seen it or got it from the same source as mine, does it crossed your mind that feminine towels or pads are inside?

I doubt it.

But look...

There are two pads inside because the tin case is actually a pad holder!

Many years ago, feminine towel was a taboo item in the local society. They were sold in boxes and wrapped in old newspapers during checkout because you wouldn't want to be seen carrying one in public. The norm has changed as years passed by. We could now see pad advertisements on television with top celebrities as brand ambassadors and thanks to chic, funky packaging, holding a pack of pads is not an embarassment anymore.

When I was staying in UK more than 10 years ago, I discovered something that was not available in Malaysia. That time our pads were packed in plain white individual packets whereas in UK, most of the brands have introduced colourful patterned individual packets. I found it cool and attractive, and wondered why haven't we got the same thing here in Malaysia? My question was finally answered last year when a new feminine towel brand, Libresse launched their product with colourful patterned individual packets. Hooray!

I have to admit that I was a loyal user to this one particular brand but after trying a set of Libresse free trial pack I got in Mid Valley during their roadshow last year, I have moved on. Not only they are slightly cheaper in price, Libresse offers similar protection as the other brand and with that colourful packaging, I have no other reason not to change. Another thing that keeps me buying the brand is also the freebies. (Their marketing strategies really influenced me, eh?)

They previously offered pad dispenser in their promo bag and this time it is the designer tin case, which can be used as a pad holder or a trinket box. There are 3 different designs (Rock n Roll, Power Suit and Streetstyle) and one free tin case is available in every promo bag of 2 x 12s Maxi Night Wings, 2 x 20s Maxi Non Wing or 2 x 16s Maxi Wing. I actually preferred the Power Suit design but it came with other pad types so I had no choice. Nevertheless, there will be more designs in December so I look forward to that. By the way, something else also came with the promo pack and that is:


 If you were growing up in the early 90's like me, you would recognise that. I loved playing with paperdolls and owned a full basket collection of them back then... and now Libresse brings back my childhood memories.
Get a pack of yours today!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

:: hijrah ::

Oh my, it has been a week since my last post. Sorry for the long silence. I actually have a lot to share but too little time or too tired to write. It is already 3rd Muharram 1433H but I guess it is still not too late to wish all Muslim readers Salam Maal Hijrah. The 'old book' has closed and the 'new book' is ready to be filled so let us all wish for a better year ahead. Insyaallah.

I started my long weekend early because I took urgent leave on Friday. Apparently Ady was allergic to antibiotics given by the doctor for his ear infection so we had to refer him back to SDMC. His infection has nearly gone but it came back after we stopped giving him antibiotics. We realised about the allergy because he suddenly got rashes on his cheeks and chest. At first we thought it was due to the hot weather but we knew something was wrong when his skin was not as red as before on the next day after we skipped giving him medicine the night earlier. From the internet we learnt that allergy to antibiotics or the penicillin family is common and as parents we have to take note on this so we could advice doctor before giving any medical prescription. Usual indication that can be seen if your baby or child is allergy to antibiotics is development of rashes, upset stomach and diarrhea. We informed the ENT specialist, Dr. Hj. Md Husain on the condition and instead of prescribing another oral medication he gave us another type of ear drop. As of yesterday, the infection has almost gone and hopefully Ady is fully recovered in the next few days.

On another note, Ady reached a milestone as he has finally managed rolling his body on the first day of Islamic new year. I left Ady lying on his back besides hubby who was napping before I went into the bathroom and after I came out, hubby asked how did I leave the baby because he was already on his tummy. Okay, we did not see how he did it for the first time but when we were at parents-in-law's house later than night, Ady showed his new capability by rolling his body in front of everybody. All of us were cheering after he did it and it was funny because he then looked around with an innocent expression on his face as if asking "what have I done?". Yes, you did something baby but it was something that made us proud of you.  

Look at that muscles!
(please pardon the mess though)

It was a weekend with achievements because besides rolling his body Ady has also learnt to sit without any support. At the moment he can only do it for a while but that is good enough for a start. Man, our baby is growing so fast and I'm so going to miss this moment later in life...huuu!
"I'm a big boy now, mummy"

Those might be Ady Rifqi's definition of Hijrah and as for myself, I had never adore a baby this much in my entire life until motherhood changed me. It is such a wonderful experience and I thank God for the wonderful gift. Ady Rifqi, you are everything to us and we love you so much!

Salam Maal Hijrah 1433.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

:: and the winner is ::

Last night the entire nation roared with cheers after Malaysian football squad beat Indonesia with penalty kicks in the opponent's ground at the 26th SEA Games. It was a glorious moment for all Malaysians and people are still talking about it today. I have to admit that our players are still lack of skills but what matter the most is the final score and the gold medal that the players brought home. Congratulations Harimau Malaya!

On another note and in jive with the winning spirit, I hereby announce the winner of my 11.11.11 giveaway. It's a tough call. I feel like giving everybody a prize each for their participation but I only have one prezzie to be given away so I really have to choose one winner...

...and the winner is...

*drum rolls*


Please leave your e-mail address in the comment section so I could contact you for delivery arrangement. Above all, my heartiest appreciation goes to others who have also participated. I promise I will do more contests and giveaways with more interesting prizes. Cheers!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

:: 20.11.2011 ::

It's another anticipated date of the year after 11.11.11. Falls on a Sunday, first week of school holiday makes it a perfect day for wedding reception so do expect heavy traffic on the road today. As for me, neither 11.11.11 nor 20.11.2011 has any significance to my life. We have a wedding to attend and at 11.55am we are still lazing on the bed like other Sundays. I love spending time on the bed with Ady on Sunday because it is relaxing. We can play, I sing him nursery rhymes, read him books and this morning he did something that impressed me:

My baby is growing fast. One day I will surely miss this moment but thanks to technology advancement I could record the milestones here. I should be ready for the wedding now. Goodbye and Happy 20.11.2011.
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Friday, November 18, 2011

:: team air force #01 ::

The three of us went to KLCC last Sunday, 13.11.11 and we were wearing Air Force-themed attire.
Hubby was wearing a vintage US Air Force uniform and I donned in a female version of Air Force uniform bought from Zara. Meanwhile, Ady was wearing Carter's camouflage pants with a military aircraft long-sleeve t-shirt paired with a cute little camouflage shoes.

We were one happy Air Force team!

** Join my 11.11.11 giveaway - contest ends 20.11.2011**

Thursday, November 17, 2011

:: ady turns 5 ::

Ady Rifqi turns 5 months today. Only one more month before he can starts consuming solid food. Sadly, Ady is a bit under the weather. He was attacked with fever since last Sunday night. On the next day Ady and his papa were both sick. Not sure whether they were attacked by the same virus or it was due to weather or surrounding but as an adult, hubby fully recovered on the next day while Ady continued having fever. It was more devastating when we could see small red spots all over his body, hands, legs which according to mother-in-law were measles. Luckily it only lasted for 3 days and those spots are almost gone now. Ady got some red rashes on his face though so I applied cooling powder on his face before bedtime and it worked in disappearing the redness.

Bedak sejuk time!

Today we brought Ady to SDMC because he has discharge coming out of his left ear. We already bought him to GP last time but the discharge continues coming out although it has dried for few days. Ear discharge or infection is actually normal for baby especially if he is having flu. Since baby doesnt know how to takeout the flu mucus from nose it then comes out through a hole in the ear. It still needs to be monitored and we were given a set of medicines that hopefully could dry out the mucus and stop infecting the ear.

Waiting for his turn to meet the doctor

I really want to share some of Ady's development but God, I'm so tired and sleepy to write longer. I really need to call it a day because my eyes closed every few minutes while typing this. Maybe I will continue next time then. Sorry peeps. Farewell and good night! ZzzZzz...

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

:: green day ::

I spent more than 30 minutes in my wardrobe room last night searching and deciding on what to wear to the office today. I even asked Bee whether I could apply personal loan so I could ditch most of my working attire and buy new ones that are much more updated and suit my current taste. Seriously, I'm getting tired with what I have in the 'working top' closet. Most of the shirts have been inside there for 5 years and over; and lately I seemed to be less inspired or creative enough to mix and match them. Well, that is actually a long explaination for the word 'boredom' so after 30 minutes passed by I finally made my decision. 

I decided to go green.

It was my first time wearing this combo - green shirt paired with green flare skirt. At first I wanted to wear a yellow belt but it looked a bit OTT to be worn to office so I wore the pink belt instead, paired with my pink heels to add contrast, yet still toning down the look. Moreover I personally had a thing with green and pink. I just love pairing the colours together because they somehow suit each other and even had them for my wedding theme. By the way I really like that printed shawl because the design is modern and intended to buy more of that kind later. It's kind of hard to find nice designs though, or maybe I should spend a day at Jalan TAR then.

I think I'm going into a style transition period, well maybe due to age factor because I'm turning 31 in 2 months time. Mid-life crisis, no? God, I'm getting older (well, who doesn't?). Okay enough is enough. Now I'm not sure why I'm having this entry after all because it doesn't go anywhere. I guess it's time to end it now. See you in the next entry then... toodles!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

:: garrett popcorn now opens in klcc! ::

Hey, have you heard? After months of waiting, Garrett Popcorn now opens in KLCC!

The famous Chicago originated popcorn was established since 1949 and before launching its first flagship store in Malaysia on 11.11.11, Garrett Popcorn has travelled to New York, Dubai and Singapore. We Malaysians are lucky because we would not have only one store to cater the popcorn craze but two stores because one will be opening soon in One Utama.

Yes, Garrett Popcorn is pricey if compared to what is available in TGV or GSC but it isn't too bad for once in a while treat. They offer different sizes according to your needs from small, medium, large to 1 or 2 gallon and the price list is per below:

CARAMEL CRISP with NutsRM 19RM 26RM 36RM 129RM 229

Line of bags

Pink or Blue?

The Chicago Mix is combination of CaramelCrisp and Cheesecorn meanwhile CaramelCrisp with Nuts offers almond, macadamia or cashew.

I have read about how tasty these popcorns are and bought my first Garrett's in Caramel Crisp. I tell you, the splurge is totally worth it. Sedap giler hokkayy! The Caramel Crisp is sweet yet buttery and it is so addictive. I'm popcorn-struck *-*

My first Garrett, thanks to Mr.Hubby ;-)

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Friday, November 11, 2011

:: 11.11.11 giveaway ::

11.11.11 - The most anticipated date has arrived. Many people got excited with such beautiful number and it is the most popular subject of the day. Radio DJs made it a topic for listeners, friends wrote it as Facebook's status, tweets and not forgetting those who made today a special occassion by getting married. Last year the most sought after date was 10.10.10. It was the date I chose to start blogging using Blogspot from after 7 loyal years with Blogdrive.

From 10.10.10 to 11.11.11, alhamdulillah this blog is still 'alive' with your continuous support as the reader. This calls for celebration and in conjunction with this special date I would like to do a giveaway. It is just for fun and what I can offer you as a gift is this:

Silkygirl Glitzy Chic set which contains a set of duo eyeshadow, a blusher, a lipgloss and a glitter eyeliner. I know it is not a high end brand but consider it as an emergency kit, perhaps for an impromptu date or last minute touch up?

Winning is so easy because the only thing that you have to do is leave a comment at this post that starts with the word 'I like ...' or you could even write in BM and starts with 'Saya suka ...'.

Just write about anything and one catchy comment will be chosen as the winner.

Contest ends on another beautiful date in this year: 20.11.2011.

Good Luck!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

:: diy victorian-themed headband ::

I was invited to a famous blogger, Shazwani Hamid's tea party last month. The theme was Victorian and since Victorian is sync with lace, satin, pearl, velvet..... and also wearing headpiece, I intended to wear something on my head too. It was a last minute decision actually but luckily I still got some felt fabric and balance of black lace used for my wedding hantaran last time so I decided to customise one of my headband into a so called Victorian-themed headband. 

I purposely bought this black satin bow headband to be worn on scarf but it looked too simple.

Using felt fabric as the base, I first cut the fabric into a round shape and sew the lace around it.

 The fabric was then attached to the headband with a pin so I could easily take it off if I don't need it later. 

 The front view but it still looked plain.

To enhance the look, I then sew black crystal beads and faux pearl beads around them

and ta-daaaaa




A simple Victorian-themed headband for a Victorian-themed tea party. 


A pose with the tea party host.
More stories and photos of the event will be shared soon.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

:: wordless wednesday 0911 ::

Hero Malaya

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

:: salam aidiladha ::

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!¡
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Friday, November 4, 2011

:: sporty spice ::

When I reached Manchester in winter of 1996, there was this huge billboard of an all girl group calling themselves the 'Spice Girls'. Few weeks later I learnt that Spice Girls is a sensational hit in Britain and their famous single, "Wannabe" was topped at all radio charts. I couldn't resist myself to become one of their fan too and between five of them, I liked Geri Halliwell because of her sexy body (there's nothing wrong with adoring another woman's body right? :-D). Geri was known as the Ginger Spice due to her auburn-coloured hair while rest of the group are the famous Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice, Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice, Mel. C aka Scary Spice and Mel. B aka Sporty Spice.

One day that I always look forward to in a week, excluding weekend is Friday. If not mistaken, our company introduced 'casual Friday' in 2008 and I have been wearing jeans almost every Friday to 'fully utilise' the freedom given. Lately I have been 'using' Friday to experiment with different looks and style. I have shared with you my colour blocking Friday and pastel Friday but I have also tried rock chic Friday, bling bling Friday and many others. This is literally related to Spice Girls because each of their nickname reflects their personality and style; and so does my casual Fridays.

Today, I came to office in something I have not worn for ages and something that I never worn on Friday... and they are:

My Sporty Spice look: Adidas sweatshirt, Guess cuff watch + Coach sneakers

I know, it is not 100% sporty but I'm not playing sports anyway. Believe it or not, I have received remarks from few colleagues about my sporty look. Even our VP noticed it and commented about my sweatshirt, saying "eh, cantikla baju you" (nice top)...hehe thanks Doc! 

That sweatshirt is from Adidas World Cup 2006 collection for Deutshcland or Germany. I started supporting Germany that year and it was not because of Michael Ballack but the team spirit that Germany players had. I also support Portugal and I admit it is more because of Cristiano Ronaldo but for Germany, it was different. During the World Cup that year I was involved with TM CSR project so I had to stay in Jeli, Kelantan for a week. My then boyfriend now my husband picked me up at the airport and surprised me with this sweatshirt that I'm wearing. I really like it because of the sentimental value and also the design so I rarely wear it to preserve its condition, especially that it is white in colour. This morning, after several years I felt like reminiscing those sweet memories and decided to wear it.

Due to age factor, I realised that I'm wearing more feminine dressing nowadays because back in the days sneakers defined my casual attire. I never wear sneakers on casual Friday because the actual dress code is smart casual and I prefer heels or pretty ballerina flats but I break that rule today. I bought that Coach sneakers in its KLCC boutique with Nor and I love it to bits.

So that's it and now I'm thinking whether I should replicate the next Spice Girls. Hrmmm... what should I be next? Ginger is definitely out of the way so should it be Posh, Baby or Scary?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

:: still in memory ::

02.05.2011 - 02.11.2011
It has been 6 months since we lost our furry baby, KiKi. Half a year has passed by and at this point I really have to accept the fact that we are not going to see KiKi again. Nothing could stop us from thinking about her. Although we have slowly moved on, there are few things that we still couldn't do like eating fried 'selar' fish, eating instant lasagne, going to kuey tiow shop in ttdi jaya and few other places that we used to go with her. All of these bring strong memory of her and no, we have not passed beyond that yet. Although I don't mind giving our new kittens playing with her scratching post and have her 'pink crib' carrier, there are still things that are still preserved especially her pink fluffy bed and these...

Those are KiKi's tops and they are still hanging at its usual place. The first top that we bought for her is the pink-white stripes shirt with 'queen checkmate' wording and it's hubby's favourite. My favourite piece is the pink polka dot dress though because KiKi looked so girlish in it. I always tell Ady about the cat we used to have. The cat who accompanied his Mama most of the time when he was still in my tummy.

I wish the three of us will meet her again...if not in this world, in heaven still do but in the meantime KiKi will always be remembered. I miss you, KiKi and I wish you are safe and healthy, where ever you are. You have cherished our life and we thank you for every colourful moment you gave us.
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