Wednesday, January 30, 2013

:: mac n cheese n champignons n crispy beef ::

Hello world. I'm not sure why but I couldn't load any photo from my pc to Blogger since two weeks ago which eventually explains my disappearance from updating this blog. I have few stories to share but typing on a touch screen does not give me much pleasure but I still have to do it now to break the silence. Anyway, as stated in the title.....

That is something I cooked for dinner last Friday. Macaroni and cheese with champignons and crispy beef strips. I should have shot the one with fresh grinded pepper because it would look more lively but that portion in the picture was supposed to be shared with Ady. He used to like eating mac and cheese but he spitted it out that night maybe because he was having fever. In the end I finished eating the entire bowl and continued eating another one of that creamy, fatty macaroni. Very sinful.

I have shared on how to cook mac and cheese in this blog earlier but the crispy beef is something new. Previously I have asked a chef at Dorsett Subang about their crispy beef pieces they served with baked potato and sour cream. He told me they were baked in the oven but I never try it because oh well, it involves baking. The other day I saw an ex-schoolmate posted a photo of her carbonara with crispy turkey strips on top so I asked how did she do it and good news, they were only fried in hot olive oil. I was craving for the crispy beef ever since that day and finally made it. They were m.f.e.o with the mac and cheese and I couldn't wait to have them again, next time with baked potato instead. Yummmmzz.

*m.f.e.o = made for each other (reminds me of the babyface singer Kavana. Have you heard of him?)
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

:: happy birthday to me ::

Alhamdulillah I was still able to wake up from sleep and still able to breath until now with His blessing. Today marks my 32nd years of living, such a big number and increasing from year to another. Honestly I had never imagine how my life is going to be in the future but right now I am grateful with everything I have - a wonderful husband, a cute & clever lil boy, supportive family & in-laws, coolest girlfriends, understanding bosses, great, everything sounds just perfect! Syukran alhamdulillah ya Allah.

Anyway, my special day came earlier this year when this arrived at my office...

I had to make an announcement to all employees in the building yesterday when I received a call from the receptionist about someone wanted to see me. Afraid it was one of our customer I then called my colleague to represent me because I was involved in an event so when I returned to my work station I was definitely surprised to find the pretty roses on the desk with such sweet message. Well, there is no one else I should thank to except my soulmate who never fail to touch my heart. My husband is the sweetest man I have ever met and I was in tears after reading the birthday card he gave me at exactly 12 midnight. He also bought a card and guided Ady to write and signed. So cute...huhuhu.

As usual we were on leave today. I never go to work on my birthday and his birthday and soon on Ady's birthday too because it is a special day that is meant to be spent with my loved ones. We went out for lunch at my favourite eating place, Chilis in Empire Gallery before heading to Setia City Mall and spent the entire evening there. Nothing much, just giving Ady enjoying himself at the playland then strolled around the mall and stopped for coffee at Starbucks. It may sound ordinary but everything is meaningful to me because it is my special day and moreover Ady is also celebrating his 1 year 7 months anniversary today. Before coming home we picked up the cake I have ordered from Norli (I love her buttercake a lot) and stopped by at my parents-in-law's crib to share it with them...and that's it. A simple and sweet day, just like what I need at this age *cough cough* :-D

The Cake

At this opportunity I want to thank all my friends and family members for those lovely wishes sent either through sms, whatsapp, twitter and obviously most came from facebook. I really enjoyed reading them and some were even funny. I have awesome friends indeed and hopefully He will grant those wishes to me (including to 'maintain vogue and slim'...hahaha). Ameen. 

Last but not least, big fat thank you goes to my other half for all the effort and for loving me for who I am. Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and a great father. I'm always your birthday girl and you are my forever birthday boy. Love you till the end.

P/s: happy 19 months anniversary to my cutie pie, Ady Rifqi. Mama akan sentiasa jaga Ady dan semoga Ady terus membesar dengan sihat dan sempurna. Ameen.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

:: bread butter pudding ::

Baking is not my forte. Honestly I only bake once in ... years but ever since I have a child, I wish I could be like typical American moms I saw on TV who bake fresh homemade cookies for their kids. Although that moment has not yet arrive, I am still happy because the little oven we got as wedding prezzie has started being busy and it began two days before new year when we invited our parents and siblings for a housewarming. Despite the local menu (tomato rice, ayam masak merah, beef kurma, acar nanas & timun, papadum) I insisted to bake something for dessert. Knowing my capability, I chose something very simple and that is Bread Butter Pudding.

I asked Nor for the recipe. She used to make it with chocolate chips but I only did a plain one with almond strips instead because I wanted to serve it with custard sauce, just how I like it. Glad they (I baked 2 trays because of the small oven) turned ok, I then repeated baking another one last Saturday but have to admit it didn't turn as good as the previous ones though *sad face*.

Bread Butter Pudding

- a loaf of bread (stale bread is better)
- 2 eggs
- butter
- milk (full cream is better actually)
- vanilla essence
- castor sugar

- heat oven at 180 degrees
- pour 500ml milk into a bowl, add and stir sugar according to taste
- drop a teaspoon of vanilla essence and stir
- whip eggs in another bowl and mix together with the milk
- grease baking dish with butter
- tear bread into pieces, dip into the milk mixture and arrange inside the baking dish
- make 2 to 3 layers of bread and put small chunks of butter in between the bread randomly
- sprinkle some almond strips on top and bake at 180 degrees for 35 minutes

Custard Sauce

- custard flour (bird's custard is always the best choice)
- milk
- sugar

- heat 500ml milk with sugar according to taste on small fire
- mix 2 tablespoons of custard flour with cold water in a bowl
- pour the flour into the boiling milk and stir continuously
- tips: add more milk if the sauce gets thick

*Serve the bread pudding with hot custard sauce on top.

*keywords: bread butter pudding recipe, easy bread butter pudding
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Friday, January 11, 2013

:: work outfit for 2013 ::

Ever since my pink room is in decent condition, I have been snapping vain photos of myself on Instagram, showing what I am wearing to work everyday. I thought I could inspire people but it lasted for 3 days though because *snap* I came back to reality after thinking about what people would say about me after bombarding their Facebook newsfeed with the same pose everyday. Anyway I am just an ordinary person, not a trendsetter or a fashionista for people to care and interested to know what I am wearing...urgh excuse me, why should I sound so emo anyway? Haha.

Ok ok although I realised about all that facts that have been written, I still continue taking photos in front of the mirror and decided to share them here in my blog instead. I am complicated sometimes and I often lost idea on what to wear to the office. I need some past references. Believe it or not, few years ago when I was still single I got so much free time to come out with a system for my office attire because I wanted to avoid wearing the same shirt twice in a month (or two). I numbered each shirt's hanger and printed out the numbers on paper for every month. Everyday I would cross shirt number that I was wearing so it was easy to monitor and choose which tops I haven't wear. Yeah, call me a weirdo.

Anyway, I have stopped using that system now so please bear with these vain photos of mine. Happy Friday! :-D

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

:: kenny rogers buy 1 free 1 red day ::

Woot woot... Kenny Rogers Healthy Eating Day is back and it means buy 1 free 1 Kenny's Quarter Meal for all of us.

I think this is the third or the fourth year (I lost count) I have been sharing about this but Kenny Rogers Red Day is an annual affair that I hardly missed. Just wear something RED either clothing, accessories or shoes and you will one complimentary Kenny Quarter Meal with purchase of one Kenny Quarter Meal.

Let's wear RED tomorrow - 9 January 2012, Wednesday and visit any Kenny Rogers outlet from 10 am till 10 pm.

p/s: don't know what is happening but I could not upload any pic from my desktop to this blog :-(

Sunday, January 6, 2013

:: love of my life ::

sometimes "I have to be reminded to be grateful for what I have."


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

:: first of 2013 ::

Hi peeps, how's your new year so far? As for me, new year always gives me a new spirit and I determine to improve myself in all angles so I can be a better person than last year, insyaAllah. It is only the second day. With His permission and blessing we still have a long journey to go.

So this is my first post for 2013. That does not stop there because guess what, I have compiled several first moment of 2013 I had so far such as...

The first pic of 2013
Taken at 00:01

The first homemade meal of 2013
Homemade nasi lemak with condiments. Beside the eggs is balance of beef kurma cooked for housewarming day earlier

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