Tuesday, December 31, 2013

:: the last of 2013 ::

This is my first and last post for December 2013.

When I look back, 2013 is not a bad year after all although six months towards the end of it was quite tough. In short I would describe this as a "strengthening the fundamentals" year for myself and our family. I finally purchased a property, gave my car a new look, leaped into a new work portfolio and also bought a number of new handbags, if that can be considered as investments too ^_^

Syukran ya Allah for giving me a beautiful family, happiness, rezeki and also the endurance to go through all the challenges.

May the new year brings more prosperity to all of us, insyaallah.

Goodbye 2013. Welcome 2014.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

:: ady's biodata ::

Pics taken between June to October 2013

One significant memory of childhood is having an autograph book. The book was passed around to one and another, and to be completed with wishes as well as individual's biodata. The autograph book is a memorabilia so I thought why don't Ady has his "autograph" here
(but prepared by me, of course ^_^).


Name: Ady Rifqi bin Abdullah Adil
Birthdate: 17 June 2011
Birthplace: Hospital Putrajaya
Birth Time: 9:09 pm
Birth Weight: 3.12kg
Current Weight: around 13kg
Nicknames: Ady, Baby, Sayang, Cho'ang
Hobbies: Watching toys reviews or nursery rhymes on YouTube, playing with toys (Thomas & friends and other vehicles), playing games on iPad 
Favourite Food: Nothing specific - usually eat what ever parents feed him
Favourite Drinks: Iced tea, Chatime pearl milk tea, syrup, Vitagen - grape flavour
Favourite Flavour: Chocolate instead of vanilla (Team Mama wins)
Favourite Colour: not yet identified
Favourite Place-to-Go: Petrol station (refer all stations as 'Nonas' aka Petronas)
Favourite TV Programs: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, High 5, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Elmo's World, Pocoyo
Top 5 Words: Nak, Nanakkk, Jom, Eeeiii, Alaaa
Top 5 Gestures: Bye bye *waving*, Handshake, Flying kiss, Giving a kiss, Giving a hug
Current Obsessions: Transportation & Surprise Egg
Okay, no more idea to write autograph.
In general Ady is a cheerful boy who is also cheeky. I would say he is a bit of 'prim and proper' as he usually sit on his stool behind the table before eating even if he is eating snacks alone, hardly forgot to turn off the tap before leaving the bathroom, even willingly show his dirty hands to be washed and others.
He might be well behaved most of the time but he is still a very young boy who sometimes tested his parents' patience and temper with his crankiness and screaming over slow internet connection that caused his youtube video to load slowly. He might not listen to instructions all the time, but one thing for sure just feed him well before going for a shopping spree because just like the malay saying, 'gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut suka hati'.
...just something he did to melt my heart...
...and something I did to win his heart...
Being his playmate, going up and down the slide at McD play area :-D

Sunday, November 24, 2013

:: whuzzup with ady rifqi ::

It has been 5 months after our little hero celebrated his second birthday. Haven't shared anything about him ever since but although I still call him 'baby' most of the time, our Ady Rifqi is now a toddler who is busy exploring things around him.

I wish time could move slower so he won't grow up too fast. I want to spend more time with him while he is very dependent of me because sooner or later he will become more independent, prefers his own space and going to spend more time with his friends rather than his old mama.
...and I'm so gonna miss this moment forever :-(

Although people usually refer two-years old kids as 'terrible two', I may not totally agree with that. In my opinion it is a lot more easier to handle a two years old Ady than the younger version of him because he can now understand and convey what he wants. Within the past five months his development is tremendous and the most significant of all is his ability to talk.

Ady may not be fluent enough talking and he is still babbling in his own language, but knowing what he needs is good enough. Among his favourite lines are "nak milk" (want milk), "nak air/eat" (want water/eat), "nak balik umah" (want to go back), "nak main train" (want to play train), "jom main" (let's play) and he also likes saying "eeeeeiii" when he saw gross or nasty things. Although he is still building his vocabulary to talk, he understands some instructions and even what people are talking either in malay or english. He can also now tell us when he is uncomfortable with his diaper or just had a poopoo - helpful info indeed.

Ady surprised me with few of his behaviours and one of them is being pro-active at throwing rubbish into the trash bin. Whenever he sees empty wrapper or anything identified as trash he will pick up and throw it without being asked. He also likes to help cleaning after our cats finish eating their wet food. If he sees the empty plates he will stack and put them on the kitchen counter next to the sink and throws the newspaper into the bin. When he did that for the first time I was really surprised because we never taught him the process. His actions reflected how kids can learn only through observation and therefore as parents, we should be more careful at what we are doing.

In addition to that, Ady is a concern fella. If he heard either of us saying we are in pain he will go into our room, open the drawer, take out bottle of aloe vera gel, bring it to us and even apply the gel with his fingers on our pain area. We always use the aloe vera gel on him if he got bitten by ants or mosquito, which he refers as pain so he replicates that. Again, the power of observation.

Growing up with five cats made our little gem a cat lover too. Among the five, his closest furry friend is Neslo. Neslo is a male cat and the biggest among the five. He is the 'house cat' type. He sleeps with us almost every night and even love squeezing himself in between us when ever we sit on the couch watching tv (he is now sleeping next to me while I'm typing this). Almost every day Ady grabs Neslo and kisses him with a "mmmuaaahhh". He even hug / cuddle the cat, sit on top of him, pinch his face and sometimes pull his tail but Neslo must have love Ady too because he either sit still or run away. Ady never had a single scratch from Neslo.

He still plays with the other four, but the cats sometimes run away from him. One of them, named MiuMiu used to give Ady a lot of scratches until he cried but Ady never stop wanting to play with him. He is always excited when he sees cats anywhere we went to. Actually Ady is not only fond of cats but other animals too. We even had to accompany him to pet shops because he always want to stop and watch the fish, cats, dogs, hamsters and birds. Will definitely bring him to the national zoo one day.

Alhamdulillah since 1 to 2 months back Ady can already count 1 until 10 in english by his own. He still couldn't recite A to Z without guidance but he knows the sequence and able to recite the alphabets together with us or with the song. The positive side of being a YouTube addict made him able to sing and understand few nursery rhymes and also increase his vocabs especially on transportation, because he just love them! Even most of his toys consists of cars, trains, busses, airplanes, trucks and others.

I couldn't wait to see whether Ady would follow my footsteps in the area of art, so when he requested to have a set of colour pencils I got all excited. Bought him a colouring book but I ended up colouring some of the pictures because the little boy only knows how to scribble. Or else he just requested me to draw something and most frequent one is to draw him a bus.

Since Ady is still unable to control his hand with the colour pencils I somehow got an idea to utilise them in a different way. On a printed out sheet with colourful circles, I taught him on colours and put a matching colour pencil to each of the circle. After two days Ady managed to do it by his own and the result is on the picture above.

In order to make him explore his creativity, I have made Ady a homemade play dough out of flour, salt, oil, water and food colouring. It was his first experience playing with dough and guess what, he did not want his hands to be dirty at first. I had to make few shapes and even finger puppets out of the dough before he got interested. That homemade dough didn't last long though and turned yucky on the next day. What a waste. We then bought him a Play Dough instead and he likes playing with it.

Ady is surrounded with people who love him. Not in the picture are his Nenek, Opah, Tok Wan, rest of the aunties, uncles and cousins.

There might be more development progress that I do not share here but on top of all I am glad and happy to see Ady becoming a well behaved boy. He still nags, cries on top of his lung, runs when ever to whereever he wants or says "nanakkkk" (don't want) loudly with a struggle in front of shops he doesn't want to enter, but that is just him being a kid.

We are proud of you, little boy and continue making us proud will ya?


Monday, November 11, 2013

:: halal vitamin e makeup remover ::

Makeup remover is a must-have item for frequent makeup users like me as it can ensure cleanliness of the skin. Sometimes I really have to push myself to do the clean up after a long, tiring day so I would prefer an efficient one which can remove the stains as fast as possible to get over with it.

It is worrying to know that our face can age up for more than two days if we sleep with the makeup for one night and you can read HERE and HERE to read about horrifying stories on what sleeping with makeup does to your skin.

My old makeup remover finished just in time before Cosmoderm launched its own range so I was in need of one and got excited to try it. The first thing I noticed about the product is the pleasant smell. Although it contains rosehip oil, the liquid is not oily and best of all, it removes makeup easily just like I want it.

I did took photos of myself before and after but there was not enough lighting so it was hard to see the difference, hence I made a simple simulation using my hand as below:

Direction on the bottle stated the product to be squeezed on facial cotton but it can also be poured directly on hand before massaging it on the makeup area. I always take the opportunity to rub my entire face because not only it helps to remove makeup, foundation or powder, Cosmoderm Vitamin E Makeup Remover also has the ability to reduce oil seed with constant usage.

It can be rinsed off with water but I am so used to washing my face with facial cleanser after the session but magnificently, my skin feels even more soft and moisturised. With its endorsed halal certificate by JAKIM, Cosmoderm Vitamin E Makeup Remover is definitely a keeper!

Now selling at only RM13.52 for 100ml
(Np: RM16.90)
No need to go anywhere, just click link below to directly purchase from Cosmoderm's website
*keywords: best makeup remover, halal makeup remover review

Friday, November 8, 2013

:: my first camellia ::

Alhamdulillah, one item is crossed off from the bucket list*.
I don't join any MLM business and I'm not a celebrity so this is quite an achievement for an ordinary person like me. 
A gift for all the sweats, joy, tears, screams and satisfactions through out my tenure in TM.
*bucket list: a list of things to do before you die.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

:: moslema in style 2013 ::

I had the opportunity to attend Moslema in Style 2013 at PWTC Kuala Lumpur yesterday. It was a hijab and islamic fashion show for muslimah featuring Malaysian and Indonesian designers from boutiques namely Button My Buttons, Eja Shahril Collection, Cahaya Kasih, AnnBatik, Ainon Kaman, Anggia Handmade, Hijrah Couture and Suci by Yatt Hamzah.

It was an interesting and a previlege experience watching models catwalking in modest outfits covered from top to toe, which is totally opposite to the usual mainstream fashion shows. Each designer came with individual style and specific range of attire from daily, casual, formal and even wedding. The outfits were all colourful and eye-catching; meanwhile the hijabs were styled in many different ways. Totally inspiring!

The event can also be considered as a gathering for muslimahs because except for the press, the attendees were all women. We were serenaded by the beautiful Datin Noryn Aziz and her voice was amazing. Like any other fashion shows, the event ended with appearance by each of the designer. One who caught everybody's attention was the celebrity Yatt Hamzah who came out of the back stage holding hand with her little daughter. It was so cute because the little girl was a bit shy at first, but still smiling while walking. I wish I can have that type of moment too - to be on stage with my little boy, but since I don't have any fashion line I just need to shrug off the idea.

After the show we were invited to enjoy scrumptious food that was already served for us at the back of the hall. It was a good time for networking so while eating I managed to chat with two young ladies who are the owners of PatternizedScarves and DearDarlings. Highlight of the conversation was when they both asked about my age and it was flattering when they said I don't like someone in 30's *blush* Hehe thank you girls for making my day!

Besides food there were also line of booths opened by the boutiques for guests to view and shop. Cosmoderm was also there so most of my time were spent at their booth; checking their products, taking photos and mingling with their team members and guests. Besides samples in the goodie bag I also brought home Cosmoderm's latest Vitamin E Makeup Remover, which I will review and blog soon.

It was a memorable day, thanks to Cosmoderm for the opportunity given :-)

The lady in gold glitter shawl is Azliana @ Nana, Cosmoderm's Head of Corporate Communication.
Also managed to pose with the pretty model, Ara Lee.

 Last but not least, here is a full shot of what I wore yesterday:
Shawl: Unbranded
Accessories: Diva
Clutch: Dorothy Perkins
Top: Unbranded
Peplum belt: Zara
Skirt: Vintage
Heels: Kiss & Tell
*keywords: hijabista, fesyen muslimah

Thursday, October 31, 2013

:: cat print ::

Yesterday I was wearing this same shawl:
Shawl by Radiusite bought from Maria Elena, the famous blogger during a preloved party

The shawl is fully printed with cat print and one of my colleague who passed by said, "you are wearing cat print, just like Victoria Beckham's dress."

When it comes to the Victoria Beckham who is famous with her fashion sense I immediately googled Victoria Beckham cat print dress and here it is:


Cat print doesn't see the limelight so much as compared to other animal prints but they are too cute. I'm going to find and have more cat print in my wardrobe to reflect myself as a cat lover... and 29th October (two days ago) is National Cat Day.

I did wish our cats "Happy Cat Day", hope they got the message :-D

Some cool facts about cats:
- Cats sleep 16 hours of any given days.

- Cats have dreams. They start dreaming when they reach a week old (hrmmm...this may explains why they sometimes twitch in sleep)

- Cats make about 100 different sounds. Dogs make only 10.

- Cats spend nearly one-third of their waking hours cleaning themselves (totally agree!)

- Cats can see anything up to 120 feet away and their peripheral vision is roughly 285 degrees.

*image source: Google

Saturday, October 26, 2013

:: the one about the high heels ::

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world" - Marilyn Monroe

If there is one thing that people would remember about me I guess it would be the high heels. I wear high heels to office almost everyday because to me, an outfit is never complete without a pair of them. I'm used to receiving question like "how do you walk in that?" (even from our company's GCEO) or remarks like "I know it's you just by listening at that footsteps" so I'm proud to consider high heels as part of my personal branding.

I started wearing high heels constantly when I started working with TM in 2003 so the 10 years of experience is indirectly an answer to how I can walk or even run with them. As much as I agree that comfort is the first element to look for, no doubt there were situations where design rules the purchase decision. I bought my high heels from all over the place without considering the brand or the price tag as long as they are pretty, outstanding or eccentric. Thanks to online shopping sites, buying shoes nowadays is just like buying any fashion item. Just trust your gut or measure your feet and voila they are coming to you in clicks away.

My most favourite online shopping site for shoes is definitely Kiss & Tell. Five (5) pairs of my shoes today are bought from them because no matter how high they are, the element of comfort is always guaranteed. As one happy customer, I could say that Kiss & Tell is one of a kind because they offer first class service in terms of delivery and customer checkpoint. I was really impressed when they sent me an email to check whether I have ordered correctly because the size was different from what I normally chose, when the shoes were meant for my boss who is a size 8. Such personalisation is definitely two thumbs up so Kiss & Tell, I will come back for more ^_^

Their shoes are packed inside pink boxes individually or together wrapped in dustbag and also come with a pair of extra heel tips.

Another additional point for Kiss & Tell is the outstanding and exclusive designs. These two babies are my latest purchase and I could not say anything else except "loving them to the max!"
Note: gel pads are bought separately from Daiso.
Shoe shopping tip: buy 1 size smaller for peep toe heels.
"There is an element of seduction is shoes that doesn't exist for men. A woman can be sexy, charming, witty or shy with her shoes"
- Christian Louboutin
*keywords: review on kiss & tell, online shopping experience, online shoe shopping malaysia

Sunday, October 13, 2013

:: create your own watch strap ::

Just like other weekends, I stayed up late last night to have my own sweet me-time. I went into my little wardrobe room looking at things and there were the watches, one of it with the handmade studded strap I have made and blogged about many months ago. I was actually looking for an activity and when my eyes saw this particular watch, given by my-then-boyfriend-now-hubby for my birthday many years ago I somehow got a "light bulb" (just like how Gru said it in Despicable Me, if you noticed the scene). The watch has three sets of interchangable straps in white, black and monogram; and me being me, decided to make the fourth one in red so I could match it with my red outfit next time :-P
The Before and the After pic.
It is just a simple one actually, made in less than 30 minutes but the key message that I am sharing here is creating our own watch strap according to our taste, colour, preference and theme is limitless. All we need is a bit of time and effort. 
3 basic items needed:
1. Felt fabric for the strap (other materials: leather, ribbon, printed fabrics)
2. Velcro to secure the strap
3. Ribbon as the deco (other materials: buttons, studs, crystals, etc)
3 easy steps involved:
1. Cut the fabric into a long strap
2. Sew the ribbon to the strap
3.  Stick velcro at each end
Easy? ;-)
...and look who accompanied me last night in his sleep...
That's Neslo.
...and here is my small collection of watches, with different look and style...
I am planning to have a new strap for another watch later, but in more complicated look. Will blog about it once the project is done.
By the way, if any of you is also into DIY / handmade accessories like me, do share your links at the comment section so I could visit your page. Let's support each other because as we know it, sharing is caring *wink wink*
Last but not least, 
to my blog readers.
Thank you for reading :-)
*keywords: diy watch strap, easy handmade watch strap

Monday, September 23, 2013

:: sinful moist choc cake ::

I am a chocolate lover. I used to munch a lot of chocolate bars (yeah, munching it not sucking it like some people hence explains many holes in my teeth) and the greatest achievement is when I managed to finish up the largest size of Cadbury bar in 30 minutes during univ days. Maybe due to over consuming I don't really eat chocolate bars often these days but I still prefer chocolate above other flavours for my ice cream (chocolate cookie crackle from Baskins Robbins), sundae (chocolate sundae from McD) and cake (chocolate fudge from Secret Recipe).

In early Ramadhan my friend shared on her FB timeline about this rich moist chocolate cake she bought from Petronas. Few days later I got stuck in the rain under a tent in Pasar Ramadhan and somehow the cake was sold there so I bought one to try. I have been a fan ever since that. Anis Choc Moist Cake definitely fulfill my craving as a chocolate lover. Rich, moist, tasty and errr...so sinful - the succulent texture dissolves into my mouth one after another till everything is gone. Sedap giler!

I usually buy the cake from Petronas station near my home at RM5.00 while a large version in rectangular container is sold at RM11.00.

Note to all chocolate lovers: try it to believe it.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

:: handmade fabric flower brooch ::

We had a long weekend last week due to Malaysia Day - 16th September public holiday. It was a fruitful weekend to me because after many months I managed to touch base with my favourite pastime, which is making accessories. The urge of making something usually comes either after I saw inspiring pretty stuff or when ever I'm in need of having one because I want to wear it to an event or to office, but last week was different. I have been craving to produce something because I haven't make one in many, many months. I really missed my hobby and I was truly satisfied when I managed to make these out of whatever fabrics and beads available in my craft box:

The chiffons are leftovers collected from my mother-in-law whereas the black nets were bought for our wedding deco back in 2009 (this is one positive thing of being a hoarder - LOL).
The flower was not difficult to make actually, but the preparation part was a bit boring because I had to cut the fabrics into circles. To ease the process I made a circle-shaped paper guide so I could cut the fabrics faster and easily. Five (5) sets of chiffon fabrics and nets were prepared for the petals and a circle shaped felt was prepared for the base.

Basic "ingredients"

A set of fabric and net was folded into half circle. Each left and right side was folded inside to create a cone shape petal and sewed onto the felt. All five petals were arranged and sewed next to each other to form a complete flower before it was decorated with crystals in the middle and a pin on the back to turn it into a brooch.
The End... and craving managed to be satisfied :-)
*keywords: diy fabric flower corsage tutorial

Sunday, September 15, 2013

:: whuzzup? ::

Hello people. It has been months since my last update. I really miss blogging but what stops me from writing is 'time'. In June I was transferred to another unit and life has no longer been the same. Being in a new team requires me to adapt, learn a lot of new stuff and with a major project that we are currently having, time is one of our 'enemy'. Call me workaholic but I couldn't help to think do work every night and day. There was this day in Ramadhan when I stayed up through out the night doing a presentation slide and ended up knocking someone's car bumper on the next day because I felt asleep for a few seconds at the traffic light. I don't need to mention how tiring and challenging it is (since I'm also a wife and a mother) but despite all these, I do love what I am doing and that keeps the whole thing going.

In these few months, I had the opportunity to travel from one state to another, interact with company's management team, observing qualities that are required to become good leader but one moment that truly inspires me was when I had the opportunity to accompany our company's GCEO for lunch. There were only three of us so I took the chance asking him a question; whether he had ever imagined himself to be at the current position. Maybe I should asked better (and more intelligent) question than that but I did not regret asking because his answer was inspiring and a mind opener. He mentioned about the importance of having value and purpose in life and at work; and when believed we are doing the right things on the right path, good things will come inevitably.

Although I didn't update my blog, I was still active in the social media especially Instagram. I just love Instagram-ing photos especially when they are captured moments of my not-so-little-anymore boy and moments that I would love to remember. Below is a small collection of my Instagram @yatoque photos to recap what has been going on in my life during my hiatus from the blogging world since June.

- Ady pretending to sleep. Not sure about the pouty long lips but he always does that everytime he pretends sleeping :-P
- My new pairs of killer heels bought from trendyfairy. The one with spikes is a weapon in disguise and I am the first victim, now left with scars on both feet -__-
- "a kiss from a furry friend"

- Ady dancing Gangnam Style in diapers and sunglasses
- Few photos of us in Brisbane and Gold Coast (will blog about this later)
- Me featured in Cosmoderm's ad in few local women magazines. Thank you Cosmoderm!
- Raya gifts from BFF during our annual iftar together
- Ady helping Atuk washing his car during a weekend in Seremban
- Food platter Ady sent me for lunch while I was doing office work at our dining table. I was touched.
- Photos of myself while on duty for TM booth at career fair in KL Convention Centre
- Photo of babyAdy captured and printed by sis-in-law. Love the pic!
- Ady helping Papa washing Mama's lil red car :-)

- Few pics of myself as the WonderWoman during our 'superhero' themed annual Group Awards Night held in MMU Cyberjaya
- 17.06.13: Ady turns two!
- Our five kitties (clockwise: Neslo, MiuMiu, Nescafe, Teh Tarik and Milo) having their special weekly dinner
- BFF friendship keychains for each of us. Made these with the girls during our karaoke night-out
- With BFF during our girls' nite out at Redbox The Gardens
- Short visit to i-City Shah Alam with family
- 06.06: Our wedding anniversary
- The day when Ady received his first Thomas play set
- The night when we went up to Genting Highlands for a stroll and coffee / hot choc
- The room in Majestic Malacca: my first out station after many years & first time sleeping without my baby
Selamat Hari Malaysia peeps!

Monday, June 17, 2013

:: happy birthday Ady! ::

Happy 2nd Birthday to our little diamond, Ady Rifqi. No word can ever describe how grateful and lucky we are for having you in our life.
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

:: a destiny ::

Ten years ago in 2003 I met this gentleman at a car club (ACFK) gathering. I tagged along my friend Rynn just to kill time as we were already at the end of final year study. The gathering took place at Petronas Station Bukit Jalil and there were a lot of guys, of course because it was a Kancil car club. This particular guy caught my attention because his Kancil plate number started with D which represented Kelantan state and Rynn is a Kelantanese. Apparently she has met him earlier because he sold her a replacement car bumper after her car involved in accident. I only said few sentences to him but I can still remember what he wore that night - a blue/grey tshirt with faded jeans.

After awhile the entire group made our way to Awan Besar R&R. Rynn and I had our late dinner (mine was nasi lemak) and we were seating next to that guy's table. I asked him "tak makan ke?" (you're not eating?) but he shook his head with a smile and said he has already eaten. Later after that we had to gather around for somekind of speech before we made our way back to hostel in Cyberjaya. Yeah, in the car Rynn and I did talk about that guy. Not sure why Rynn brought him in our conversation but I can still remember saying this particular statement by referring him with "he got nice teeth" :-D

That night is a history that made "us" today. That is the night when I finally found my soulmate, the sweetest, kindest guy who is now my husband. After many years in friendship and love he has always been the 'one' and on this date 06.06 four years ago we were officially married. We may not have everything in common but one thing I know, we complete each other.

Bee, thank you so much for showering me with all your love. You have been my strongest supporter and my guidance; and I could never thank you enough for everything. I look forward to spending rest of my life with you and may His blessings cherished our relationship till Jannah. Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary to US.

With lots of love,
proud wife of yours

P/s: thank you for the wonderful anniversary gifts - the three 'i ♥ u' roses and of course, our cute lil babyAdy ;-)

P/p/s: gonna love you till the end.
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

:: the best female hygiene wash ::

Previously I have been using this particular brand of feminine hygiene wash but the relationship did not last long because it made my skin dry. I thought I am allergic to hygiene wash so when a friend introduced me to Cosmoderm Manjakani Hygiene Wash I told her I may not be able to use it. I still took the sample though, gave it a try and who knows, it has been a part of my daily life ever since.

What I like the most about Cosmoderm Manjakani Hygiene Wash is the cooling sensation so it literally gives me this fresh feeling and comparing to the previous hygiene wash, the liquid is highly concentrated. A small blob from the bottle is enough for one use, hence an entire bottle lasts longer although being used everyday so it is a real cost saving. The liquid is brownish in colour and I never question why however I have been told that this is due to concentrated amount of Manjakani inside and that is a good fact because as a woman, Manjakani can helps tightening vagina muscles especially after birth.

Morale of the story: there is no harm in trying a new product because you never know it might suits you really well. For the first timer, Cosmoderm has introduced a 100ml bottle of Manjakani Hygiene Wash at only RM11.90 for you try one. They are also running a contest where you can win a free honeymoon trip with your hubby so that is another good reason to buy one because you never know your luck, right? Here is some details on the contest for reference.

A bottle with 4-in-1 benefits:
> Firming
> Lightening
> Soothing
> Cooling

*Cosmoderm products are available at leading pharmacies (Vitacare, etc) all across Malaysia and can also be bought online. Check out their website for more details.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

:: handmade studded watch strap ::

One of my favourite watch lost its leather strap last month and I have been planning to change the strap but always forgot to bring it to the shop. Out of nowhere I somehow got this idea to make my own DIY watch strap using whatever items available in my art and crafts box. It was an impromptu idea. Made it last Tuesday and it took me less than 30 minutes to give my old watch a new look.

1. Materials used:
- Strong Glue
- Felt Fabric
- Velcro
- Studs (bought from H&M for RM19.90 per pack - also available in silver and multicolour)
- Watch

2. Cut two straps of felt according to watch size and measure the length according to wrist size. Slip the straps inside the strap holders and glue one end at the back of each strap.

3. Push in the studs into the felt and secure the claws.

4. Front view of the straps with studs.

5. Glue velcro at the end of each strap.

6. All done and ready to go.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

:: how i store my handbags ::

One thing I love the most is handbag (besides shoes, clothes and accessories lah) and I have been a handbag lover since as long as I can remember. My first official handbag is a black / purple Garfield bowling bag which I personally chose as UPSR gift from my parents. I was 12 years old and that time I was obsessed with Garfield so having a Garfield handbag is top on the list. When I started working my passion towards collecting handbags started growing. If you are familiar with this saying, "a woman can never have too many shoes" well I would say it is similar to handbags too because to me I can never have too many handbags. I need one for a casual outing, one to match a colour, one classic design as a legacy collection, one 'it' bag from a designer... and yeah the list goes on and on and on.

When the collection is growing one thing that has to be considered is the storing space. All these while I have allocated one row or 'one door' of the wardrobe because handbags need proper storage to keep them in good shape and long lasting. My previous wardrobe was small though and the handbags had to be stacked up on each other so when we moved in to the current house I have allocated bigger space for them. First I was inspired by thepinkstilettos who blogged about her DIY bag storage using hooks so I implemented the same idea for my weekend totes using the S shape hooks instead.

Personally this is such an awesome idea because I can easily grab a bag especially when I am in a hurry. However I would say that this method should be implemented to frequently used bags and please be reminded to take out unnecessary things out of the bags before they return to the hooks because heavy weight will give pressure and may damage the handles when they are hang like that.

Meanwhile, the rest of the collection is kept inside individual dust cover or boxes on shelves and most of the handbags are stuffed with tissue paper to retain their shapes.

Tier #01: Handbags that come with black dust covers are standardised in one shelf.
Tier #02: Although stored in individual boxes, the bags should still be stuffed with tissue paper and kept inside dust covers.

I have been reminded by sale assistants to let the leather handbags to breathe. It is not advisable to keep leather handbags inside the box all the time so in order to let them breathe is to use them often or keep them inside covers outside their boxes. Well I choose to use them often because I want to keep them in their boxes :-D

Tier #03: Seldom used clutches are kept inside one of the big box to save some space. Keeping them inside the box allow other bags to stack on top.
Tier #04: Fabric handbags do not come with dust covers but they are fine like that and hotel laundry bag is used as substitute for dust cover.

Dust cover may not look important if the bags are kept inside a close wardrobe but another purpose to keep them inside is to avoid any colour transfer from a bag to another. If the bag does not come with one, you can use pillow case or any drawstring bag (or use laundry bag like what I did) as a substitute. Here are some links on storing handbags that can be used as reference:




Thursday, May 2, 2013

:: win a free honeymoon trip with cosmoderm ::

Dream of having another honeymoon trip with your hubby? Your dream may come true and even for free with "I Love You Sayang" contest by Cosmoderm.

It is so easy to win and you just have to follow these simple steps...
1. Purchase Cosmoderm Manjakani Hygiene Wash. 
2. Snap a romantic photo of yourself and your lovely husband.
3. Send the pic with copy of the receipt via post or email to wajahcosmoderm@gmail.com

Extra tips: Buy more, snap more photo and send more entries for greater chance of winning :-D
Contest starts yesterday, 1 May 2013 until 30 June 2013 and thou should wait no more.

For your info, Cosmoderm Manjakani Hygiene Wash now comes in 100ml for only RM11.90 and it is suitable for those who wanted to try for the first time or else (without any regret) you can straight away go large with the 400ml bottle at the price of RM17.90.

Will blog more about the product and the contest soon. In the meantime, visit www.mycosmoderm.com for more details.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

:: puisi pilihanraya ::

I may not post any entry regarding Malaysia's general election but this flyer caught my attention:

Hubby found it in our letterbox and I laughed while reading it. Who constructed those sentences especially that finishing line "Satu Malaysia hanya satu Mr. Gan Meng Foo"?

I reserve my comment but one thing for sure the message sounds desperate to me :-X

Anyway for those who have registered as voters, please check your details at www.pru13.gov.my. Voting day is another week away on 5 May 2013 and as a Malaysian citizen voting is part of our responsibility you know. Just choose wisely and cross the box. May the best party wins!
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Friday, April 19, 2013

:: family vacation 2013 part 3 ::

>> PART 1 <<

>> PART 2 <<

Fuhhh... I have finally come to the last part of our family vacation story and here goes...

On Friday, 29.03.2013 we arrived back in Hong Kong from Shenzhen and checked in at the first hotel we stayed, the Newton Place Hotel. When we went to Shenzhen we did not bring the entire luggage because the hotel offered luggage storage service for only HKD10 per bag so we retrieved back our bags and had our lunch. During the vacation we actually brought together a mini rice cooker, a multipurpose kettle, instant noodles and a lot of Brahim's packed dishes so MIL cooked rice and we all ate in the hotel room. After Zohor prayer we went out to explore the city for the last time so we decided to go to Victoria Peak. From the nearest MTR station, Ngau Tau Kok we had to change the train route once and stopped at Central Station. From there we had to walk up the hill (around 10-15 minutes walking distance) to the Peak Tram Station but surprised to see such a very long queue. The Peak tram is somehow similar to the hill train at Bukit Bendera, Pulau Pinang but due to time constraint and long waiting we decided to go up the hill by cab. Despite the experience, it is more cost saving to travel by cab because the fee was around HKD50 per cab whereas a single journey adult ticket by the tram cost HKD28 each and best of all, we managed to reach the top faster and skipped the extremely long queue.

On top of the Victoria Peak there were two buildings located in opposite of each other. One is The Peak Galleria, which is a shopping mall and another is the Peak Tower. In the Peak Tower visitors could view the entire Hong Kong from its sky terrace but we went there because we wanted to go to the Madame Tussauds. An adult entrance ticket is HKD190 but you could buy it in advance from their website and get 10% discount (HKD171). Since we came in a big group we asked for group special price and luckily we got the 10% discount too. Madame Tussauds Hong Kong is very small if compared to the one in London. It was my second visit there so I happily offered to be the photographer and let hubby posed with the 'celebrities'. I only posed mostly with those who are still unavailable during my previous visit such as Robert Pattinson (who doesn't look much like him), Kate and William, Donnie Yen the IP Man and my favourite Lady Gaga. Ady was asleep when we entered the gallery but he was so cheerful after he woke up. Normally he does not like to take photo but that day he was smiling when he peeped through to become the face of a sumo guy.

Hubby with Karen Mok, Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok

Bottom left is myself with Robert Pattinson. Errr I think I prefer Edward Cullen. LOL.

...and here are more photos of us with the 'celebrities'...

After spending few hours on The Peak we went straight to the shopping area in Tsim Sha Tsui which cost us more than HKD100 per cab due to heavy traffic. Tsim Sha Tsui is shoppers' paradise for international brands like Chanel, LV, Longchamp, Burberry, Gucci... just name it all and it is there. For your info branded goods in Hong Kong are duty free so they are said to be cheaper than Malaysia even after currency conversion. I could not do any direct comparison because I did not do any research before the vacation. I bought a handbag though but I have not time to visit the boutique here yet so I am not sure how much the difference is. During my first visit to Hong Kong I did buy a Coach handbag (I never have enough handbag LOL) and it was around RM300 cheaper than Malaysia so I supposed it shoud be cheaper also this time.

It was already late in the evening but we still insisted to do a very last minute shopping before saying goodbye so we took MRT and went back to the first place we visited earlier, the Ladies Market. It was nearly 11 pm when finally returned to the hotel. I slept around 3 something in the morning packing our luggage because there were a lot of new things and these are among the stuff we bought during our 6 days vacation in Hong Kong and Shenzhen...   

Truly a shopper's paradise! ;-)

We arrived Malaysia in the evening of Saturday, 30.03.2013. It was a great, memorable family vacation and I will be glad to visit Hong Kong and Shenzhen again in the future.



With that, I would like to give a fridge magnet / bottle opener from Hong Kong to three (3) lucky readers.

Just write "I WANT A BEAR" in the comment section below with your name and email address before 12:00 noon, Wednesday, 24 April 2013 and I shall pick the lucky winners by randow.

Item will be delivered to your address by post (for Malaysian residence only.)

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