Monday, February 28, 2011

:: new mac wonder woman collection ::

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a superhero?


If yes,
this is a chance for you to becoming one.


"MAC & Wonder Woman hv joined forces! 2-7/3 @ Concourse MidValley. Get a comp mini makeover & photo printed in comic style. Call 03-22846490 for appt today!"


Received the above sms from MAC this afternoon with regards to their newly released collection - MAC Wonder Woman. If interested, set your schedule as the roadshow will start this Wednesday at MidValley and imagine how cool it is to have your photo being printed out in comic style. Hope I could find some time to pay 'em a visit, but as for now do enjoy looking at several items I've compiled from this limited edition selections:

nice, colourful packaging eh?

p/s: I did call them to set an appointment, but they said no need to because you can just visit their booth and they'll do the makeover. Psttt Nor... care to be a Wonder Woman with me? (*wink).

*photo credit:

:: shopping sunday ::

It's already past midnight. Tired yet satisifed with my haul, I can now sleep with a smiling face. Well half smiling maybe, because my third attempt in searching for my trademark scent is still to no avail. I'm getting worried now. Maybe Escada has decided to stop producing Sentiment, the scent that has been lingering my body for almost 9 years. Last year they have stopped producing Sentiment for men and Bee was devastated by it. So am I going to be the next devastating person? Huhuhu...

Ok, let's make this quick. After hours of walking, searching, starving, buying and dining we came back with a number of purchases for ourselves. Bee managed to complete his shopping list with a pair of stylo Nike sneakers in orange + black and two t-shirts while yours truly managed getting what she wanted:

three new tops


a pair of lacey + satiny peep toe flats
(it's so ME... hihi)

The white shirt was from Kitschen while the other two blouses were from Miki Maternity and those flats were purchased from a shop named Summit. I'm happy that my earlier 'tiny winy' wish was granted~!

--> If you're pregnant, I would recommend you to purchase maternity wear from Miki Maternity in any Padini Concept Store because they offer pretty and affordable clothes that are suitable for casual and officewear. Padini Group is currently giving RM30 rebate for RM150 purchases so it's a pretty good deal. Each of my blouse was priced at RM99 but it was discounted to RM84 each with that rebate. From my observation, I may still able to wear those blouses after pregnancy so it can be considered as good investment.

So far, Miki Maternity is the best choice compared to other maternity shops like V-Mum Concept Store (only selling sleeveless / short sleeve blouses and price ridiculously starts at RM120 and above), Modernmum and several others which names I couldn't remember (too matured / gaudy and also expensive). The downside is Miki only has limited designs so there are slight chances that you're going to stumble upon another preggy lady who's wearing similar top as yours. Errr, hopefully it won't happen to me though.

--> If you're not pregnant and searching for shoes, I would recommend you to check out that Summit shoe shop (One Utama old wing, next to Vincci) because they're selling a lot of beautiful and trendy shoes especially high heels. Previously, I had hard time searching for pointed high heels and that shop just now got varieties of them that suit my taste. Not only that, they also have pretty ballerina flats that caught my eyes beside the one that I bought for only RM39.90. Seriously, I'm so gonna visit that shop in the next 6 months.

Wokey, the shopaholic spirit is back inside me and next on the list would be long cardigans in bold colours. Maybe I'm back for another shopping spree next weekend but till then, good night and sweet dreams. zZzZz.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

:: a tiny winy wish ::

Howdy! It's a beautiful Sunday I must say and it's gonna be more beautiful because we're going shopping at One Utama later today (yeayyyy~!) As mentioned in my previous post, I already sensed that I've lost the shopaholic spirit inside me and to prove it, I can't actually remember when was the last time I went for a shopping spree.

So today I have this tiny winy wish, hoping that I can secure and come home with few paper bags filled with new items "yang semuanya masih berbau kedai". I've worked very hard in past few weeks so I deserve something as in new tops, shoes and perfume to keep the workaholic modjo alive (what a great excuse to break the bank account, eh). Wish me luck on securing those deals, will ya?

...but as for now, I better prepare myself for a long day at the shopping mall. C'mon shopaholic spirit, come to mama!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

:: tribute to my heels ::

Yesterday I officially put my black wedges (the one purposely bought to be worn during pregnancy) to rest, well at least for another 6 months...

It was a new arrival item sold at RM75 and bought on New Year at Padini Concept Store, Ikano. I love bow and satin made shoe so it was the perfect one for me, comfortable enough to be worn to office everyday despite its 3" high and the fact that I'm carrying a big belly. Finally, at week 22 I've decided to keep this wedges and other heels to rest in the shoe cabinet or shoe racks and starts wearing flat shoes to office everyday. Started it by wearing a pair of Lewre white loafer to office yesterday and planning to do shoe shopping tomorrow.

Since we're talking about shoes, which is among my favourite collectable items I've decided to make this post a special tribute to my heels, since I haven't worn most of them for quite a long time. These are no Louboutin's nor Jimmy Choo's but I still treasure them. Personally, I don't look at brands when buying shoes because the most important aspect that I looked for is the design and I'll grab them as long as they're pretty in my feet. So now I'm presenting you my 5 favourite heels.....

1. Vincci's Black & Brown Bow Peep Toe Heels
This is among my most favourite and most frequently worn heels. It is made of satin and very comfortable. The fabric, the bow, the gold lining made it look classy and pretty so I had received a lot of compliments when wearing either one of them. Bought these heels in Pavilion at half price (less than RM50 each) many years ago, but until today I still regret for not buying other 2 colours which are fuschia and electric blue. Although both of them are now in poor condition I still keep 'em on the shoe rack because they're really loved. Wish I could wear them forever.

2. Blay's Red Gladiator Heels
This is love at first sight - the hottest and sexiest pair of shoes that automatically boost up my confidence level everytime wearing them. Didn't buy it straight away although I really liked it because the price exceeded my budget. After few weeks and after visiting Blay Sunway Pyramid outlet few times trying the same shoe I finally follow my heart and grabbed it. The thin heels are 3" high but I tell you, they're comfy because the straps are made of elastic bands that grab my feet accordingly. I have only worn them less than 5 times, so I'm hoping to make a 'comeback' in these heels later this year :-)

 3. Carlo Rino's Baby Pink Strappy Heels
This is a shweeet looking heels in my most favourite colour. The tiny buckled straps and the glossy candy-like material made me love 'em even more. This is another comfortable heels that enable me to walk in my fast-paced speed without making my feet sore. Bought it at Alamanda Putrajaya some time last year and usually worn with matching pink attire. 

4. Charles & Keith's Black Patent Peep Toe Heels 
Bought this pair in MidValley on my birthday last year to match the Burberry handbag that Bee just bought me as birthday prezzie. The patent glossy material, those buckles and snake skin texture on the heels make them look sophisticated to me and perfect to be worn day and night. Charles & Keith made beautiful, up-to-date shoes but personally, I don't think most of them are actually comfortable. I've tested a lot different designs and this is one that I can bear wearing.

5. Twins' Silver Peep Toe Heels 
This was bought many years back in Isetan KLCC. Again, there's satin and bows which are among reasons why it was purchased. This glam silver coloured heels never fail to enhance my look especially when it's worn with black pants or long skirts. 

From what you've seen, you may notice that I'm into details especially bows and buckles. I also like bling-bling shoes, so patent leather-like material and satin are my favourites. Anyway, besides those 5 heels they're still few others that I treasure and love wearing... so here they are:

Top-left: Black Sequins Oxford Booties - Summit USJ
Top-right: Brown Gladiator Heels - given by my bff, Fila
Bottom-left: Navy Blue Gladiator Heels - Zara MidValley
Bottom-right: Shocking Pink Patent Quilt Pumps - VKI Jusco MidValley

Top: White Wedges - Vincci Queensbay Mall, Penang
Bottom: Purple & Black Lacey & Bow Heels - Lui Lui Isetan MidValley
Right: Black Pointed Boots - Mecca

I bought that black pointed knee high boots while performing Umrah in Mecca 5 years ago and only worn it once for few hours during TM Group Awards Nite 2009. I really, really like that boots because they're one of a kind, look glamorous and sexy but unfortunately dunno when and where I could wear it again. Any idea???

Writing this post makes me realize how much I love shoes and how much I love spending for them. Back in the days I could shop up to almost 10 pairs per year but nowadays, I sense that I'm losing the shopaholic in me because I rarely went shopping *sigh*. Missing the good ol' days... but on other note, I'm hoping and praying to be back in my heels after giving birth because in case you didn't know, pregnancy could enlarge one's feet to one or two size bigger. In the meantime those ballet flats, white loafer and sneakers would be my besties for the next few months. Adios!

Monday, February 21, 2011

:: Errr...? ::

Few people who have recently met me somehow asked this question:

"Eh, awak pregnant ke?" / "So, are you pregnant?"
(note: with high question mark note at the end of the word)

There's nothing wrong with that question, but something to ponder... with my current round and huge belly is NO still an option for the answer?

P/s: it's kinda freaky to think that I would say "no, I'm not" with this belly size...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

:: what's inside my handbag ::

I know this is a cliche post but I had never reveal what's inside my handbag ever since I started blogging. So today is the day for you peeps to know what I normally carry inside my handbag. 

Clockwise from top left:

1. MAC Studio Fix (NW25) - I've been using this powder foundation since 6 years ago. It helps me a lot in covering blemishes, spots, etc.
2. MAC lipstick (frost - Bombshell) - I've searched for a perfect pink lipstick and chose this colour as the free lipstick for Back to MAC campaign. Made the right choice and will continue wearing / buying this same colour later on.

3. Farmasi lipstick (#316) - Bought this when one of my ol' friend worked for the company and opened a booth at my office. I like the pink coral colour and at the same time showed my support to her.

4. Lip Ice (strawberry) - I've been using Lip Ice since univ days and this is among my must-carry items, when ever and where ever I go. It's either strawberry or apple.

5. Louis Vuitton vernis zippy coin purse - I personally prefer small purse / wallet. Although it's only a coin purse it can still keeps my cards, money and coins. Bought this in London last year and it's one of my beloved item.

6. Samsung SGH480 - this touch screen phone is the longest I ever used so far (4 years next month). It's pink, it's slim, it shouts ME.

7. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss (Passion Fruit Pop) - Fila gave this as last year's Hari Raya gift. Sweet and glossy, never fail to give my lips that voluptuous pout. Mwahhhh...

8. Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension mascara (black) - tried many other mascaras but Maybelline's Unstoppable is the perfect one for my short eyelashes because it gives natural look and hardly smudge although worn in one long day.

9. Pilot G-1 0.7 black pen - everybody should carry a pen in their bag because you'll never know when you're going to need it.

10. Skin Food Sugar Bloom Shadow Box - this is a wedding gift from my hubby's friend. It has 3 shades of brown pigmented colours. Just nice to create modest smokey eye look to office.

11. Maybelline eye liner (black) - I have other black eye liners from Benefit, Dior, MAC but I still prefer wearing Maybelline's everyday.

12. Benefit Eye Bright - this white eye liner brightens my small eyes. Bought it for only £2 with Glamour magazine during our last visit to London and it comes in standard size. A bargain, ain't it?
13. MAC Paint Pot (Constructivist) - I'm so into smokey eye and this paint pot is my dear friend to achieve the look, either for base or worn as eye shadow. I use this almost everyday.

I normally change my handbag so I will just transfer all those stuffs into another bag before I go out. Most of my handbags are quite small for some people but those items could still fit into the handbags but if not, items that I won't leave house without are the phone, purse, powder, Lip Ice and one of the lipstick.

You now know what's inside my handbag, so next... what's inside yours?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

:: the one about achievements ::

Yesterday I managed to drove out of office at around 7:30 pm, the earliest so far since last 2 weeks. Worklife has never been hectic than this time of the year and I'm expecting it to stretch for few months, well at least until end of April. Most tasks involved were related to numbers, which is totally opposite to my personal liking and education qualifications. Yet, the challenges somehow made me attracted to what I'm currently doing and so far I'm getting satisfied with my current abilities.

In a way I'm sharing this to show that you could never predict your future. It also doesn't mean that what you were studying in the past is what you will be doing right now. Some people however planned, intended or even struggled to find jobs in the same area that matches their qualifications but some people like me doesn't have the autocratic power to decide as I'm bonded to the company that has sponsored my education fees. What's left to do is to adopt with the environment and keep up with the challenges to survive. From a Creative Multimedia graduate with study life full with drawings and designing to a Corporate Communication post-graduate student, I'm now ended in Human Resource operations handling data and payroll... I repeat, payroll which means numbers and more numbers - hah, I had never see it coming! 

What a great intro to an entry eh? But the main reason behind this post is to share and treasure an achievement I got last two weeks. I was invited to and attended an exclusive hi-tea session with TM's Group Chief Executive Officer, organised by TM's scholarship wing - Yayasan Telekom Malaysia on Thursday, 10th of February. The event was held to recognise high-achievers among the scholars and ehem, this time I'm proudly one of them. 

It was "funny" because when I told my husband about the invitation earlier, I have to highlight that I was really invited to receive an award instead of working or emceeing to be exact. Well, it didn't end there actually. One HR boss joined us a bit late after the award giving ceremony and seated next to me. We chatted a bit and it was halfway through the event when she started to flip, read the event infopack and said to me "oh, your name is also listed here?". Yeah yeah, that only happened when you're always being recognized to be working or emceeing for internal events. 

Anyway it was a close and intimate event I would say as there were only 52 recipients attended. It started with the award giving ceremony followed by hi-tea with lovely, scrumptious food and a session with the GCEO where he shared his journey, experiences, thoughts and a bit about company's directions and strength. It was inspiring and fruitful to listen from the number uno of a multinational company. Ok Dato' Sri, I'll try my best to contribute and show my support to our beloved organization... and big thanks to YTM for sponsoring my education fees from graduate to post-graduate. So, will PhD next on the list? Errrr.....

Anyway here's some pics taken by the official photographer:
That's my big boss - our HR's no.1 man

I remember Dato' Sri was asking whether I want to stay in HR or join Group Corporate Comm - in front of the boss!

...and last but not least, happy face with TM's number uno:

p/s: I'm proud working for TM :-)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

:: kiki's 6-month anniversary ::

Today marks KiKi 6-month anniversary with us.
Snapped some photos yesterday to commemorate this significant date
... and to show how loving & cute we are she is ;-)

We love you soOoOo much!

Check out my very first entry about KiKi 6 months ago. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

:: pretty day with pretty bffs ::

Today I had lunch with my pretty BFFs at a pretty restaurant :-)

The four of us last gathered on new year's eve, hence our outing today was something I really looked forward to. As suggested by Fila, we met at FULLHOUSE - a lifestyle store and cafe in Sunway Pyramid. I have passed that restaurant many times before and attracted with their white furniture and deco but never eaten there so it was a great opportunity to give their food a try. Fila and Nor arrived a bit earlier so we straight away ordered our lunch soon as I arrived. They have this magazine-like menu and choices of food include western, asian and also fusion. Their lunch sets are affordable and worthy as they all come complete with soup as starter, main course, drink and dessert, but too bad it's a public holiday (lunch sets are only available during lunchtime weekdays and non-public holidays).

We took some time to make decision and in the end Nor went for their Wok Sear Chicken Chop - Grilled chicken thigh served with mashed potato, daily vegetable and black pepper raisin juice priced at RM16.90 with lime juice (RM3.90), while Fila and I both went for Oven Roasted Chicken Tenderloin - Roast corn fed chicken tenderloin served with mashed potato, daily vegetable which is chap choy, shitake mushroom and tomato basil cream (RM19.90). Both of us also ordered special iced blended for drinks, but mine was Mango + Grape topped with Green Apple Jelly (RM6.90) and Fila's was Peppermint + Chocolate topped with Chocolate Syrup (RM6.90).

We didn't regret with what we ordered because they all tasted good. That roasted tenderloin looked and tasted like a main course served in hotels and the ice blended mango was refreshing. Fila said her peppermint + chocolate drink tasted like a "sweet colgate" and she liked it, while Nor enjoyed her chicken chop without any negative comment. The quorum was complete when Rabby came and joined us later. She only ordered a drink and I think it was honey lime juice with aloe jelly or something like that. We chatted, took some photos and last but not least ordered dessert to complete our meal. They have this promo where we could choose 3 types of dessert for RM29.90 so we had creme brulee, chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate cream (forgot the exact name) which came in an edible chocolate cup. Rabby and I strongly agreed that their creme brulee was fantastic among all, so that makes it a must-have if you want to give Fullhouse a try as it was smooth, not very sweet and crispy on top. Totally delectable!

Since Fullhouse is a lifestyle store, they are also selling stuffs like clothes and accessories so we took the chance walking around and snap some pics in the warm ambienced restaurant. By the way, the restaurant actually reflects a home to Thomas and Tracy so don't be surprised to see the bed, dining area, living room and "family photos" around the place.

After lunch we only dropped by at Kitschen because Rabby wanted to buy some tops before we made our own way to home. The outing lasted for only 3 hours but I still enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the great company, girls, and look forward for another day out with all of you...

Last but not least here's a pic of me with one of my favourite selling item at Fullhouse:
a pretty hat, in a pretty restaurant with pretty girlfriends...'s a pretty day indeed ;-)

Monday, February 14, 2011

:: lady gaga in a gigantic egg ::

Morning! Monday is here (again).

Just to kill the Monday Blues and before I proceed with serious business at work, I just like to highlight that the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards is happening in LA 'as we speak'. I have always love this sort of event because it is among the times where we could see our fav artistes, those rich and famous don in their best or worst fashion ever. I've seen few Grammy red carpet arrivals photos on Yahoo while having breakfast just now but nobody has captured my attention so far except this:

A giant eggo is invited to Grammy?

No, it's Lady Gaga!

Well, who else could make such dramatic entrance other than Lady Gaga herself. Wonder what she's doing and wearing inside there... and couldn't wait to see what she's wearing through out the ceremony later because she will only "hatch" until it is time for her Grammy performance. She might always looks weird but her eccentric fashion sense makes her stands out than the rest and that's what Hollywood and pop music culture are all about. Grammy is the hippest yet glamorous event so I personally do not favour those who came in long dresses. (Save that for the Oscars yaw!)

From 56 photos shown on Yahoo Music page this morning, most are not very familiar faces. Still waiting for other famous names' photos to appear, reviews of the shows and most importantly, the list of winners. Guess I should start working while waiting for the event to end. Kill the Monday Blues peeps... and let's get to work!

*keywords: lady gaga in egg, lady gaga at 53rd grammy awards, lady gaga crazy look, weird lady gaga 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

:: our new tenant ::

We're living in a one-and-a-half storey house and currently we have a new tenant occupying the top floor.

Welcoming us at the stairs to her crib:

We don't have much problem with our 'tenant' because most of the time she's upstairs to nap in her own "day-bed" and spent most time there only during weekends.
 This weekend.

 Previous weekend.

Ever since the top floor is clean and transformed to a guest room, KiKi is the most happiest of all. She kept going up and down, popped her head through the grille and watched what we're doing from up there. She usually sleeps in her own "day-bed" but sometimes she also sleeps on the mattress, whichever she feels like it. 

We often sneak to see what she's doing because sometimes she made noise with some of the stuffs as if she's busy rearranging them and when she saw us peeking from the stairs she'll stop and look with a face saying "do not disturb me, please." Sometimes she really behaves like a small kid and that made us love her even more. Dunno how many times I've said this but KiKi is indeed an adorable, cute, smart kitty... and Mama loves you so much, lil' munchkin...!

:: halfway done, halfway to go ::

20th week = 5-months is the halfway mark of pregnancy and here I am at that moment. Halfway done means another halfway to go and in 20 weeks from now we will welcome our new bundle of joy, insyaallah.

Yesterday was my third, regular monthly check-up and as usual the doctor checked my blood pressure, took my weight, scanned the belly and did the urine test. Blood pressure and urine test result were both fine but I was a bit surprised that my weight has increased tremendously. My weight now starts with the 6-digit number for the first time ever in entire life and errr... I do freak out with that fact. This is the heaviest, biggest moment of my life, but thank God this is all for a good cause. I still want to blame those fast-foods though and will try to eat healthier food for the rest of the months because doctor said I'm actually a bit over weight, like 1 kg...huhuhu.

Let's forget about my "freaking-ness" because the most important thing is the condition of our baby. Alhamdulillah, the lil one is doing fine inside there and growing accordingly. We both saw his/her hands moving on the screen and as usual, watching his/her heart beating was the finest moment of all. The doctor measured the head, body, hands, feet and also captured the weight. As for now the lil one weigh approximately 0.3 kg, which is normal for this period (although it was a bit light than what I expected). Oh, just for info we're still yet to know whether the lil one is a hero or a heroine. Maybe next month then, so let us all wait and see... hehe.

I didn't manage to snap any pic during my 4th month and I'm not letting it to happen again in the future. So now in this entry I'm presenting you my baby bump.....

* tadaaaaa *




OMG, I did look huge did I? ...and please pardon the background too. There is no other perfect place elsewhere than the one where I spent most of my daily time at and that place is my office (borrringgg...huh?). 

I was wearing a top from Kitschen, Levi's lady style jeans and gladiator heels that my bff, Fila gave me a year or two ago. Honestly, I've started having problem with what to wear nowadays because most of my work attire has "shrunked" and I'm left with small portion of choices. Planned to do some maternity wear shopping but dunno where to start because most maternity clothes found so far were so gaudy. Why must maternity wear looks so 'makcik-makcik'?

Doctor also warned me about those heels I was wearing because it is not good for the posture. In my last post I did mention there is no harm of wearing heels during pregnancy as long as you're comfortable and be extra careful but the article where that facts were extracted didn't mention about body posture. So one extra fact on that, wearing heels during pregnancy is actually bad for your body, especially for the back posture. Ok, I really have to indulge that fact to stop wearing heels because as you may know I don't favour wearing flats to office.

On another note, I did bought a box of Anmum Materna chocolate flavoured milk since I've skipped drinking maternity milk for ages and apparently the choc milk is much more favourable than the vanilla Enfamama, which is now left to harden in its packaging. So far everything is still fine except few leg cramps in the middle of the night and gagging after brushing the teeth in the morning. There may new challenges coming next and hopefully I could go through all until the big day arrives. Till then, do pray for me and hope to see you again in the next entry. Mwahs!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

:: quote of the day ::

"Pregnancy is not a disease, and women should be able to dress how they want and look fabulous."
- Dr. Lauren Streicher, staff obstetrician gynea at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago

The above quote is taken from this particular article entitled 'Pregnancy and Style: A Baby Won't Stop Rachel Zoe and Some Women from Wearing High Heels and Stilettos.' It is a good article and beneficial for pregnant ladies out there who are contemplating whether to keep or stop wearing high heels during pregnancy. 

The truth is, wearing one highly depends on comfortability. Yet the wearer has to be extra careful because pregnant women's body weight and shape change during pregnancy and so does their center of gravity. The key points here are comfort and extra careful. So when you have both, you're good to go - nothing else to ask and worry.

Ok this is a short entry I must say. Have a nice day peeps!

*keywords: high heels and pregnancy, can i wear high heels during pregnancy

Friday, February 4, 2011

:: the one about cny holidays ::

Hola! Spent the CNY 2-days hols with endless sleeping and eating. Since Wednesday, this is the first time I ever online through this netbook and there's still half stack of papers to check before I'm back to office again on Monday (*sigh). 

Except the two main activities (sleeping & eating), we did leave the house for awhile though. Intended to do groceries shopping at Mydin yesterday but due to long parking queue we went to the Giant next door instead. That Giant's reigning days are over ever since Mydin was opened so if you want to skip those long queues and jam-packed people then Giant is the best choice to be nowadays. Anyway while we did our shopping there was announcement saying that their credit card terminals were down. Then, at the counter we were asked to put our items near to the cashier because the counter's conveyer belt wasn't working. Apparently there was no electricity and they were depending on power from generator. What a perfect way to accentuate how bad business is for them these days, eh?

Today we spent the evening strolling around MidValley. We brought KiKi together since she already got a travelling bag so she could just sit and look around from inside the bag. It is a lot better and convenient than carrying her inside the usual pet carrier because it is not so obvious that we're actually carrying a cat. Bee bought that bag last Sunday and the first shopping mall KiKi went was Sunway Pyramid and today it was MidValley. As I'm writing this she's now having her nap at her usual spot - on top of our microwave oven. She must have been exhausted from the outing. I could see her from here sleeping in her new pink "sweet" sequins tee. That reminds me about a makcik who saw KiKi in a glance at Metrojaya just now and said to her companion "kucing ke anjing tu?" ("is it a cat or a dog?"). I don't blame her because it is rare to see a cat wearing a top in this country, but we're obviously Muslims so of course la she's a cat, makcik. Hehe.

Before started writing this post I just finished watching Hachiko on HBO.

It was my first time and I'm telling you... I'm not watching it ever again, not because it was a poor movie but it was so touchy. It is based on a true story - Hachiko reflects how loyal a dog is to his owner. He was found, or as they said he founded his owner, Prof. Wilson (Richard Gere) at the railway station on one cold evening. He was small and such a cutie that time. Prof. Wilson took him home and took care of him until Hachi became his dog since nobody claims him after all. Hachi grew up and everyday sent and waited for Prof. Wilson at the same place and time at the railway station. Hachi never catch ball, but one day he did it for Prof. Wilson when he was going to take the train to work. It was his first and the last time because as if he knew, Prof. Wilson would never come back again as he has sudden heart attack at work that day and passed over. Even after that day Hachiko still waited and waited for him at the same place and time for 9 years until he couldn't make it any longer and passed away. I'm not a good storyteller, but it's definitely the most touchiest movie I ever watched so far. I'm not ashame to admit that I was sobbing and tearing through out the movie because I was extremely sad, especially watching Hachiko's cute yet sad face.
If you haven't watch Hachiko and intend to watch it, do prepare a lot of tissues because you'll need (a lot of) them - don't say I don't remind you!

We may not own a dog, but we're blessed and thankful to have our own cat-version of 'Hachiko'. The one who never fail to accompany me when I'm home alone, the one who keeps following and watching me cooking in the kitchen, the one who lately love sleeping next to my feet under the comforter, the one who proudly catched those nasty cockroaches, the one who impressed (and sometimes worried) us with "combat" acts and the one who always leave us speechless with awe:

Our lil' munchkin 
- KiKi -
I just realised that KiKi is a big cat now compared to when we took her 5 months ago. The accident she had before was a blessing in disguise and we're glad to provide her home, comfort and care. She might be one year old now but she's always a baby kitty to us and above all, I really hope she knew how much we love her. KiKi, you're such a sweetheart. We love you so much and we'll take care of you as best as we could. Mwahs!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

:: be a churper today! ::

Siapa belum join ChurpChurp lagi sila angkat tangan...!
Those who have not become ChurpChurp member, raise your hand please...!

If you raised your hand then you're missing something... and that something is something good that you should have not miss. 

ChurpChurp - a community for social media influencers is the place where you could spread the love and share latest rewards and news to your friends or followers. Just pick a campaign you would like to share, get your personal link and share the news on any media platforms be it Facebook, Twitter, blogs, emails or even instant messengers.

Not only you'll get to know new friends from the community... but the best of all is getting ca$h rewards from the effortless clicks. 

So what are you waiting for? I'm already a Churper and you should be next. 

Just click here --> to register and explore the sensational community in town. See ya there!
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