Tuesday, October 30, 2012

:: pre-loved heels for sale ::


- only worn twice
- heels: approximately 2.5 inch
- original price: RM179


- only worn once
- heels: approximately 4 inch
- original price RM109

Terms & Conditions:
- preferably COD (LRT Kerinchi / MidValley / USJ)
- price exclude postage fee

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

:: when u might be addicted to adam & hawa ::

I may not watch malay tv series but thanks to Facebook I am usually updated with what many people (especially my ladies friends) are up to. The latest and current craze among tv series lovers is no other than this series named Adam & Hawa, which is an adaptation from a novel. So when you might be addicted to watching Adam & Hawa, let me tell you that I am also addicted to something and that is.....

.....painting crystal bangles with nail polish.

I went to the Max Value shop the other day and found those green crystal bangles at only RM1.00 each. I have learnt from other DIY bloggers on how useful nail polish is so I decided to turn those green blings into candy / pop coloured bracelets that are more suitable for my needs by painting them with nail polish from Elianto. The painting job is addictive and so far I have been making four candy / pop coloured bracelets. 

This kind of look is trending right now and I have seen some pretty ones from H&M and Diva. If I have the opportunity and since I already got nail polish in yellow and pink, I intend to turn the bracelets into necklaces similar to these colourful candies from H&M:


Colourful beads and blings really stand out, aren't they?

*image source: http://www.hm.com/my & myamethyst-shea.com*

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

:: diy - colourful thread bangles ::

Lately I have spent most of the nights bloghopping from one fashion DIY blog to another. For someone who has passion in DIY stuff, flipping through the blog pages left me in awe because there were lots of brilliant projects out there. I got really inspired and sometimes amazed with their creativity, like "where on earth did she get that fantastic idea from?". Despite being inspired and all, time constraint limits me to try the projects although I have planned to execute some. So far I have only managed to do this particular one because the resources were all available and it did not consume much time. This is a perfect project for those who are thinking of giving your good old bangles a facelift. Rather than leaving them in the dark, change their look according to your current taste and do not be surprised if they somehow become your favourites before you know it (like what had happened to me). To cut the story short, here it goes - the tutorial for Colourful Thread Bangles inspired from Rags to Couture.

Items Required:
- colourful cross stitch threads
- bangles
- glue

1. Choose combination of thread colours according to own preference. Glue at a spot inside the bangle and start rolling the thread tightly around it.

2. End the first coloured thread by sticking it on a spot of glue inside the bangle and snip off the balance with scissors. Repeat the same process with the second coloured thread and so on.

3. Roll the thread tightly around the bangle until complete and you're done!

4. The end result, before and after.

My new bangles look better now than earlier. Actually I did not have any old bangles so I bought the metal bangles from a RM2 shop and it came in a stack of six. Two are thicker ones and both were fully wrapped with thread while the thinner ones were half wrapped for a different look. On another note, that cross stitch threads are sentimental value to me because they were given by my beloved late grandmother. She has passed away for seven years and I have kept that threads longer and vowed to use it for something really good. I have no regret in using them for this project and that bangles would definitely be a keeper, forever.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

:: peplum day ::

We had a celebration in the office on Tuesday last week. It was the year end gathering for all of us at Human Capital SSO and it was food galore because there were huge selection of dishes. The most anticipated one was the roasted lamb and there were also 'nasi hujan panas' complete with side dishes, the most delectable yee mee, mushroom soup, roasted chicken, roti jala, fruit salad, cheese cake, yummiest chocolate cake, carrot cake, prune cake, popia basah, sardine roll and ohhh so many more. What I like about this type of gathering (besides eating, of course) is the opportunity to mingle around with others within the Unit and here are some pics of myself with my colleagues...

There were only few photos available because some others were a bit blur and here is a full shot of my outfit that day:

That is my first peplum blouse and I was wearing it for the first time. I know peplum has been a craze since early of the year but I was not interested to try it out because I was afraid it will make me look f-a-t. That printed peplum blouse however is exceptional because I was too in love with the print! It was H&M's but it was sold out when I visited the store on its official opening day so when I saw the similar printed peplum from this FB shop named Femme Elegante, I just had to get it.

Anyway, the major concern in wearing peplum is the waist line. A higher or a lower waist line makes a person look unappealing in peplum so in my opinion, a belt or a sash plays a very important part to enhance the figure. That day I rely on that skinny belt a lot because honestly, I did not feel very comfortable without wearing one and in order to keep the belt from straying from the blouse's waistline I even sew two belt holders at each side of the waist like this:  
E for effort, eh?

At the end of the day I was feeling happy because I had a full tummy and got to wear my favourite print blouse...

... and last but not least, here is a sneak peek of my second peplum to be worn this Aidiladha.

*wink wink*
Peplum rulez yaw!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

:: sushi king rm2 each ::

Hi, I just came back from having a sushi fiesta at Sushi King. Did you know that Sushi King is having the Sushi King Card Bonanza and if you are a member, you can bring up to 5 people to enjoy a plate of sushi (any colour) at only RM2 each. Too bad I just knew about this but if you are staying around Selangor and KL you still have time until tonight.

Anyway, today is Nor's birthday so we went out to Mid Valley for lunch with our bride-to-be-friend Ita who is the Sushi King Card member (this is what we call friends with benefits...lol). We had to queue for 20 - 30 minutes and the moment we sat down at our table, we just grabbed what ever expensive sushis that were moving on the kaiten belt. We ended up eating (only) 16 plates at only RM32, half of the total original price of RM69. Sushi King Card Bonanza is among the best food deal ever existed (not forgetting Kenny Rogers buy-1-free-1 day). Thank you for the treat Ita and hopefully we could tag along with you again in the next offer *wink wink*.

p/s: Happy Birthday to my dear bestie aka. partner-in-crime. Wishing you an everlasting happiness and good health...and thank you for being such a great friend.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

:: what i wear to work ::

Outfit of the Day = #ootd
What I Wear Today = #wiwt
What I Wear to Work = #wiwtw ???

By now you must have realised about my interest in fashion. The truth is, I am actually a tee, cardie with jeans person and since I spend most of my days in the office, I tend to experiment with different kind of outfit during work rather than weekends. Although working in the corporate world, I am thankful that my company is not too rigid about working attire. Except for casual Friday, we have to wear formal work attire but not necessarily baju kurung or shirt and pants all the time. I usually wear formal attire on Monday but loosen up on other days except when I have meeting or appointment.

Although I always try to dress nicely everyday I still got the 'dress down' day once in a while which I don't favour. Honestly, I believed that confident level drives in line with appearance or the outfit we are wearing. The formula is simple; when we dress nicely we automatically feel good about ourself hence subsequently boost our confidence to do what ever need to be done. Different people have different taste and style. What we wear may look fugly to someone else so shrug off any remarks because in enhancing inner self confident everything starts with our ownself.

Some of the rules I usually apply in my daily office wear are:

- Wearing heels. From kitten heels, wedges to platform heels, to me they are all good to go. Some people were amazed about my ability to walk fast in skycrappers but I have to tell you, practice makes perfect. I used to wear flat shoes or sneakers all the time during univ days and I have been through painful experience walking in high heels from the LRT station climbing up road to Menara TM but it is worth it. To me, a formal working attire would not look right if it ends with flat shoes and as long as I can bear the "torture" I shall continue wearing one. I even wore heels until I was five and a half month pregnant and switched to flat after receiving a lot of remarks about my safety.

- The 3 colour rule. Have you heard about the three colour rule? It is a rule to help you coordinate your outfit and highly appropriate for formal office attire and attending official events. I am a colour coordinated person so the rule helps me a lot although sometimes I wish I could be more adventurous. I usually choose one main colour then complement it with another colour (or a print) and a dash of black and white. In the rule, black and white can be used separately or together and still considered as one. Since I have been applying the rule since ages ago, it seems to blend with myself and I just realised that all outfits above involve not more than 3 colours.

- Make the face up. At this opportunity I should thank one of the sis I was working with during internship 10 years ago for giving a kohl eye liner (it was Dior) which was my first ever eye makeup tool. She told me I have to at least line the eyes to make it look fresh or else I looked like someone who just woke up from the bed. Thank you for the advice Kak N and I am abide to it until today. Every day I do my makeup in the car on the way to office and earth tone is the usual colour choice for my eyes because it is universal. I have shared about my new favourite makeup and they are what I am still using until today. I really like smokey eyes look but although I have been wearing makeup for many years I am still not a pro to apply a good looking one but as long as the eyes are preppy enough then I am good to go.

- Invest in a good pair of black heels because they are really helpful. I like collecting shoes in different colour tones but when I arranged the photos, it seems that the same black coloured heels have dominated my life! As we all knew, black is the most universal colour and also a formal colour so in a way it enhances the formality of an outfit. In order to spice up the look, I have made detachable straps and attached bow clips at both sides of the shoe. I planned to come up with more additional features for the shoe but still looking for a perfect time to execute them.

- Handbag and shoes do not necessarily match in terms of colour. I am not sure about you but I sometimes found it quite challenging to come up with an outfit to wear for the next working day with the same "I-don't-know-what-to-wear" reason and it would be more stressful if I have to wear the same coloured shoes and handbag like the good ol' days. Thanks to those who invented the new rule because these days I intend to buy bags in bold colours which can easily be matched with black shoes and enhance the outfit at the same time.

Hokkayyy...I guess I have shared all the tips and rules I have been abide to so that's it for now. Goodbye and have a nice day!

*keywords: corporate muslimah, hijabi workwear, office outfit inspirations

Saturday, October 13, 2012

:: pimp your headband ::

Thank God weekend is finally here. It was a week packed with events so I am looking forward to get some rest and spend quality time with my loved ones. Managed completing few chores tonight from sweeping to mopping to doing laundry and folding clothes but Friday night should be more than that. I thought I deserved to do something I like so I took out my two 'best buddies', scissors and UHU glue for a lil project.

A colleague requested me to pimp or in a proper word - enhance a headband she bought for her daughter. After two weeks, the right time finally arrived and with assistance from some ribbons, felt cloth and a flower bead...

...a simple headband got itself a makeover...

Just a simple one there but hopefully perfect for her lil daughter ;-)

This is going to be a short post because I am already on bed trying to get some beauty sleep now. TGIF and Enjoy your weekend peeps!!!
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

:: all about ady ::

Enough talking about shopping, fashion and me-self so I'm wearing the mommy's hat now and going to write about my lil' cutie pie, Ady Rifqi. It has been awhile and as at today, Ady is less than two weeks away from celebrating his 16th month anniversary. There was no update about him since Ramadhan thanks to his busy mama so I shall try my best to recap his growth and development through out the months.

- To be honest, I am always touched (with teary eyes T-T) when ever I see Ady showing new set of skills and if hubby is around I keep on saying to him "our baby is a big boy now". Alhamdulillah Ady has learnt a lot of new skills and growing very well. I remember when he was between 13 to 14 months he was able:
... to stack the colourful cubes or arrange them nicely side by side
... to take his toy out of the box then put it back and repeat the process again. 
... to offer an item for us to take. Sometimes he gave the item and took it back from our hand. One time,he offered hubby but when hubby opened his hand Ady tricked him (main acah-acah) and he laughed! Such a cheeky boy. 
... to start showing his interest into toys which he care less before.
... to hold fries and eat by his own. We were at McD in Taipan and he made this very cute face while biting and munching the fries, which I could still remember until today. Too bad I didn't get the chance to snap photo.

- Ady 'got his feet' at 13 month but his feet weren't too strong then. My friend, Isma who has experience working at day care centre in Melbourne said hard shoe soles provide more stability hence give more confident for babies to walk so we bought Ady a pair of bug shaped shoe from Uptown Kota Damansara because he only got pre-walking shoes. Nowadays Ady could almost run. Sometimes we let him walk at shopping malls but not too long because you know la... once he got freedom he just walked without looking and bothering about other people. Usually we only let him walk when we were inside a shop so it is easier to control. I have to say that ever since we lost our cat in a shopping mall, we are more conscious with the surroundings and never trust anybody.

- On the third last working day in Ramadhan, Ady's teacher advised me not to send him for another two days due to chicken pox outbreak in their nursery. Many kids and even teachers got chicken pox so Ady had to stay home. Since hubby took care of Ady on the first day, I felt sorry for him and brought Ady to the office on the next day. It was last day before Hari Raya long break so most people were already away. I didn't have much trouble actually because my office is inside a small room so I just let him roaming around and he obviously enjoyed such freedom. 

- Guess what? We spent Merdeka at a suite but no, it was not a hotel suite. Two nights earlier Ady suddenly threw up during his sleep. I was really surprised and worried because I had never seen someone vomit while he / she is in deep sleep. Anyway, Ady kept on vomitting until the next day so we decided to send him for checkup and apparently he was infected with chicken pox. Poor baby. He had to wear drip and the three of us spent two nights in SDMC. One thing I hate about SDMC paed wards is the fact that they are always fully occupied. My company's insurance only allow single bedded room but that night there were none available except the suite so I had to cover the difference. By the way Ady was mad at the nurses because of the drip so he showed tantrum when ever a nurse came to check him. Ady was lucky because he did not get high fever so the virus went away fast and he was back to school on Tuesday. As informed by the doctor, early medication helps to recover chicken pox faster so if your child has any sign of chicken pox, better take him / her to the hospital immediately. Another tip is to apply calamine lotion on all new bumps so they could dry before transmitting the virus to other skin area.

- Officially, Ady first word is "tak". At the beginning I thought it was just a baby language word but when he said it because he really doesn't want something then it shows he knew the meaning. He said it between 13 to 14 months old and instead of saying "no" to warn him from doing something, we just said "tak" and he stopped (but that doesn't happen every time la because sometimes he pura-pura tak faham. LoL). Other words after tak are "nak" (want) and "nah" (offering / giving something). So far he still doesn't know how to say "mama" or "papa" yet even I have taught him so many times. Maybe he wants to train himself until he could speak both one after another so there will be no hard feelings between me and mr.hubs. Haha.

- Nowadays Ady shakes his head when he doesn't want something. He showed such capability since few weeks ago and we were impressed. Anyhow, it is funny because he actually doesn't know to nod so he only shake his head to any question. 

Mama: Ady, do you want to eat this?
Ady: *shake head*
Mama: Do you want to sleep?
Ady: *shake head*
Mama: Do you love me?
Ady: *shake head*
Mama: T-T (hwaaaaa...!!!)

- It is interesting to see Ady with his own lil' imagination. We have seen him 'drinking' from the toy block, 'eating' from a container and the cutest of all is 'talking on a phone' while walking and he made it as if he was really talking to someone with the pause and all. Haha. He usually talk on a phone with our mobile phone or any toy by holding it to his ear.

- Nowadays Ady is obsess with nursery rhymes. He loves watching nursery rhymes and his most favourite song is 'If You're Happy'. We let him watch the clips through YouTube on iPad or sometimes on TV and most of the time the clips are from Muffin Songs channel. They are the best because they offer hundreds of songs which can be played continuously. I remember having my own casette of nursery rhymes back in the days so I also enjoy watching the clips with Ady and sing along with some of the songs. Ady has his own favourite lists so he would laugh, clap hands and even dance to his favourite nursery rhymes. Since two weeks ago he started and ended his day with nursery rhymes treat. Since he is not very keen of books, they can be medium of learning too so I don't mind him hijacking my iPad. Ady usually concentrates at watching the clips with serious look as if he is saying "please do not disturb me".

This has become a very long post so I guess that's it for now. Despite some challenges here and there, nothing could beat the happiness of being a mother. Among the best moment is watching him smiling when he sees me coming back from work to fetch him. Stress at work? Tired of traffic jam? No more - all gone! Syukran ya Allah for the most wonderful, precious gift and as long as I live, I promise to give the best for my lil baby (insyaallah). 

I must say I'm obsess with taking Ady's photos so I am ending this post with more photos of his. Thank you for reading :-)

Monday, October 1, 2012

:: what can be made with lace leftovers ::

When I went back to my home town last time I did a bit of spring cleaning in the closet and found a bag filled with remnants of fabrics from my wedding dress. There were balance of lace, net and satin which could be useful so I decided to bring them back home. On one Sunday night in early September I had some free time. Ady was already asleep and hubby was out with his friend so I thought of making something. Remembering about the remnants, I somehow got an idea and brought out the fabrics and necessary tools. Since I already own a handful of handmade necklace, the little something I made that night was different because it was a...

It took me around 30 minutes to get the end product. It was a simple project and just nice to fulfill leisure time before bed on a Sunday night. Here, let me show you the tutorial of making a lace headband using lace remnants.

1. Items required:
- Lace fabric
- Felt cloth
- Ribbons
- Velcro
- Needle
- Thread
- Fabric / multipurpose glue

2. Place the lace on top of felt cloth and secure with few needles. Identify the area to be used, preferably a patch of flower and sew nicely along the shape.

3. Cut along the shape.

4.  Measure ribbon on your head and attach it to the pattern with glue (UHU is my all-time favourite). Stick velcro at each end of the ribbon and voila, a lace headband is ready to be worn on the hair or on top of hijab as additional accessory :-)

Thought I would end this entry with one DIY project but no, it is not over yet. Last week when I was in PIL's house I saw a strap of pretty bold lace on my MIL's jubah sleeve. I have been searching for that kind of lace but have not find it anywhere here so I asked my MIL where did she get it. Turned out it was bought during her trip to Japan earlier this year. My MIL who must have known about my interest was kind enough to measure the lace on her jubah sleeves and lucky enough, there was a small balance just nice to make a piece of accessory. A handful of necklace is never enough in a lady's closet so last night; on another Sunday midnight another handmade necklace was born.

Didn't do much because the lace is already bold and beautiful. I just bought the chain from Ace Hardware (RM7.50 per metre but only use half metre) and carefully attached each end to the lace with needle and thread. Couldn't resist it so I straightaway wore the necklace to the office today. I was one happy lady *ngeeeee*. Wish I could get more of that lace so please let me know if you knew where I can get in here in Malaysia.

So there it goes. Two DIY items made of lace leftovers for inspirations. Actually we can do a lot more things with lace remnants such as decorating a plain tee or a handbag and turning it into a brooch or a bracelet. With time and a bit of creativity you may surprise with your own capability so let's start making something today :-)

*keywords: how to make headband, how to make necklace, easy headband tutorial, easy necklace tutorial
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