Thursday, September 29, 2011

:: urban batik ::

Syawal has ended yesterday but Raya mood still remains. I have been attending Raya celebration in and around Menara TM every single day this week and today alone, I got two invites to similar events. I have worn baju kurung twice this week so I decided to wear something different yet appropriate for such gathering and this is what I'm wearing right now...

Urban batik?

While raiding my closet last night looking what to wear, I just realised I haven't worn this dress for ages. In fact I haven't worn it ever since I was transferred to Menara TM from Multimedia College (MMC) and that was in 2009! This dress, bought in Zara KLCC many years back is one of my favourite piece. It has its own sentimental value - a friendship dress because my BFF, Fila and Nor also own the same exact dress only that we never wear it at the same time. When I was attached to MMC before, Nor and I used to hang out in KLCC after office hour. We usually bought sushi from Isetan market, spent hours in Starbucks and did a lot of shopping together. That day Zara was on sale and we instantly felt in love with that dress when we saw it. Without thinking any further we happily bought it and if not mistaken, Fila also bought it on the same day. Now, that is one good reason why we are Best Friends Forever.

Hrmm... those sweet days in KLCC... 

Anyway anyhow, this is me and my partner in crime in TM Convention Centre attending Majlis Jalinan Mesra Aidilfitri organised by Kelab TM and Persatuan Eksekutif TM this afternoon...

...and last but not least...




 a pose from yours truly ;-)




Wednesday, September 28, 2011

:: explosion at empire shopping gallery subang ::

A friend updated her Facebook status with an image that made me surprised. It was a photo of an after explosion scene at Empire Shopping Gallery, which is located in our community area. From news found on the Internet, an explosion happened around 3:40 am this morning in that one year old shopping complex causing extensive damage and injury to four people. It's quite scary knowing such incident could happen in a shopping complex here in Malaysia where most people spent their time with family and friends. It reminds me of a documentary I saw on National Geographic months before about Sampoong Department Store in Korea which collapsed due to structural failure and caused hundreds death.

Thank God the incident happened at odd hour and not during weekends, or it could be worst. I like going to Empire because it is near and conducive but I have to forget about it for a while now. Further story on the news as extracted from The Malaysian Insider is per below:

SUBANG JAYA, Sept 28 — Four people were hurt in an early morning explosion at the Empire Gallery shopping mall here, which was heard from as far away as Bangsar.

Eyewitnesses described a scene of chaos, adding that police, ambulances and the fire brigade were still on the scene.

Police tracker dogs were also there as were Fire and Rescue Department personnel from stations across Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Damansara and Puchong to investigate the incident.

Subang Jaya OCPD ACP Zainal Rashid Abu Bakar told reporters at the scene that the blast was believed to have started in the basement and involved a gas pipeline.
“We have yet to determine the cause of the blast but damage is extensive, affecting the parking lot and many outlets on the basement level and even the ground floor,” he said.
“Our forensics team is still investigating. We have not been able to enter certain parts of the mall . . . the damage is too bad and the areas are sealed off.”

He confirmed that a distress call was received at 3.45 this morning on the explosion at the mall, which is at the entrance of Subang Jaya from the Federal Highway.
Zainal Rashid said four people were injured — two Nepalese security guards and a couple. They received minor scrapes and bruises. Rescue workers are still combing the basement in search of more victims.

The security guards, who were initially trapped in the basement, have been sent to hospital.
The couple, sales executives Daryl Chua, 27, and his girlfriend Hibbie Tan, 23, were taken to hospital in an ambulance but have since been discharged.

Nearly the entire stretch of the front portion of the newly built mall have been blown out, damaging a number of cafes, restaurants and clothing stores including Tangs and Starbucks Coffee.

Chua told reporters that he was walking with his girlfriend to an Autopay station a few steps from Starbucks when the explosion occurred about 3.30am.

“We were at La Bodega earlier for dinner and then we were just hanging out outside my car and talking," he said.
“Just as we were heading to the Autopay, there was a loud ‘boom’, like in the movies. I thought it was a bomb.”
Chua said he was “literally lifted off the ground” and thrown sideways several meters from the blast, lightly grazing both his arms.

The sound of breaking glass, falling debris and metal and sirens broke the earlier silence, he said, leaving him in a momentary state of confusion and panic.
“And then the flames came up. It was all over, the entire front of the mall was razed. I thought I was going to die,” he said.
When the scene calmed slightly, Chua said he carried Tan, who had sprained her leg, to safety and noticed passers-by and nearby residents rushing to the scene.
His car, a black Volkswagen Golf GTI, was severely damaged.

Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim tweeted this morning and prayed for the safety of the residents nearby.
Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh was also there, he added.
The shopping mall opened last year.
Yeoh told The Malaysian Insider she scrambled to get there after receiving a tweet about three-something this morning.
“The four injured have been taken to the hospital,” she said. "One broke his leg, apparently."
“The damage [to the building] is extensive. All of the lower floor all the way up to the second floor.”
The cause of the explosion was still not known, she said.
The police have sealed off the area, causing a traffic jam in the morning rush hour.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

:: chillin' ::

This is how a 3-month old baby chillin' at home.


Ady likes to sit like an adult rather than lying on his back so he has his own spot on the couch. This was taken last Saturday when he was watching Back to Barnyard on Nickelodeon. He usually looked at me or into the camera but this time Otis and the gang attracted him more. Papa, someone will be joining you watching movies and learning channels soon ;-) 

Monday, September 26, 2011

:: colour block-ing ::

Cherish your life with colours
Have a colourful week ahead~!

I dare myself to wear something bold for casual Friday last week and ended up wearing a lemon yellow top, paired with an electric blue cropped cardie. My fuschia iPad case complete the colour block theme.




Question: do you dare to colour block?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

:: redmummy ::

Don't get me wrong. I'm not talking about RedMummy the famous blogger but since I'm now a mother and I was wearing red, I deserve to be called RedMummy too right? :-P

Our department, Group Human Capital Management's hari raya celebration was held last Tuesday at TM Training Centre, Jalan Semarak. It was a close event for Human Capital's staff but those attended mostly donned in their best baju kurung, kebaya or baju melayu complete with sampin and songkok. I had hard time finding what to wear because I only have one raya dress that looks a tad too glamorous for a day event so I just wore that old red kebaya instead. Ok I know it was also a bit OTT to be worn from early morning but hey, it's Hari Raya... need to be extra pretty lor. Hehe.

I don't have much time to write about the event so I just let these pictures and short captions do the job.

Left to Right
* 1st Row:
- We were encouraged to bring something for gift exchange activity. That was what I bought and how I wrapped it.
- Overwhelming responds for gift exchange activity.
- The best sampin contest.

* 2nd Row:
- My tablemates: Nurul and En. Baharin.
- People were busy eating or queuing for food.
- Lovely chocolate cake & cheese cake... and a cute ladybird chocolate.

*3rd Row:
- Tapai pulut sedap!
- A colleague chose a yellow coloured giftbox to match his baju melayu.
- Me & Nurul with our selected prezzies. We participated in "highest high heels" contest and I won it, thanks to my red skyscraper heels. Choosing the perfect gift for myself was quite challenging because I didn't want to end up with food or beverages. Made an excellent choice and got a set of 3-in-1 plasticware :-D

*4th Row:
- Another pic with Nurul
- Ketupat weaving contest were mostly participated by the seniors...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

:: dps rosmah mansor & her hermes birkins ::

While most of us could only dream on owning at least one Hermes bag, our Prime Minister's wife, Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor has no problem expanding her Hermes Birkin collection. As a handbag lover I envy her for having these colourful Birkins, which are mostly made of crocodile skin. A preloved calf leather Birkin is priced from RM30,000 and above, so imagine how much a croco skin bag cost her. Perhaps this is one of the perks of being a PM's wife.

What would be the next colour and will she 'invests' in lizard skin or ostrich Birkins? Let's wait and see but in the meantime let us enjoy looking at some of her collection...












Sunday, September 11, 2011

:: partners in crime ::

Me + Nor = Partners in crime ;-)

Our pics were taken during my last outing as a mommy-to-be at the Estee Lauder model search 2011 but Nor just collected them from One Utama last Friday.

Time flies. 
I was still pregnant in the picture and now, our baby is almost 3 months old. My days as a full time housewife last today. I will start working again tomorrow, back to reality.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

:: nursery mama ::

I should start working today, but I'm still at home. Yes, I know it's kinda too much already but when we visited Ady's nursery and met the owner yesterday she could only accept our baby starting next Monday because one of her staff will be on leave until this weekend. Good news is, Ady is still staying at his mama's nursery where he is the only baby and the main priority. 

Our baby is 3 months in 10 more days and I have been staying with him full time through out the period. I have started feeling a bit sad that I have to leave him for work later. Despite all the challenges, taking care of my own lil' baby is one most treasured moment in my life as a mother. 

Ady usually sleeps at 2:00 - 3:00 in the morning and wakes up for milk around 7:00 - 8:00 am and 10:00 am then continues sleeping until 12:00 noon. I bathe him after he wakes up, gives him milk but there is no specific routine after that because sometimes Ady falls asleep again although most of the time he is not. 

 Ady loves water. He is happy everytime after taking bath.

When he is not sleeping, he only wants to be with me. Ady likes to sit like an adult so I usually place him on the couch next to me (he has his own spot) or else, he just sits on me instead while we watch tv or playing together. Believe it or not, Ady doesn't like watching BabyTv but he prefers watching movies on movie channels instead. I think he will only watch cartoons when he can appreciate them so we better enjoy first before he starts conquering the tv with Cartoon Network or Astro Ceria later. 

My baby is attached to me like 24/7 and there were times when I had to carry him while hanging clothes and preparing dishes in the kitchen. I'm also his pacifier, cozy chair and trampoline but he is everything to me. Spending every minute, every hour and watching him growing up is very meaningful. Although I will start working in the office again next week, "nursery mama" is always open because as we all knew being a mother is a full time job.

my chubby lil munchkin

Ady Rifqi, no words could describe how lucky and grateful we are for having you. We both love you so much, son!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

:: cerita pagi raya ::

Cerita bermula dengan kisah yang ayah saya ceritakan di blog beliau, Cerita Apa-Apa Saja pada 7 Ogos lalu:

PETANG itu Shariff Ahmad, Setiausaha Akhbar Menteri Besar singgah di rumah lagi. “Datin beri,” katanya pendek sambil tangannya menghulur beberapa keping wang RM50.00
    “Untuk apa?,” kataku pendek dalam kehairanan.
    “Dia kata bayaran untuk kad jemputan yang kau buat,” jawabnya selamba.
    “Dia dah bayar melalui cek, invois yang aku hantar.”
    “Entah! Datin cakap dia cukup puas hati dengan kad itu. Cantik katanya,”
    “Aaah! Tak hendaklah,” kataku sambil memulangkan kembali wang itu.
“Kata pada Datin, terima kasih.” Masih dalam nada bersahaja.
    Shariff akur lalu bercerita mengenai hal-hal biasa yang sering kami perkatakan. Cerita mengenai rakan media. Cerita mengenai politik pejabat.
    Petang keesokan harinya, Shariff singgah lagi di rumah. Tangannya menjenjeng beg plastik.
    “Datin terima kembali duit yang kaupulangkan. Tapi dia harap yang ini kau tidak pulangkan,” katanya sambil menghulurkan beg plastik itu.
    Aku terus membukanya dan terlihat lipatan kemas kain songket berbunga penuh.
“Mahal ni. Lebih mahal daripada duit yang diberi semalam,”kataku kaget.
    Shariff tersenyum dan terus menukar cerita lain.
    Seingat-ingat aku itu adalah kain songket kedua milikku. Songket pertama emak hadiahkan sewaktu aku kahwin dulu. Memikirkan pemberian itu ikhlas, aku tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa lagi, selain menerimanya dengan penuh kesyukuran.
    Sejak mendapat songket baru itu, itulah songket rasmiku sama ada dipakai setiap Hari Raya atau menyertai majlis-majlis rasmi. Bertahun-tahun aku memakainya sehingga melupakan songket pemberian emak.
    Pada suatu majlis rasmi di kediaman Menteri Besar, di Nombor 4, Jalan Tasik, aku sempat bergurau dengannya mengenai songket yang aku pakai.
    “Untuk pengetahuan Datuk, songket yang saya pakai ni Datin yang beri,” sengaja aku kuatkan percakapan itu supaya didengar oleh isterinya yang berada di sebelah.
    “Itu tanda nak songket barulah tu,” celah Datin Seri Hajah Hazizah Haji Tumin, dalam nada gurauan juga.
Suku Abad Kemudian
    Sewaktu hendak menghadiri satu majlis rasmi peringkat negeri baru-baru ini, aku tercari-cari songket itu. Aaah! Di mana? Di mana songket berbunga penuh yang aku anggarkan berharga sekitar RM1,000 itu.
    Bukan harganya yang membuatkan aku terkilan tapi cerita di sebalik songket itu. Songket itu `pemberian hati’ manusia yang aku anggap luhur jiwanya – dia yang telah lebih 10 tahun dipanggil Ilahi.
    “Tap!” Aku tersentak dan tidak pernah aku panik seperti itu – songket kesayanganku itu telang hilang daripada almari pakaianku.
    Puas aku mengingat majlis terakhir aku memakainya.
    “Yes! Yes!” Aku memakainya bersama sepasang baju Melayu hijau di majlis meraikan persaraanku – 9 Disember 2009.
    Songket itu terkena tumpahan minuman sewaktu makan dan petang itu juga aku menghantarnya untuk cucian kering.
    Aku lantas menghidupkan enjin kereta dan segera menuju ke kedai dobi langgananku di Taman Paroi Jaya.
    “Maaf! Tidak adalah Pakcik!,” jawab pekerja kedai dobi menjawab pertanyaanku.
    “Bila Pakcik hantar?”
    “9 Disember 2009.”
    “Sekarang sudah Julai 2011.”
    Baru aku perasan, tempoh itu sudah menjangkau dua tahun dan wajar benar songket itu tiada lagi dalam simpanan.
    Tanpa membuang masa, aku segera pula ke satu lagi kedai dobiku yang terletak berhampiran rumah di Taman Pinggiran Golf.
    “Biasanya kami jual, pakaian atau apa sahaja yang tidak dituntut selepas satu tahun,” kata pembantu kanan kedai dobi berkenaan.
    Aku bagaikan mahu meraung sekuat-kuatnya ketika itu.
 Songket... inilah ketikanya aku memakaimu buat kali terakhir


Pada pagi Raya tempoh hari sebaik saya menuruni tangga dari bilik, ayah yang sedang menjamah sarapan nasi himpit berlaukkan rendang daging dan pajeri nanas menerjahku dengan soalan mengenai sampin songketnya yang hilang. Manakan tidak, pagi-pagi lagi ayah telah terperanjat melihat sampin songket kesayangannya yang disangka hilang selama ini berada di atas katil adik saya, Siti Atiqah. 

Sampin songket itu kami bawa dari rumah di USJ ke Seremban untuk suami saya pakai bersama baju melayu barunya. Patutlah semasa saya menyeterika sampin tersebut pada malam sebelumnya saya seakan sudah mengenalinya lebih lama. Sebelum ini, kami sangkakan ia songket yang dipakai ketika majlis perkahwinan kami, tetapi entah mengapa dan bila saya ada meminjamnya dari simpanan ayah. Saya sudah mula risau kerana kami tidak membawa sampin songket lain dan kebetulan pula warnanya sangat sesuai dengan baju melayu suami. Mujur ayah benarkan songketnya dipakai lagi. 

Petang itu, setelah pulang beraya dari kampung di Labu saya serahkan kembali sampin songket berbunga penuh itu kembali kepada tuannya. Ayah telah mendapat semula sampin songket kesayangannya dan kini ayah tidak perlu meraung lagi mengingatkannya.

Terima kasih dan maafkan kami, ayah.

:: petknode apologised? ::

This is posted by Petknode Cat Boarding official FB page at 11:31 am today, an apologise note:

"Dengan ini, kami, Shahrul dan Yushairi, pemilik perniagaan Petknode Online Pet Store, dengan hati yang tulus ikhlas dan rasa rendah diri, ingin menyampaikan rasa terkilan dan bersalah kerana gagal memberikan perkhidmatan yang terbaik seperti yang dijanjikan. Kami mengakui kesilapan kami dalam menguruskan pusat jagaan kucing kami sehingga kebajikan kucing-kucing pelanggan diabaikan. Kami amat menyesal disebabkan gagal mendapatkan tenaga pekerja untuk membantu kami menguruskan pusat jagaan kucing dan sebagai perniagaan yang kecil, kekangan modal dan sumber yang terhad menyebabkan kegagalan kami menyediakan tempat tinggal yang terurus untuk kucing-kucing pelanggan. Walaubagaimanapun, kami telah cuba yang termampu untuk menguruskan kucing-kucing pelanggan dengan segala sumber yang ada.

Kami memohon maaf kerana menyebabkan kucing-kucing pelanggan menjadi tertekan, kurang makan dan minum, terabai kebajikannya disebabkan kekurangan dan kelemahan kami sendiri."

Apologising is good but regretting over not having enough workforce to handle the cats due to money and limited resources? Well you shouldn't mention that mister because that just brings more anger to people. You offered boarding service with wide advertisement on the Internet, accepted people's money and yet, you blamed limited money and resources. It really shows how selfish these people are. Oh by the way the two selfish guys were detained in lockup...

...with laptop! The above note must be sent from that cell too.

Monday, September 5, 2011

:: cruelty by petknode ::

On Hari Raya last year the entire nation was shocked about the gruesome death of Sosilawati. This year, we are shocked (again) but this time it is about animal cruelty by a pet boarding centre known as Petknode. For cat owners, preparation for Hari Raya not only involve shopping for new clothes but also include planning and searching for the best place to leave their furkids. Those who couldn't bring along their cats normally leave them at petshops or boarding centres. They trust them, pay a sum of money, celebrate Hari Raya with family, return to KL and find their beloved cats look like this:


...with dead kittens...

...and the most tragic among all...

when the mother and its kitten are both dead :-(

Insane! That was the word I uttered when I saw the pictures. Such cruelty was made by people who were paid and trusted to take care of the animals, but look what they have done. Those cats and many more were leftcongested inside a room in their cages, some in carriers without enough food, water and sit with their poops and pees.

I'm angry but so sleepy right now to share the complete news but you can read what's going on from myanimalcare website and get latest update from Kucing Terbiar & Anjing Jalanan FB page. 

RIP to 16 dead cats and get well soon for the survivors. To those greedy, irresponsible Petknode bastards - "go rot in hell!"

Good night.

*photos from myanimalcare
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