Thursday, May 16, 2013

:: the best female hygiene wash ::

Previously I have been using this particular brand of feminine hygiene wash but the relationship did not last long because it made my skin dry. I thought I am allergic to hygiene wash so when a friend introduced me to Cosmoderm Manjakani Hygiene Wash I told her I may not be able to use it. I still took the sample though, gave it a try and who knows, it has been a part of my daily life ever since.

What I like the most about Cosmoderm Manjakani Hygiene Wash is the cooling sensation so it literally gives me this fresh feeling and comparing to the previous hygiene wash, the liquid is highly concentrated. A small blob from the bottle is enough for one use, hence an entire bottle lasts longer although being used everyday so it is a real cost saving. The liquid is brownish in colour and I never question why however I have been told that this is due to concentrated amount of Manjakani inside and that is a good fact because as a woman, Manjakani can helps tightening vagina muscles especially after birth.

Morale of the story: there is no harm in trying a new product because you never know it might suits you really well. For the first timer, Cosmoderm has introduced a 100ml bottle of Manjakani Hygiene Wash at only RM11.90 for you try one. They are also running a contest where you can win a free honeymoon trip with your hubby so that is another good reason to buy one because you never know your luck, right? Here is some details on the contest for reference.

A bottle with 4-in-1 benefits:
> Firming
> Lightening
> Soothing
> Cooling

*Cosmoderm products are available at leading pharmacies (Vitacare, etc) all across Malaysia and can also be bought online. Check out their website for more details.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

:: handmade studded watch strap ::

One of my favourite watch lost its leather strap last month and I have been planning to change the strap but always forgot to bring it to the shop. Out of nowhere I somehow got this idea to make my own DIY watch strap using whatever items available in my art and crafts box. It was an impromptu idea. Made it last Tuesday and it took me less than 30 minutes to give my old watch a new look.

1. Materials used:
- Strong Glue
- Felt Fabric
- Velcro
- Studs (bought from H&M for RM19.90 per pack - also available in silver and multicolour)
- Watch

2. Cut two straps of felt according to watch size and measure the length according to wrist size. Slip the straps inside the strap holders and glue one end at the back of each strap.

3. Push in the studs into the felt and secure the claws.

4. Front view of the straps with studs.

5. Glue velcro at the end of each strap.

6. All done and ready to go.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

:: how i store my handbags ::

One thing I love the most is handbag (besides shoes, clothes and accessories lah) and I have been a handbag lover since as long as I can remember. My first official handbag is a black / purple Garfield bowling bag which I personally chose as UPSR gift from my parents. I was 12 years old and that time I was obsessed with Garfield so having a Garfield handbag is top on the list. When I started working my passion towards collecting handbags started growing. If you are familiar with this saying, "a woman can never have too many shoes" well I would say it is similar to handbags too because to me I can never have too many handbags. I need one for a casual outing, one to match a colour, one classic design as a legacy collection, one 'it' bag from a designer... and yeah the list goes on and on and on.

When the collection is growing one thing that has to be considered is the storing space. All these while I have allocated one row or 'one door' of the wardrobe because handbags need proper storage to keep them in good shape and long lasting. My previous wardrobe was small though and the handbags had to be stacked up on each other so when we moved in to the current house I have allocated bigger space for them. First I was inspired by thepinkstilettos who blogged about her DIY bag storage using hooks so I implemented the same idea for my weekend totes using the S shape hooks instead.

Personally this is such an awesome idea because I can easily grab a bag especially when I am in a hurry. However I would say that this method should be implemented to frequently used bags and please be reminded to take out unnecessary things out of the bags before they return to the hooks because heavy weight will give pressure and may damage the handles when they are hang like that.

Meanwhile, the rest of the collection is kept inside individual dust cover or boxes on shelves and most of the handbags are stuffed with tissue paper to retain their shapes.

Tier #01: Handbags that come with black dust covers are standardised in one shelf.
Tier #02: Although stored in individual boxes, the bags should still be stuffed with tissue paper and kept inside dust covers.

I have been reminded by sale assistants to let the leather handbags to breathe. It is not advisable to keep leather handbags inside the box all the time so in order to let them breathe is to use them often or keep them inside covers outside their boxes. Well I choose to use them often because I want to keep them in their boxes :-D

Tier #03: Seldom used clutches are kept inside one of the big box to save some space. Keeping them inside the box allow other bags to stack on top.
Tier #04: Fabric handbags do not come with dust covers but they are fine like that and hotel laundry bag is used as substitute for dust cover.

Dust cover may not look important if the bags are kept inside a close wardrobe but another purpose to keep them inside is to avoid any colour transfer from a bag to another. If the bag does not come with one, you can use pillow case or any drawstring bag (or use laundry bag like what I did) as a substitute. Here are some links on storing handbags that can be used as reference:

Thursday, May 2, 2013

:: win a free honeymoon trip with cosmoderm ::

Dream of having another honeymoon trip with your hubby? Your dream may come true and even for free with "I Love You Sayang" contest by Cosmoderm.

It is so easy to win and you just have to follow these simple steps...
1. Purchase Cosmoderm Manjakani Hygiene Wash. 
2. Snap a romantic photo of yourself and your lovely husband.
3. Send the pic with copy of the receipt via post or email to

Extra tips: Buy more, snap more photo and send more entries for greater chance of winning :-D
Contest starts yesterday, 1 May 2013 until 30 June 2013 and thou should wait no more.

For your info, Cosmoderm Manjakani Hygiene Wash now comes in 100ml for only RM11.90 and it is suitable for those who wanted to try for the first time or else (without any regret) you can straight away go large with the 400ml bottle at the price of RM17.90.

Will blog more about the product and the contest soon. In the meantime, visit for more details.

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