Friday, October 28, 2011

:: decapitated ::

A plate of decapitated head, anyone?

Guess where this picture was taken. Leave a comment by giving the exact name and location of this place. The first correct answer wins a mystery gift from me.

Contest ends at 12.00pm on the night of Halloween.

Note: contest opens for all except my Bff and FB friends :-P

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Monday, October 24, 2011

:: sweet like candy ::












A picture is worth a thousand words. Enough said.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

:: did u know - gaddafi trivia ::

Let's take a break from talking about fashion, beauty, daily activities, et cetera et cetera...

Just a short one though.

The world was shocked knowing about the death of Muammar Gaddafi, the Libya's head of state who was killed after being captured by the Libyan fighters two days ago. I didn't know much about him earlier so when I was discussing about his death with my colleagues on Friday morning, I searched the Wikipedia and we were surprised to find that...

Muammar Gaddafi
.......was born in 1942
.......started ruling Libya in 1969
.......ruled Libya for 42 years
.......died at the age of 69

Repetitive numbers! What a coincidence, isn't it? 

A bit creepy too *goosebumps*

Friday, October 21, 2011

:: pastel friday ::

I chose pastel colours for my casual Friday outfit. A combination of pink and blue paired with off-white handbag and grey pants...

What do you think?
I like the colour combination a lot. I was very comfortable and felt confident through out the day. On another note, I just love my entire collection of Dorothy Perkins basic tee. I have almost 10 of them in different colours. Not only comfortable, they have helped me a lot in transforming myself into different looks and style. I plan to write a 'tribute' post for my basic tee one day, but as for now...


Thursday, October 20, 2011

:: christmas 2011 makeup gift sets ::

Christmas is coming soon. Not that I'm celebrating one but it's that time of the year when cosmetics and perfumes come in pretty, limited edition gift sets. It's the perfect time to splurge all the money you have because the sets are usually worth-buying. I envy girls who are celebrating their birthday at the end of the year because they can always ask for one as a prezzie. If nobody is available to buy for them, they also have a concrete reason to spend their money on any set of their choice as a birthday gift for self. It's so unfair! My birthday is in January and the good ones are usually gone by that time *sad face*.

So far I only found info on gift sets from two famous makeup brands but believe that more brands will release theirs in the near future. 

First, let's see what Estee Lauder brings us for Christmas 2011. Last year they had a success by collaborating with Coach so they remain the same strategy and collaborates with a famous American fashion designer, Michael Kors for this year's collection. 
Silver, gold or bronze? You still have time to choose before they hit the counter soon. (I like the gold pouch but not the make up colours).

Another line of christmas gift sets is from a brand with cute vintage packaging, Benefit Cosmetics. Let's start with the perfume, The Crescent Row Set which consists of 10 ml of each scent...

...and followed by the worth buying " I'm Glam Therefore I am" palette set which is jam-packed with four eye shadow shades, a face powder in Glamming, a mini tube of Girl Meets Pearl face highlighter, mini Badgal Lash mascara, Life on the A List lip gloss and a brush. Wow, what else can you ask for but this is not the end...

...because here comes the Ticket to Glossytown set... 

It's a lip gloss set consists of 6 pretty shades in So Frisk Me, Nudie Tude, Spiked Punch, Life on the  List, Kiss You and Foxy Lady. I'm not only in love with the gloss tubes but also the packaging. Too cute to resist!

So now, what say you...Any liking?

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

:: i'm in love ::

Right now, I'm in L.O.V.E with


my new handbag


I've been searching for a new white handbag for almost a year now (refer this entry) but the perfect white ones usually come with a hefty price. When I saw that cute bag in Charles & Keith, Empire Gallery weeks before the mall was exploded, it was love at first sight. I didn't buy it right away though because what I had in my mind as my perfect white bag were either one of these beauties...

Anyway, they are both far beyond reach at the moment *sobbing* so after few more visits to the C&K boutique I finally purchased the cute patent quilted bag yesterday in Mid Valley. The colour is off-white and I like everything about that bag. It's small, glossy and what I love the most are the ribbon, the gold plated flip closure and the chains. I'm happy but that doesn't mean I'm forgetting the Wilshire and the Alma.


Just to let you know that I'm also in L.O.V.E with this:

 Loacker Napolitaner in Hazelnut
RM8.90 for 175g

A tester size was included in the goodie bag I received during Secretary Luncheon at Menara KL earlier this year. The company's marketing strategy was successful because I'm addicted to this biscuit ever since I tasted it. Usually bought it in the smallest pack priced around RM2.60 - RM2.80 so when I saw a bigger size pack at Jusco yesterday, I just couldn't resist to purchase one. I usually prefer biscuits in chocolate flavour but this time, hazelnut rules. Yummeyh!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

:: happy birthday nor! ::

To a wonderful friend aka. my partner-in-crime,

Wishing you all happiness in the world
may you'll be blessed with a great, successful life ahead.
Welcome to the big THREE yow!


*footnote: the above pics were taken on Nor's convocation day, 04.10.11. She came to Menara TM in her robe and mortarboard after the event to snap pics with her colleagues and me. We were posing in front of Menara TM's lobby as if we were the only people there. It was crazy and fun!

Monday, October 17, 2011

:: cheeky boy ::

Ady Rifqi is 4-month 'young' today. Alhamdulillah, our little boy is growing healthily and when we sent him for his monthly jab 2 weeks ago he was already 7.1kg. So far Ady is excellent at stealing people's heart with his smile. He smiled generously to anyone who made eye contact at him and already knew how to laugh during playtime. In terms of other skills, Ady still couldn't turn his body to the side yet although he has already able to push up his back. According to studies made and reported in Babycentre, babies who sleep on their back had less advanced motor skills such as rolling, creeping and pushing up compared to babies who sleep on their stomach so this might be true because Ady sleeps on his back most of the time. When he was smaller we used to put Ady sleeping on his stomach because he slept longer in that position but stopped after reading that position is prone to causing SIDS death. Baby's development is different from one another anyway so we're still fine with it at the moment. According to Babycentre again, parents only need to worry if their baby couldn't turn until the age of 6-month. By the way, Babycentre is my main reference source in learning about baby's development ever since I was pregnant until today. I have to admit that I don't do much reading these days so I just rely on the internet to gain knowledge especially about babies. So far the information is beneficial and reliable, and I highly recommend it to any new mommies and mommies-to-be.

Anyway, Ady already goes to school (when speaking to him we refer his nursery as school) for a month now and everything is good so far. Hubby sends Ady every morning because he leaves the house a bit late and I fetch him in the evening right from office. Starting last week Ady seemed to know what time I would leave for work so he woke up just before 7:00am and asked for milk. One morning he even smiled when he felt asleep in my arms after breastfeeding (I tried giving him formula milk at first but he didn't want to drink it) and in fact, he was smiling in his sleep after I kissed him today. Cheeky boy! I was late everyday last week except Friday because he was still asleep when I left but later in the office hubby called informing me that Ady cried endlessly since 7:30am. He might be mad because he had overslept and didn't manage to catch me...haha.

The cheeky boy

I wish I could write longer but time envies me more. I had a long day in the office today and now that Ady is already asleep, I really need to move on because a number of chores are waiting to be done. Before I leave I just want to say that no word could describe how much we love our son and no word could also describe the joy of being a mother to our cute lil baby.

Ady Rifqi, Mama may have said this before but I still want you to know that Mama loves you so much!
Bee, I also love you so much!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

:: where spiky hair trend comes from? ::

Sorry for the lack of updates as I'm currently busy in the office and also at home.

Just a quick one though.

Received an e-mail from a colleague this morning regarding the spiky hair trend. Many girls have crush or fall in love with men with spiky hair and we could see many celebrities with spikes, but do you know who sets the trend earlier than those famous names? 

That e-mail gave an answer to that question and if you didn't know, I'm sharing it just for your info.

...and the spiky hair trendsetter goes to...






Funny but it seems true!

Monday, October 10, 2011

:: great weekend ::

Hey ho. How's your Monday so far? Having Monday Blues, no?

I had a great weekend so I came to office with a happy face today. Spent my Saturday with bff at IPC. It was Rabby's birthday and it was a last minute arrangement but I still managed joining my besties celebrating the birthday girl. We had japanese, late lunch at Sushi King and I have to thank Fila for her treat. The five of us (Nor, Fila, Rabby, Ady & I) then went to Ikea and had a break at Starbucks before going back home. I think I have mentioned about my interest towards Mexican food before and did you know that there is a stall selling Mexican food in IPC? In case you didn't and you also love Mexican food, there is this stall called Popilla selling tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas and mexican rice located just opposite Cold Storage. I have tried their quesadillas before and it was awesome so I bought it in a set meal that came with nachos and pina colada. d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

I love spending time with my bff because we could eat as much as we can and talk about anything, non-stop. Being with them is simply a stress reliever and fun. Girls, thank you so much for the great time as always and to my dear Rabby, welcome to the 30's. Nor, you're next on the list baybeyh!

Sunday was spent in a different way though. Instead of lazing on the bed like usual, hubby and I woke very early because we had a mission and it was something that we don't do often. Both of us actually attended an audition at Shah Alam Convention Centre. Yeah, you read it right. It was an audition but obviously not to be a singer. It was for a new game show on Astro called RM1,000,000 Money Drop as advertised on Astro Ria. We arrived at 9:30 am and got our number only after an hour later. People came as early as 7:00 am even from other states so the queue was very long. People still came to register even at 1:30 pm so you could imagine how big the crowd was. By the way our number was 3694.

The audition consist of two levels. The first was a test with a passing mark of 11 over 20 and contestants could only proceed to the second level only after both partner passed the test. At first I thought we are going to fail the first round because of me but alhamdulillah we passed and managed getting to the second round. That next level was only for the panels to judge our personality, whether we are sporting and fun enough to be part of the show. We just did what we managed to and if chosen, they will call us for the real show later. Hopefully we're lucky enough to try our luck... 

I wish I could elaborate more on the audition and I actually have some pics to share but it's already late now and I really need to make my move because I have to fetch Ady before 7:00 pm. I'll share the pics later though but in the meantime just say...

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