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:: macaroon not macaroni ::

This is another food related post.

Yesterday BFFs came for tea. Nor bought this milkadeal RM12 for 12 macaroons promo. Since I never taste a macaroon and since she had to collect the cute delicacies in Subang, Nor kindheartedly decided to share it with all of us. Thank you dear, you're such an angel~! (ayat bodek sket...hehehe). 

In case you didn't know, macaroon is a light, baked confection. They were colourful, cute and very inviting but I must say that look can be deceiving. If I were asked to provide one short comment about macaroons, I'd say "too sweet" without any hesitation. I first ate the chocolate coloured piece and obviously the filling was chocolatey. I munched but couldn't stop making a face to hold its sweet taste. We can all get diabetic in an instant~! People have different taste and for me, macaroons are too sweet for my liking. Thanks Nor for giving me the experience to taste them because I never know when I'm going to eat 'em again.

Since we all live with at least one cat (Rabby got two) we couldn't avoid talking about things related to our furry babies. Later in the evening we all went out to Sheritans petshop in SS19 because I wanted to show and recommend the shop to my friends. So far Sheritans petshop never fail to give me good price for all the food as well as other items and they are selling the cheapest Royal Canin among others. Rabby intended to buy the same 2kg Blackwood for kitten, which came in an air tight container like the one I just bought 3 days ago for RM39 but it was sold out. Fila ended up buying 400g Royal Canin Hair & Skin (RM19) for Alvin because it worked well on KiKi. It is obvious that KiKi's fur is glossier, softer and shred lesser after eating a pack of those. The packaging even said that result can be seen after 21 days so hopefully it works well on Alvin too.

After visiting the petshop I insisted them to stop for another tea break at Ehsan, mamak near my house. All four of us ordered roti planta as recommended by me. Their crispy roti planta is scrumptious, although I have to emphasize on ensuring its crispiness to the person who took our order. When I ate the roti planta for the first time weeks ago, it was sweet and crispy until it made me ordered the second one right away. Unfortunately, the second one was different because it was neither crispy nor sweet. I tried my luck in the next visit but I was turned down again so yesterday I really wanted it to taste similar to the first one and finally, it did. We continued chatting before they sent me back and they all made their own way home. 

I love having my BFFs coming to our home sweet home or to be exact, I love spending time with my BFFs. Thank you for coming girls... and hope to see you again next time ;-)

:: bread lover ::

Do you know...?
Bread has been prepared at least for 30,000 years.

Do you know...?
There are more than 100 types of bread available worldwide.

Do you know...?
A pack of normal size Gardenia loaf has 14 bread slices.

I'm a bread lover. I love eating white bread since I was a kid and during those days I normally ate them by dipping the bread into hot milo or nescafe. Another favourite way was spreading cold condensed milk on top, fold the slice into two and eat. The taste of cold, sweet condensed milk was simply heaven. Yummy yummy!

Bread is very easy to serve, yet able to keep you full for many hours depending on how and what it is served with. Despite many types of bread available in this country and worldwide, I'm concentrating on those simple white bread slices instead. There are various ways of eating a loaf of white bread so today I'm sharing with you my 10 favourite ways of eating them either during breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner and how they are prepared:

1. Hot toasts with cold baked beans

- Toast breads, spread butter
- Pour cold baked beans on top

*Note: Opposite attracts. The taste of buttery hot toast combined with cold baked beans is totally awesome. This is my most frequent way of eating toasts nowadays because it is among the easiest to prepare. Baked beans is healthy and good for diet. Do you know that canned baked beans do not have MSG?

2. Toasts with sunny side up

- Fry the egg sunny side up
- Toast breads, spread butter
- Pour some tomato ketchup on the egg
- Starts eating by dipping bread in the yolk

*Note: I learnt eating bread this way from my late grandma & grandpa and it is my most favourite way among all. The tricky part is to get a perfect sunny side up because if not careful the yolk will burst and fried, therefore I usually eat this during breakfast in hotels because chefs never fail to cook perfect sunny side ups!

3. Egg sandwich toasts

- Fry an egg
- Toast two breads, spread butter
- Put the fried egg, spread some mayo, sauce (I still prefer ketchup) and other ingredients if you like such as cheese slice, lettuce, etc in between of two toasts

*Note: If you failed getting a perfect sunny side up because the yolk burst while frying, fret not cuz the second serving option is available. This sandwich can simply keep you going from morning till noon.

4. Kraft bread

- Spread butter on two pieces of breads
- Put a slice of Kraft cheese in between
- Heat the bread on a non-stick pan until both sides turned golden brown

*Note: I couldn't remember whether I learnt this from Kraft's tv ad or website during their "kalau keju mesti kraft" campaign years back. It is best eaten while hot because the cheese is still melting. Totally scrumptious. 

5. Sugar toasts

- Toast breads, spread butter and sprinkle sugar on top

*Note: My hubby prefers to spread butter, sprinkle sugar and lastly toast the bread. Either way can do.

6. Subway style sandwich

- Put salami and cheese slice on top of a bread, toast with another plain bread in an oven
- Add olives, pickles, salads, mayo, chilli sauce / ketchup
- Put the other bread on top to make a sandwich

*Note: I only make this once in a while because it takes longer time to prepare than others but the taste (and smell) is awesome.

7. Egg mayo sandwich

- Boil eggs
- Mashed boiled eggs with mayonaisse, add a pinch of salt and pepper
- Spread the egg mayo in between of two buttered breads

*Note: You can opt for other ingredients such as tuna or shredded chicken and also add a slice of cheese, tomato and lettuce.

8. American breakfast

- Fry sausage
- Make scrambled eggs by beating the eggs, add some milk and pinch of salt and pepper. Pour the egg mixture and scramble it with butter in non-stick pan
- Heat baked beans in microwave
- Serve with toasts

*Note: We sometimes eat this for dinner instead of breakfast :-)

9. Toasts with egg baked beans / mushroom soup

- Heat baked beans / mushroom soup in a pot, add an egg and stir
- Serve with buttered toasts

*Note: Egg baked beans / mushroom soup is thicker and heavier than plain baked beans / mushroom soup. A great choice to be eaten in cold, rainy weather. Spread garlic butter instead of plain butter when eating with mushroom soup. Yummeyh!

10. Cheesy omelette sandwich

- Make a plain egg omelette by beating eggs with a pinch of salt, fry mixture in a pan
- Spread butter on two breads
- Place a cheese, small piece of omelette and add some ketchup or baked beans in between of two breads
- Toast in sandwich maker

*Note: Best eaten when the cheese is still melting but need to be careful because the filling is so hot. 


Well those are my favourite ways of eating white breads, but how about yours? Do share if you have any other interesting recipe so I could try next.

*except hot toasts with cold baked beans photo, other images are taken from Google search.

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:: celebrating earth hour ::

Hey-lo. This is a special post as I'm currently celebrating Earth Hour. I'm typing this entry in the dark and sweating a bit due to the hot weather since the fan is turned off. This notebook is currently depending on its battery, but forgive me for not turning off the modem (or else I would not know what to do in this darkness). I've heard some people complaining about having Earth Hour because they thought it is a nonsense. To them, turning off the light for an hour doesn't make any different compared to pollution and other bad things we've done to the earth. Yes I couldn't agree more with that fact. The earth is old and ill; and we human beings are responsible for its illness, but doing a bit of something is better than doing nothing at all. Why don't sacrifice an hour a year for a good cause rather than complaining?

I remember two years ago I was celebrating Earth Hour on the day I was moving into this house. Despite having unpacked items all over the place I still insist to sit in the dark for an hour, alone, in a new place since we were not yet married. Last year, I celebrated Earth Hour while driving home from IOI Mall after searching for dinner dress, again alone. Thank God no more lonely Earth Hour for me this year as I am currently celebrating it with my dear cat, KiKi who must be wondering why we are living in the dark right now.

Another few minutes left. I better make a move because I am going to visit hubby who is handling a booth at ICT Fair held in i-City, Shah Alam. Well, after sitting in the dark for an hour, I'm going to a place full with lights... hrmmm how irony is that? 

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:: my new hobby ::

I've developed a new hobby which is watching my own tummy moving and being poked from inside. It is truly amazing...!

btw, Happy Weekend to all :-D

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:: diapers for furry babies ::

On Saturday my BFF, Fila sent her car for service in Subang so we ended up having lunch together at Teh Tarik Place, Empire Gallery. On our way back to the parking area we stopped by at Petsmore the pet shop to feast our eyes. They were selling usual pet stuffs from foods, toys, carriers and others but this particular item caught our eyes:

It was pack of diapers for kitties and doggies!

I haven't seen such item anywhere before so I was truly surprised and amazed that such item is available. The diapers look exactly like those for babies but come with a hole for the tail. Cute, eh? Similarly to baby diapers, pet diapers also come in different sizes and as can be seen, pack of 16 for size S costs RM29.00.

Descriptions on the packaging also mentioned about its abilities:
 - Fits snuggly, comfortable and secure
 - Convenient and easy to use
 - Superclean and hygienic
 - No leak protection
 - Superabsorbent and maximum protection

...and most importantly "Won't stick to fur" :-D

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

:: baby shopping day ::

Yeay, it was our first official shopping spree for the lil guy~! We went to MidValley and managed buying several basic items such as tops, long pants, bodysuits, mittens & booties, small towels, changing mat, napkins, diapers, feeding bottle and shoes.
At first I was a bit stressed because clothes for newborns were mostly in plain colours like white and cream. We still bought some of those though, but thanks to F.O.S for kids & teens we managed having splash of bright colours for our baby. I really like that Old Navy long sleeve bodysuit with an owl face and those army camouflage shoes. We knew that a newborn doesn't wear shoes yet but they're too irresistible and we were afraid they will sold out later so we just grabbed them. Another cute item is the ladybird booties, bought at baby fair which was held at the convention centre. Hopefully there are other cute mittens & booties set similar to that instead of the plain boring ones because I think we need more.

Anyway, this is only the beginning. Long list of items are still waiting and baby shopping will keep on going for the next few months. For experienced mommies out there, it'll be a great help if you could share other important items that we should add in our collection. In the meantime, thank you and good night!

:: make your own eye & lip palette ::

I have a set of MAC Pigments that I've bought ages ago during one holiday promo. I used them once in a while so until today they look like never been touched. The thing is, pigments are loose eye shadows that came in separate bottles so it is kinda difficult to bring them anywhere. All these while, I've been thinking of transferring all colours to one handy case so they're not wasted. Still, no action has been taken and those bottles were still left at home. 

Few days ago I was itching to do something interesting and I somehow remembered about those pigments. At the same time, I also have a broken MAC lipstick that could not be used anymore after few attempts of repairing so I made a lil study on how to utilise it again and finally decided to make my own eye & lip palette, which was successfully done yesterday.

STEP 1: Line up the items
Items for the project:
 - Broken lipstick
- Loose pigments
- A handy case (Bought the bead case at Daiso Sunway Pyramid)

STEP 2: Transfer lipstick
Transfer the broken lipstick into one of the compartment and scoop out any leftovers using any suitable tool. I used a wooden chopstick and it worked well.

STEP 3: Melt the lipstick
From my research, we could melt the lipstick by microwaving it for around 30-seconds or just use a hair dryer. I used a hair dryer and I recommend it because it was easier and the lippie could be melt in the compartment straight away.

STEP 4: Leave it to dry
 It only took several minutes to dry.

STEP 5: Transfer pigments into each compartment

Voila, my own eye & lip palette!
 Now, should I put my own branding sticker on the cover? ;-)

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:: green smokey eyes ::

Managed getting another free makeover at MAC Wonder Woman roadshow in Sunway Pyramid yesterday. Compared to the first one in MidValley with huge booth in the Centre Court, this time it was only held at their outlet. We were entertained by Calise, the S.A who we've already made friends with during our previous visit there and she was the one who did the makeover for both of us. This time around I chose the green Wonder Women eyshadow palette for my eyes since I already used the purple one before and I was satisfied with the end result. She mostly used the darkest green shade on the lids as if she already knew about my fondness towards smokey eyes.

Below is how my eyes looked like. I'm also sharing the tutorial on how to achieve green smokey eyes in case you're interested, but I definitely want to do this look by myself next time because I personally think green colour compliments my brown eyes quite well. 

Green smokey eyes

1. Eye shadow primer was first applied on the entire lids.

2. Using the darkest matte green shade, the colour was dabbed onto the lids up to the crease.

3. A lighter green shade was applied above the crease and blended together with the dark green shade.

4. White shimmery eye shadow was then applied and blended together below the brow bone as highlighter.

5. Green pencil eye liner was used to line the lower lids and topped with the darkest green shade using a brush.

6. Finish the look with a thick coat of mascara (it was not applied on my eyes yesterday) and pair the look with a nude lips.

In the end, Nor got herself a set of Wonder Woman utility belt face brush set (RM250) which consists of 3 brushes (concealer + foundation + powder/blush brushes) and a metallic gold makeup waist pouch; and a bottle of brush cleanser (RM45) like the one I'm currently using. As before, we also brought home comic style printed copy of our pics, this time with the Wonder Woman herself as souvenirs.

Left: With the tall, slim, pretty Wonder Woman
Right: With my partner in crime

Left: Look from the previous makeover using purple MAC Wonder Woman eye palette
Right: Look from yesterday's makeover using green MAC Wonder Woman eye palette

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:: having a bieber fever? ::

We all knew that the hottest teenage singing sensation, Justin Bieber is coming to town next month and those crazy-for-him girl fans have secured their tickets on day one when it was out for sale. Well, if you're one among Bieber's fans but didn't manage to get your hands on the tickets earlier maybe because of financial constraint or whatsoever reasons, here's another chance for you to do so by redeeming your Bonuslink points (if you don't own one, you could redeem your dad's, mom's, siblings', friends'...) I know my lil sis will ask me to redeem one if she could go but too bad the concert will be held on weekday. Sis, you're at school, far in Gemencheh on that day. So, kem salam jerlah yer :-P

With only 9,500 Bonuslink points you could redeem yourself one ticket worth RM188. It is considered cheap for Bonuslink points as they're currently having point knock down because previously it was 20,400 points per ticket. Tickets can only be redeemed online at so go get it today before all Beliebers clear 'em all.

Speaking about Bieber, here's one of my favourite performance in Glee Season 2 besides Lucky. I'm not a youtube person, but I've been watching both clips over and over again because they were both awesome and shweeeet. Here's a cover version of "Baby" performed by Sam (Chord Overstreet) and I would say his version is better than the original. Erm, I'm honest about that..... it's not because Sam's a hottie >:-)

*footnote: Justin Bieber My World Tour - LIVE in Malaysia will be held on Thursday, 21 April 2011, 8:30 pm at Stadium Negara Kuala Lumpur. Better avoid that area during the said date and if you're accompanying or patronising someone, get ready for a night full of screaming girls.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

:: half year milestone ::

It’s the 25th week of pregnancy. Passed the 6-month milestone which in a way means I’ve been pregnant for half a year! It sounded long but honestly, I don’t feel that long. Despite this increasingly large belly nothing much has changed so far. I still eat like I normally did and I don’t have any specific craving. The only significant thing I noticed so far is the fact that I don’t like eating squids without any particular reason.  I still do the chores; sweeping, mopping, cleaning toilet and others but the difference is I get tired a bit faster than before. I admit there were still several challenges though like backache and late night leg cramps but as other women said, being pregnant is indeed magnificent and beautiful...and honestly, I'm so gonna miss this moment later.

Another 3 months to go for us to welcome our new bundle of joy. Two weekends ago (the evening after I got back from Zoo Negara) hubby and I went to Fitzrol and Delaila Clinic at SS19 Subang to do a detail scanning. We went after Maghrib prayer to reserve a slot and had dinner at one of the gerai while waiting for the doctor to arrive. We were the third couple and it was near to 10pm when we got our turn. The procedure started after a brief interview. First she put a heartbeat ‘thermometer’ on my belly which enabled us to listen to the lil’ one heartbeats. It was amazing listening to his/her heart thumping and there were times when he/she was kicking. Alhamdulillah, baby’s heartbeat rate was 151 per minute which is normal according to the doctor (normal rate is around 120 – 170). 

Scanning was next. Dr. Delaila started measuring the skull, explaining about the brain, measuring length between the eyes, counting fingers, showing heart pumping; measuring length of the hands and legs, and the list went on. Both of us were really nervous when she moved the scanner down, bit by bit from head to down further because we never knew what she was going to tell us next and whether there was going to be something wrong or not. Alhamdulillah syukur, everything was fine and our baby is growing healthily. The most anticipating moment was when the doctor moved around the scanner to reveal our baby’s gender. As some have guessed, it was clearly shown that our lil’ one is a boy. We’re going to have a lil hero in our house! The scanner was very clear because in the end we also managed watching him sucking his thumb in his mouth. What a cutey.

We were charged RM350 for the session inclusive of an extra RM20 for the CD image. I’m just sharing this in case anybody is interested to have a detail scanning there. By the way, that was only a scanning session ya... no medication whatsoever. Expensive or worth it you just decide.

Last Thursday I went for my regular check-up at the usual clinic in my office. Everything was fine as well and this time I’ve gained another 2 kilos. So far I’ve gained 7 kilos more than my usual weight and if I keep on gaining 2 kilos for the next 3 months it means I’m going to gain 16 kilos altogether. I’m not a dead freak when it comes to body weight and size but I’m still concern. According to an article, the first 10 kilos could be shredded easily after deliver but you’ll have to work for the rest of it. Ok, I'll take note on that. Anyway, the doctor gave me a tetanus shot because according to her some people died from tetanus before or after giving childbirth, so that shot is just for precaution and another shot will be given in the next check-up. As usual, she did the scanning and for the second time our baby’s ‘birdie’ could be clearly seen. Hehe.

It's high time for us to start baby shopping because so far we only have a set of feeding bottle, Quinny Buzz's basket and a red bag for our baby. We could now shop according to colour preference since we already know he's a He... and oh, his official colour would not be blue, but red. So don't be surprised to see a red stroller, red shoes and red whatsoever lah for the lil guy. But not everything will be in red laa... melampau pulak kan.
Wokeyh, this has become a pretty long entry, so I better stop typing. Last but not least, here are my 6-month looks wearing one new item each day:

New items from left to right
1. White top (Berjaya Times Square)
2. Pink cardie (Berjaya Times Square), Grey jeggings (Giordano) & Grey diamante flats (Bonita)
3. Blue scarf bought from officemate

p/s: I like the middle pic the most because I look thinner compared to the other two pics. Haha. 

p/p/s: Fila, that's my new scarf that I was telling you about. What d'ya think... should I invest more??

p/p/p/s: I've been shopping for 3 weekends in a row, so no more shopping for mama next month :-D

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:: wordless wednesday fever ::

Four of my favourite blogs have the same post title today:

This ain't fair. I want a Wordless Wednesday entry too...



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:: the lizard story ::

This is a silly story but I still wanna share it to the whole world.

Last Friday I got stranded at office parking lot for 45 minutes because of a lizard. It was 8:15pm - I got into the car, placed my things on the co-driver seat, started the engine, hold the steering, ready to drive... and that was when I saw a thin, dark brown lizard with black eyes lying on the speed meter! From its size I'd say it was a teenage lizard. I straight away got out of the car and mumbled to myself because how am I gonna drive the car if the lizard was there? I don't mind roaches, but lizard... NO WAY!

I opened the car boot looking for something that I could use to chase the animal away and found an old pamphlet. Rolling it into a cylinder I kept on hitting the pamphlet on the steering to frighten the lizard but the only thing it did was just moving around the speed meter. It was hopeless. I didn't know what to do but luckily someone was walking to his car so I called him for help. When he walked to my direction I looked at the meter and see nothing. The lizard was gone! That guy said I must be hallucinating but of course I wasn't. He still looked around though and left.

I stayed out of the car for a while and with a bit of confident I went in to make my way home... but guess what, the lizard was back on the meter. I repeat the same process all over again: got out of the car - hit the steering with a pamphlet - hopeless - waiting for another good samaritan. I didn't expect someone would come in the next few minutes because it was already late. I later heard footsteps and saw a glimpse of someone walking to the car parked behind a wall. Thank God it was my friend, Fairus. I went to asked for her help and as we walked to my car, hubby called. I told him about the lizard and he was surprised because his friend already took away a lizard days before. That time, we already reached my car and again, the lizard wasn't there. I got goosebumps. Maybe the earlier guy was right... I might be hallucinating. Erkkk...

Apparently I was still sane. The lizard was still on the meter but due to its small, thin body it looked like he was hiding. Fairus used the pamphlet to take the lizard away but it jumped and disappeared to the back of the car. We searched but to no avail. After a while I braved myself to get in and drive home hoping it won't come anywhere near me while I was driving. I reached home safe and sound.

The lizard might still be in the car until today but I don't know what to do. I don't want to buy any poison because dead lizard smells terrible. This weekend I'll try to leave my car under the sun and open all doors hoping it would ran away to its own habitat. Well, if he could understand human I would say to him, "get off my car!" (in the tone of Harrison Ford as US President in Air Force One movie).

Although I hate lizards, this one is exceptional though:
 Meet my Cikubing :-) 

Friday, March 11, 2011

:: a boy or a girl? ::

I'm only following 15 peeps on Twitter and 4 of 'em are my best buds while the rest are famous personalities like the Kardashians, P.Diddy, Paris Hilton and others. 11 hours ago Kourtney Kardashian tweeted:

"Bath time with my favorite boy Mason Dash. We had park time today too. He lights up my days and nights."

Baby Mason is such a cute boy with a chubby, adorable face. To me he is the cutest among famous baby boys in Hollywood. Reading that tweet awed me as I imagine myself having that kind of 'time' with my child too. It'll be fun to have bath time and even strolling in the park (or a shopping mall) together...and best of all, having someone to talk to (although that is only possible after few years). Only 3 months to go, baby and we shall welcome you into this world. In the meantime, keep on playing and kicking inside there because you will have much bigger area to play and kick later.

p/s: consider this entry as a hint to our baby's gender. A boy or a girl. Wanna play the guessing game?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

:: be a proud owner of iphone 4 ::

Are you surrounded with iPhone users and feeling left out because they're too occupied swiping the screen ?


Are you an existing iPhone user but still feels like a loner because family and friends around you are not an iPhone user yet?

Do you want to own an iPhone but do not want to commit with the service provider?


Now is your chance to purchase an iPhone 4 from DiGi at a retail price without needing to subscribe to a line!

Click here to learn more about this...
...and hurry cuz promotion ends on 3 April 2011.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

:: fun day at zoo negara ::

Last Saturday was spent in an extraordinary way. It was a day with animals (and humans) at the Zoo Negara. Not that I never been to a zoo before but this time it was more than mere visit because I was there as a volunteer and also to witness launching of Kelab Pencinta Alam TM and signing ceremony between TM and the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS). 

When an email invite reached my mailbox about the opportunity to become a zoo volunteer due to early membership as Kelab Pencinta Alam TM member, I was straight away excited. I have something for zoo and animals (especially furry ones) and this might be caused of too much exposure and frequent visits to such place. Zoo is always on the list during our family vacations and besides our local zoos, I've also been to Sydney Zoo, London Zoo, Auckland Zoo and Melbourne's Healesville Sanctuary. Well, that should explains why I'm such a zoo craze!

Back to the event on Saturday, the program started around 8 something in the morning when everybody was all gathered in the zoo compound. All of us were given an eco friendly goodie bag each which consists of a t-shirt, a cap, a pen and a cute notepad. We were asked to divide ourselves into groups of 8 so we could be given specific animal area to be in charged. That time, I really hope our group will be assigned to the big cats area because I love cats family, particularly tiger and panther so I've always wish to be as close as possible to them. My heart soared when the MNS girl said our group is assigned to the big cats. It was like a dream comes true...

...but "ku sangka panas sampai ke petang rupanya hujan di tengahari". It was not even noon yet though because when we reached the big cats area we were told that another group of volunteers from other organization has taken the area earlier. My dream was shattered. There was no animal area left for us and our group ended up picking trashes from the ground :-( 

Ok, good thing about our new duty was the ability to walk all around the zoo. Honestly, there was not much trash anyway so we enjoyed observing the animals and took some photos instead.

Giraffe showing his long tongue - Miss sun bear - Fierce looking gaur aka. Mr Seladang


Voluntary work ended up at 10 something because next in line was the launching of Kelab Pencinta Alam TM and the signing ceremony. There were speeches by Director of Zoo Negara, Executive Director of MNS and last but not least, Chairman TM who officiated the Pencinta Alam club which is also known as Tapir Malaya. The lucky animal was chosen not only because it shares the same acronym with 'TM' but it is also among endangered species in the world. After the signing ceremony took place, we were given a talk about tapir and among new knowledge learnt was a tapir usually has one child and it took them around 2 years to be separated, hence results to long reproduction timeline, which literally explains why they already become endangered species.The VIPs were then lead to exhibition booths and last but not least given the chance to feed and pet a tapir. I managed to grab some leaves from our Chairman when he distributed them and later got the chance feeding the tapir and pet her head. Just to share, tapir's head is very muscular and hard. It has very short fur, stiff like a new painting brush.

There was another activity for us volunteers after lunch which was called Zoo Hunt. Basically it was like a treasure hunt where we were given a set of questions to answer and checkpoints to visit in one hour. It was another trip around the zoo for our group and I was really exhausted. We didn't have enough time to complete all questions so we didn't win anything, while three groups that won the challenge were happy and contented.

From my observation, even at the end of the day most people were still enjoying themselves and full with enthusiasm. Everybody was happy with all the activities and those who got the chance to clean cages and help feeding animals were very satisfied with their voluntary work. They were also excited to know what other activities are next on the list. All in all it was a successful and memorable event to all of us, the Tapir Malaya and kudos to the organizer. Volunteering for the zoo is the least that we could do but hey, it's better than nothing rite? Look forward to join other beneficial activities but as for now Love the Earth, Save the Earth!

*Additional Info*

Zoo Negara not only accepts group volunteers but also individual volunteers and it could be done not only during weekends but also weekdays. If interested, call 03-4108 3422 to set an appointment or you could just walk-in. Make sure you come before 8:00 am because voluntary works need to start early before the zoo opens at 9:00 am daily.

Friday, March 4, 2011

:: mirror mirror on the wall :: us who's the cutest among all...

This pic was taken on Monday nite at my parents-in-law's house. KiKi was actually afraid of brother-in-law's son and positive consequence to that was having her sitting quietly on my lap.
A precious moment and a night to remember :-)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

:: latest buzz - ipad 2 ::

The most popular subject on today's Facebook status is no other than the iPad 2. Everybody is talking about it since early morning, wanting to buy and even highlighting about price drop for iPad (1).

Apple has announced its release together with specifications yesterday so most gadget freaks are enthusiastically waiting to grab the latest Apple baby. Well, who doesn't? iPad 2 is a lot thinner (33% to be exact) and a lot lighter (15% to be exact) if compared to the current iPad and best additional feature among all is the two cameras! Yes, you could take photos, do video call with the iPad 2... and I'm now filling with envy. Damn.

Peeps in USA could start making orders from the Apple website starting 11 March 2011. There is also special Smart Cover designed for the iPad 2 so customers no longer need to search and buy iPad casings elsewhere. Hrmm, what a good way to do business huh, Mr. Steve? (Memang tak kasi can orang lain kaut untung... tskkk.)

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

:: free makeover at mac wonder woman roadshow ::

The only best thing that was happening to me today is the free makeover at MAC Wonder Woman roadshow in MidValley. As mentioned in the previous post MAC has released its latest limited collection so BFF and I went to check it out during lunch time.
The huge colourful booth was placed at the Centre Court and it was not congested with crowd at all. We both had our faces 'transformed' by MAC professional makeup artists (I didn't get that girl's name but I like her) using the new collection items from eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blusher, bronzer, lipstick and also lipgloss. I chose purple pallete for the eye shadow and matching purple mascara with nude lips = simple, while Nor went for the blue eye shadow palette, blue mascara and fiery red lips = classic.

As can be seen in my previous post, the Wonder Woman collection has bold, colourful packaging, reflecting pop art comic style. The size is jumbo for lip gloss and bronzer which can last longer than usual so they are definitely worth buying. Among items that I like besides the lip gloss - RM85 (gorgeous colour selections I'm telling you) are the eye shadow palettes, lipstick, eye liner and mascara. The eye shadow palletes are quadraple - RM145 with 3 colour selections; blue, green and purple (in my opinion the blue one is the nicest) while the lipsticks - RM69 come in 4 different shades and so does the mascara - RM65. The liquid eye liner is unique I must say because it looks like a marker. The black liquid is not very strong however, so it can be applied easily on the eyelids without mistake.

The Wonder Woman collection is now available in all MAC outlets or you could just wait for their roadshow to reach you on the said dates as below:
Our visit was totally worth it because other than having a free makeover each of us also did a bit of retail therapy by purchasing an item...heehee.

Got myself a nude coloured lipstick while Nor got herself a blue mascara.

That's not the end though because the next best thing is getting a free comic style printed photo to bring back home. Totally awesome!

To conclude, go visit them while you have the chance and one important lesson learnt: free makeover is the best work stress reliever. The end.

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