Friday, September 28, 2012

:: pretty in pastel ::

On Friday (14.09.2012) two weeks ago, I had a fun time with my usual girlfriends. It was supposed to be a Raya gathering but everybody except Fila knew that it was also a surprise belated birthday celebration for her. Prior to D-day, the three of us (Nor, Rabby and myself) have been exchanging emails on the preparation in concurrent with another set of communication which included Fila. Organising a surprise party was exciting and I almost jumbled up the communication, yet we still managed to keep everything below the wavelength.

The gathering was set to be held at Wondermilk Citta Mall and the theme was 'pretty in pastel'. Nor and I arrived earlier to set up tables and chairs with balloons and our handmade party props while Rabby was in charged to usher the birthday girl. Soon as Fila entered Wondermilk, we gave her a loud "SURPRISE!". Since her birthday was two weeks earlier (30.08.2012), she was a bit confused and asked us "what is the surprise for?" :-P Haha... sorry for the delay Fila, but this kind of delay made you extra surprised right? (ayat kaver line).         

  The props and the belated birthday girl when she was being surprised

Girls will always be girls. We spent almost 30 minutes chatting and taking photos - posing with the props and the cupcakes before we ordered dinner. I brought along photobooth props I made for my unit's raya gathering so it was quite hillarious! It was a truly all-girls affair because for the first time after 15 months Ady did not tag along at our gathering. Sorry baby, next time you'll join us again okay.  

Each of us ordered Wondermilk El Presidente dinner set which consists of burger, fries and drinks for RM22.90. I took the Ultimate Super Burger with a thick beef patty and their Lemon Crush wondercooler for drink. We also ordered a baked potato which was shared between us. Their food was not so bad in taste and portion but to me their cupcakes were a bit too sweet for my liking. They were RM50 for 12 pieces and although the designs were uber cute, they were quite small for a 'maxi'.

Although it was Fila's birthday celebration, she was not the only one receiving gift because Nor, being the kindest girlfriend gave each of us a copy of "Yasmin How You Know?" book which is a compilation of fond memories her friends have about the late Yasmin Ahmad. For awhile, a social gathering became a book club meeting because everybody was indulged with the writings. 

The evening passed by with more giggles, laughters, smiles, photo shots... and a visit to Chatime. It was a fun night out and thank you God for giving me those wonderful ladies as my besties. Till we meet again, girls!        

The birthday girl received a gift coupon from Nor.
My prezzie will reach you soon ye Fila ;-)

So, did we look pretty in pastel?


Monday, September 24, 2012

:: my new favourite store ::

As promised earlier, this is the H&M KL grand opening after-entry. Intended to write this later that night but I was too tired. It's better late than never though, so here the story goes....

After almost 2 hours queuing, Nor and I finally entered H&M's first flagship store in Malaysia at 11:00am. The crowd instantly went crazy and started choosing what they wanted as if the store will be closed forever in a day. Even I was too excited until did not know where to start because there were too many pretty things around me *rambang mata*. The first thing I wanted was the printed blouse which was included in my shopping list and worn by one of the mannequin. Couldn't find it at first so I asked an SA who instructed me to go up another level but couldn't find it there neither so I started looking for other items.

Anyway, H&M Kuala Lumpur is divided into 3 levels: 
- Ground / first floor: ladies department
- Second floor: ladies department (also home for lingerie & sleepwear)
- Third floor: men and kids department

I spent most time at the second floor. Tried my best to only buy items listed in my shopping list but I tell you, being in a store that offers fashionable items from top-to-toe with a shopping list in hand was much harder than going in without anything in mind. Since there were so many people and so many items around, it took me some time searching here and there until I finally found the blazers I wanted. I have been looking for the perfect vibrant coloured blazer since few months back so when the one in H&M fit well on me, I didn't grab one but two! 

After first round of shopping for myself, I then went up to the men and kids department. Crowd in the men department was almost similar to the ladies' but the most peaceful area inside the entire store was definitely the kids'. Now, men has no reason to skip shopping with their girlfriends and spouses because H&M caters items for both simple and stylo guys at affordable price. Even I was excited looking at their cotton long-sleeved working shirts selling at only RM39.90 (or was it RM49.90? too cheap too remember LoL). Kids' section shared almost half of the floor and after snapping a photo of the girls' area I straightaway went to baby boys' section at one end of the floor. Ady already got a number of new tops during Ramadhan so I planned to buy him new pants instead. Moreover, maybe due to the autumn/winter season in the West, most tops were long-sleeved so they are not really practical for Ady although I really like some of them. In the end I left the kids' section with a pair of cobalt blue pants that made me felt in love at the first sight.

Row #01: People queuing before and after us
Row #02: Our first two pics after entering the store
Row #03: Ladies second floor & Boys' section
Row #04: Girls' section & Ladies ground floor

Their accessories are affordable and to-die-for

Nor and I made our very last tour before we decided to pay our stuff. I tried my luck again asking about the printed blouse but sad to know that it was actually sold out. Last night, I have read somewhere that it was already sold out during the VIP opening night and Nor said, she did not see the blouse on the mannequin anymore when she visited the store again yesterday to replace her purchase. Boohoohoo...

Oh by the way, H&M believes in this principe where customers should not stay long in the line so they have 30-days return policy. Some useful tips I learnt through experience and reading:

- Just grab whatever item you like in the store and exchange size or seek for refund within 30 days provided that it is in unworn and unwash condition with original receipt (except earrings, underwear & swimwear).

- Items worn on a mannequin should be available somewhere near the mannequin itself (not at the upper floor, of course :-P). This was informed by one helpful SA when I was trying my luck for the second time.

- New stocks arrive every week and in fact, not everything you see online are available now. Sports trousers I wanted to buy for hubby will arrive later, according to them but their makeup range will still be unavailable here.

- Queue to fitting room is long. Plan your outfit prior to visit so you could test items outside fitting room which explains my outfit that day. I wore tee and cardie so it was easy for me to try the blazers. Thought of wearing a skirt so it would be easy to try on pants but thinking about the long queue...nahhh, next time.

- You can make your shopping list, do budget or feast your eyes by browsing the products at H&M website.

The queue was still long after we left the store.

So, what's inside my shopping bag?
Nothing much actually. Only 5 plain coloured items (am I boring or what?) but it's okayyy, they give me reason to pay the store another visit next week ;-)

p/s: Surprised to find 2 small pouches with bangles inside the paperbag. They really know how to appreciate the early birds eh and H&M is definitely my new favourite store!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

:: live from h&m kuala lumpur ::

It was a cold Saturday morning. While many KLites (and my hubby) still enjoying their sleep at home I'm somewhere else with my bff aka. partner-in-crime, Nor and we are here in the heart of KL...

...queueing for the grand opening of first H&M in Malaysia
(the thing you have to do when you're not a socialite, members of media, famous fashion bloggers, etc...pffttt!)

We arrived few minutes after 9:00am but the line was already loooooong. Rumours said the first in line was here since 7:00am yesterday (what?!) so we obviously couldn't compete that. Anyway H&M already anticipated this craze and I really respect their professionalism in handling the crowd. Each of us here received H&M umbrella and H&M mineral water; and those who arrived early (including us) were given packed breakfast. Cool eh?

The store will open at 11:00am and it's an hour away from now. You might think we're crazy but guess what we've been crazier than this before. Years ago I once queued for Anya Hindmarch I'm Not a Plastic Bag in KLCC since 6 something in the morning. That was the most insane moment in my life cuz after 6 hours I returned home only with free AH notepads...gahhh! But it's ok it won't happen here cuz I will surely leave the store with something. In fact I have prepared shopping lists and let's see whether these items will be available in my shopping bags later :-D

There's something for everybody in the family

Ok peeps I guess that's it for now. Will blog again later on our accomplishment. Last but not least, thanks to hubby (and babyAdy) for your support and thanks to Nor for the wonderful packed breakfast. Till we meet again...toodles!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

tutorial: rainbow bling2 bib necklace

Since becoming a mother, leisure time is very precious and I always argue with myself on how I should spend it (yes, I'm almost similar to the Grinch who schedule time with himself) but in the end I will sit on the couch or inside my playroom producing something with the help of scissors and UHU glue. I just love making accessories because it gives me satisfaction and honestly, wearing something you made by your own; no matter how weird it is feels different and greater than wearing something you purchased.

The other day we went to this store named Mr. DIY in Summit USJ. I tell you, that shop is awesome because it sells everything from hardware, kitchen stuff, stationeries, gifts, plasticware and you name it all at cheaper price. While looking around, I found a section for handphone accessories and a light bulb shining on my head because that is how I got the idea for the project that I am sharing with you guys today.

- colourful {and cheap} bib necklace tutorial -


What I used:
- Black felt cloth
- Colourful crystal stickers (bought from Mr. DIY at RM3.30 per pack) 
- Black ribbon
- UHU glue
- Scissors

1. Fold the felt cloth into two.
2. Cut to make a crescent shape as in photo.
3. Stick the crystals and glue ribbons at both top joins.

- Ease your mind and arrange the crystals freely.
- Arrange the crystals first and snap a photo for reference before you stick them permanently.
- Instead of using glue, sew the ribbons to keep it long lasting.

Can you believe how easy it is? Can be done in less than an hour and not only that, the entire thing costs less than RM7.50! To be honest, this has become my favourite bib necklace for now *happy face*.

*keywords: bib necklace tutorial, bib necklace diy, handmade accessories, diy accessories

Monday, September 17, 2012

:: poplook & jovian rtw aidiladha ::

In my opinion, winner for fashion designer affordable ready to wear campaign for Aidilfitri 2012 should go to no other than Jovian Mandagie. The craze was endless and after such success he continues to create another buzz by introducing his RTW for the upcoming Aidiladha. What I like about Jovian's creation is in how he reflects feminity and combined it with modern contemporary design; and now for the consecutive time you can own your first or next pieces of Jovian's masterpieces by making an advance order via at exactly 10:00 am today. For those who are reading this entry before 10:00 am, do set your alarm now because I strongly believed the competition is going to be tough. In the meantime, please take a look at the selections below, feast your eyes and make up your mind. 10 designs to choose from. Price range between RM360 - RM400. You can also view the catalog on the official Jovian RTW site.

Rambang mata tak???!!! O-O

Personally I would choose either:
(from left top row) No. 1 & No. 5
(from left down row) No. 2 & No. 3
How about you? Tell me your preference ya ;-)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

:: ceritera raya ::


First and foremost, I hope it is not too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin to all muslim readers although today is the last day of Syawal. Hope everybody had a great time with family and friends; and also enjoyed the food galore through out the month. It has been weeks and I have been trying to post this entry almost everyday but I just couldn't make it because my life was very occupied lately. Hopefully I can make it this time and eventually write again for this pinky blog. Oh my, time flies really fast because it is already the end of Syawal and yet I haven't share anything about Hari Raya *gasp*. Please forgive me for being such an outdated blogger; so in this post I shall write everything about my Raya celebration since day 1 till today hence expect a long post full of writing and piccas.

Like previous years we spent our first day of Syawal at my home town in Seremban. We have a small family so first Syawal means a lot because that is when everybody gathers around at my grand parents' house which is approximately 20 minutes drive from home. It was a joyous session and I was happy to meet my relatives that day because I only see some of them once a year. Besides gathering at my grand parents' we usually visited other relatives who live in the same kampung but this year we did not go anywhere else. My parents travelled in another car so they continued the tradition while we returned to Seremban and visited hubby's auntie, who served the best soto everrr!

From observation, purple is the most chosen colour for Raya 2012

I have to admit we did not shoot a lot of photos this year and too bad, not even a single family photo with my own parents...gahhh! I also realised there is no photos on food too except a pic of my oreo non-baked cheese cake and even worst, the Instax was left in USJ. Dunno what had happened to me but I promise I shall shoot more photos during Aidiladha later.

We went back to hubby's home town in Sik, Kedah on the second day of Raya and for the first time ever, we had to face sluggish traffic on the way up North. We normally faced massive jam on the way back to KL but it was the other way round this year and caused us 9 hours on the road. Cars got stuck inside all major R&Rs because there were too many people so we had to exit at a toll, stopped at PLUS office for toilet visit and entered the toll again to continue the journey. We had our dinner at Nando's Auto City Penang because nothing good left when we stopped at R&R Sungai Perak. By the way, Auto City which can be seen at left side of the highway going up North is such a happening place because it has varieties of restaurants and also bazaar style area called Shop In D Park where people can shop at night at more than 100 shops. Wish we could have one place like that in Klang Valley because the surrounding looks more comfortable than the Uptown bazaars.

Nothing much happened on the next day except visiting relatives. We stayed at hubby's late grand parents house, a huge wooden kampung style (not gangnam style) house and the best thing about staying there is the cold, minty water. Honestly, the water was damn cold but totally refreshing. It makes you feel hesitated at first but once you splash it over your body, you will want more and more... brrr! On the fourth Raya, everybody who came from KL travelled to Perlis for a Raya visit at one of hubby's auntie. We had lunch; spent almost half a day there before returned to Sik and dropped by at this mamak place named Sickenter. It has been our routine to have meal at Sickenter when we return to Sik because hubby loves their special, tasty mee goreng and as for me, I always go for their roti canai

babyAdy enjoying himself

On Thursday, we started our journey back to KL around 4 pm. It has been a tradition for us to stop by at Ipoh on the way back to KL every year so for another year we visited hubby's ex-roomate (Halid and his wife Balqis) and also my BFF (Nor) at her hometown. Ady was very happy because at Halid & Balqis's he enjoyed playing with their daughter Hannah and when we visited Nor, he enjoyed playing with Alvin, Nor's big white kitty. Thank you for entertaining us, friends and hopefully we can still continue the tradition next year. We reached home at 1:30 am and spent rest of the week in USJ before going back to work on Monday. 
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