Sunday, October 10, 2010

:: Welcome ::

Irasshaimase (or welcome) to my new blog home.

After 7 years with blogdrive, I've decided to pack things and move here instead. I really really love phatgurl.blogdrive but blogdrive has many limitations in terms of customisation and that is the main concrete reason for this move. Sorry blogdrive, despite all those years I have to turn my back on you this time. It has been a pleasant ride and thank you for everything.

Basically this blog is a continuation to what I had before (and it's still pink!) I'll try to make it more interesting though and try to write more often too. I do love writing you know, but time usually surpassed me. Will try my best to keep the journals and do wish me luck on that. To all readers out there, thank you for your continuous support and look forward to having more support from you guys. Don't forget to follow me and leave your comments. Keep on reading and visiting key :-)

At this opportunity I would love to thank for the tutorial on how to change font for post titles and inspiring me with cute scrapbook designs. Special thanks also goes to for the extras and the header. I'm dying to design my own header but in the meantime I just use that header instead.

That's all for my first entry and happy 10.10.10.


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