Thursday, November 25, 2010

:: all about kiki ::

We’re quite worried about KiKi. She is quiet these days, doesn’t eat much and keep taking naps. She doesn’t want to play game as much as before and even if she did, she stopped after a while and sat quietly. She has gone through a hard time in the past few weeks, first with fever then de-worming and then on heat. We don’t know whether she still feeling unwell or maybe her behavior is affected by the heat cycle that made her more “mature”.  We thought she is getting tired eating IAMS kibbles but she still didn’t eat much even when we served her boiled chicken – one of her irresistible meal. She has become slimmer and that is worrying us more. We really hope she is going through a normal process in order to become an adult cat, because as for now she must have been around 8 months old.
Nowadays KiKi loves looking out of the window. She has her own daily routine starting with waking up in the morning together with me on working days. She sits at the window pane, behind the curtain looking at the scenery while I’m having shower and once I come out of the toilet she jumps down the window and nuzzles her body around my legs. As I am preparing myself, I will open the bedroom door so KiKi could go out and have a drink. There’s water for her inside the room but she still like the one on the staircase better. While I continue preparing myself she just sits either on the kitchen door mat, on the microwave, under dining table or behind the TV but she will follow me to wardrobe room if I’m ironing. Once I’m done, I will call her out or carry her to the bedroom again and she will wait for me at the window pane so I will wave at her before leaving for work… and this happens almost every single morning. So sweet, ain’t it? Hehe.
In the evening KiKi sometimes sits at the window pane as if she’s waiting for me and I definitely feel awe when she does that. She stays in the bedroom with me at night when I'm ready for bed but she usually waits for me to sleep before makes her way and curls in her comfy pink bed. KiKi is indeed a smart kitty. She understands the word "come" so everytime we say that word to her she'll wake up and follow us. Besides her daily routine, she also has her own nap time which is from 1:00 / 2:00 pm until 5:00 / 6:00 pm and I notice this everytime we stay together in the house during weekends. On the other hand, her toilet routine is once during the day and once during the night. She mieouws and waits in front of the door to signal us "it's time" so we can take her in.
We're blessed to have KiKi as our cat and believed it has been destined. We really love her so much and we really hope she is happy living with us...

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