Thursday, November 11, 2010

:: bib necklace diy ::

Bib necklace was huge in fashion last year and craze for the embellished accessory never fades till today. Varieties of them are still selling in stores and some come with whoopping price tag too. During my last visit to The Curve flea market some time ago, price for a bib necklace started at RM50 and above. I have always love bling bling stuff and bib necklace is always top in my most wanted list but the price kept me away from buying one. I like accessories but I rarely wear them and with its significant look, it can't be worn often because it will be too obviously seen... so it's not worth the investment. 

After several observations and studies, I found that making bib necklace is not that hard. Intended to make one for quite some time but the urgency came few days before we left for Melbourne. I normally plan what to wear during vacation few days before departure. Decided to travel light, I've chosen few plain tees to be mixed and matched with my cardigan or a long-sleeve inner shirt. I bought nearly 10 different colours plain tees in London last June because they are flexible and can easily be matched with cardies / jackets / accessories so I thought wearing a bib necklace with one of them can easily transform the plain tee from nothing to something. To cut the story short, this is how it looks:

I made that bib necklace during office lunch time. Quick and easy... here's how you can make one:

  • Felt cloth (can be bought from craft / sewing store)
  • Satin ribbon
  • Chunky beads
  • UHU glue / hot glue
  • Scissors 

  1. Planned shape and arrangement of your beads on the felt cloth.
  2. Stick the beads on the cloth accordingly.
  3. Cut according to the overall shape.
  4. Stick satin ribbon to each side of the cloth and you're done!
Extra note:
- The above is a shortcut way to make a bib necklace because by right, you should sew the beads one by one. It actually depends on what type of embellishment used because you can't use glue for small japanese beads.

- Other options for embellishment include sequins, buttons, ribbon flowers, plastic flowers, etc. Just google for inspirations.

- I used black cloth and matching black ribbon, but you can also use different colours for the cloth and ribbon.

- My handmade bib necklace costs less than RM10~! :-D

Happy trying peeps...!!!

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Ayda said...

Omg! That's awesome! Can I order one from you? :)

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