Sunday, November 7, 2010

:: kiki's secret code ::


In case you're wondering what lies beneath the secret code, let me tell you I don't have any idea either because it is KiKi's. I intended to write a new post and as I opened the New Post tab she suddenly got up from her pink fluffy bed and stepped on this notebook's keyboard. I carried her away for three more times but she kept coming and "typing". 

Seriously, KiKi has a thing for gadgets. Before this she liked sleeping beside our wireless keyboard on the couch. She sometimes licked the edges before going to sleep or even put her hands on the keyboard while asleep. As can be seen in one of my previous post the other day, she even slept on my external hardisk. This is also not her first time typing on my notebook but this time she typed in a fresh New Post writing area so I guess I should just post it out. Now, should we consider her a new blogger in town? :-)

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