Monday, November 1, 2010

:: when u love your cat ... (part 2) :: will want to share your happiness with her.

After visiting the doctor, we went to Sherithans Pet SS19 which is in the same row with the clinic to buy KiKi's food. A friend recommended us that shop because they offer good price and ever since that I've become their regular customer. I usually went there alone after office but since Bee is with me today we took a look at their selection of toys. Later, we came out of the shop with 2lb IAMS for kitten (RM27), scratching post (RM33.10) and a cute, comfy baby pink bed (RM61.20) for our beloved lil' sweetheart. She got enough DIY toys already... time for the real thing.

I know we kinda spoilt her a bit, but she's just plain adorable. Like just now, she even accompanied me doing my things on the netbook while asleep. She's such a cutie...  

showing her love towards my external hardisk :-)

We will always love you KiKi...~!!! 

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