Monday, December 13, 2010

:: expand waistline with flexi belt ::

Can't fit into your favourite pants, jeans or skirts anymore? Fret not cuz flexi belt will come to the rescue :-D

I did mention about purchasing Carriwell organic cotton flexi belt at Mothercare during visit to KLCC last week. I've read in a blog years ago about such invention and luckily it's still remembered till today. I was excited about it because due to growing tummy I have started feeling uncomfortable wearing some pants and jeans, especially to office. I usually skip fastening the top button and sometimes zipped it only halfway, but I have to always ensure there is no bulge underneath my shirt. At this point of time, I don't intend to splurge on maternity wear and will try to minimize any purchase if possible. I won't have much problem with tops because I have quite a number of large shirts and baju kurung in my wardrobe, but we can't force ourselves into tight pants so buying the flexi belt is considered as one good investment.

There were two flexi belt brands selling at Mothercare. I chose Carriwell simply because it was cheaper than the other one.
The other brand was selling at RM89.90  if not mistaken while Carriwell was priced at RM59.90 and they were both on 10% discounts. Although they offer the same convenience, the other brand has 2 elastic belts though, one longer than another. Yet, Carriwell has only one but with adjustable nickle free belt that can be lengthened or shortened, so it is still flexible. Both came with 3 pieces of fabrics (black, navy blue and cream) to cover open zipper area, but if we can still zip the pants, there is no need to use the fabrics yet. 

Some may be wondering how does the flexi belt works so here is an example:
There are 2 buttons at one end and a button hole at another end so just hook them accordingly. If you want to leave the zipper area opened, just insert the belt into the fabric before fastening them so people couldn't see what's behind there. Such an easy peasy thingy, rite?

To conclude, I'm very satisfied with the purchase and I highly recommend it not only for mommy-to-be, but also anyone who has a lot of pants, jeans or skirts that can't be worn due to "fabric shrinking" (seluar yang dah kecik... bukan sebab pinggang dah membesar... ihiks). Last but not least, kindly visit here if you want to learn more on this flexi belt and other Carriwell products. Cheers!


efaifi said...

the long awaited entry, very useful, thanx babe!

phatgurl said...

no probs =) mwah!

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