Friday, December 17, 2010

:: selera orang sakit ::

Hi, I'm still at home. Last night my sickness was worsened. My body was aching and my throat was very painful until I had to ask Bee making hot tea at 2:00 am to 'kill' the germs. I was sleeping in the bedroom at first but then decided to sleep on the couch so for two nights in a row everybody was "camping" in the living room again. Alhamdulillah, I felt a lot better today and my body has started sweating, which is a good sign of recovering. Thought of going to the office at noon. I was ready in dress and jeans but then changed my decision because office hour ends at 5:00 pm today - it's not worth to go for only 3 hours so here I'm chillin' at home in front of this lappy... lalala.

Didn't eat much yesterday due to sore throat, but I'm feeling like eating something good today. Right now I have Nando's 1/4 chicken with 2 side dishes in my mind and I'm craving to taste their soury garlic sauce... yummeyh! Fyi, I have only eaten Nando's 3 times in my whole life. The first time was many years ago at One Utama with Rynn; the second time was also at One Utama early this year with Mr.Hubby and the third one was with Fila in Mid Valley two weekends ago. The first two experiences were poor because I found Nando's chicken was way too small and couldn't fulfill my large appetite. I always label their food "tidak mengenyangkan" so everytime someone suggested to eat there, I just said no because "tidak mengenyangkan". Apparently the last visit with Fila changed my opinion as I was very, very satisfied. 
Pinggan inilah yang telah mengubah segala persepsi

The whole serving was huge and I really enjoyed it with almost quarter bottle of garlic sauce. Don't know lah whether Nando's One Utama offered smaller chicken than Mid Valley or my appetite is decreasing. Whatever it is, I really felt in love with the garlic sauce! I've asked Fila what sauce do they provide for delivery and it is not garlic. This means I really have to go and eat at any of their outlets instead. Hrmm ni yang terasa nak gi Sunway Pyramid or Subang Parade nak makan Nando's ni... hukhukhuk.

I guess this is it for today. Perut pun sangat lapo dah ni. Nak tunggu dapat makan Nando's macam berjanggut je so kita makan Maggi Asam Laksa dulu lah jawabnye ye... Happy weekend semua~!!!


hazera said...

that "someone" tu akulah kan..weks..ahaha

yes, glad you love it! but babe, bear in mind sometimes ayam die mmg kecik pon..ahaks..but that saucy garlic sauce mmg mengancam! aku mintak xtra hot peri2 and then letak garlic sauce bebnyak!!!! mmg best lah!

now, you make me crave too! :p

phatgurl said...

so was it just my luck then? perhaps nando's knew i've been complaining about their small chicken so that time they gave me a big one instead so i could crave for it... licik sunggu strategi mereka ye! ok mari cuba lagi mkn kat mv next time. yang pasti aku nak X one utama punya. muahaha.

efaifi said...

babe, u know i will only offer u a good deal kan ;)

phatgurl said...

that's why... sibaik dah berjaya makan sabtu haritu kalo tak sampai harini mulut aku berair je teringatkan garlic sauce yg masam2 pedas tu... yummeyhhh!!!

so what's the next good deal? (*grins)

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