Sunday, January 2, 2011

:: cuteness ::

Look who's wearing a new tee:

KiKi got her first top from Pets Lover Centre Ikano. It was our first visit there and we were so impressed. There were lots of pretty items for pets from costumes, shoes and even strollers. I was so attracted with various costumes available. There were tees, dresses, gowns, elvis presley suit and even cheongsams. We bought KiKi that pink stripes top because of the colour and also because it came in smallest size. Most others were in larger size for dogs and maybe many cat owners have bought the small ones for their kitties. It fits her well and automatically transforms her look. KiKi instantly look girlish in it and we were speechless everytime watching her... total cuteness!

Other than that we also bought KiKi a harness and a leash, a comb and also a canned wet food as a treat. We planned to bring KiKi for a walk in the park this evening but not pretty sure about it yet because she got shocked when we tested the harness on her yesterday. Have to train her first and let her feel comfortable before taking the next step. Above all, we were satisfied with our purchase and will definitely visit Pets Lover Centre again next time as it's far more better than Pet's Wonderland. With that purchase, Bee also got himself a free membership and we instantly got 5% discount yesterday - at least something than nothing. 

Pets Lover Centre outlets are available in Ikano Power Centre, Sunway Pyramid, Mines Shopping Fair, Bangsar Shopping Centre, SS Two Mall and Jusco Kepong.


Juz Call Me Sharz said...

comelnyer!!!! =D

phatgurl said...

thanks Sharz! belilah utk miau miau Sharz jugaks... ;-)

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