Monday, February 28, 2011

:: shopping sunday ::

It's already past midnight. Tired yet satisifed with my haul, I can now sleep with a smiling face. Well half smiling maybe, because my third attempt in searching for my trademark scent is still to no avail. I'm getting worried now. Maybe Escada has decided to stop producing Sentiment, the scent that has been lingering my body for almost 9 years. Last year they have stopped producing Sentiment for men and Bee was devastated by it. So am I going to be the next devastating person? Huhuhu...

Ok, let's make this quick. After hours of walking, searching, starving, buying and dining we came back with a number of purchases for ourselves. Bee managed to complete his shopping list with a pair of stylo Nike sneakers in orange + black and two t-shirts while yours truly managed getting what she wanted:

three new tops


a pair of lacey + satiny peep toe flats
(it's so ME... hihi)

The white shirt was from Kitschen while the other two blouses were from Miki Maternity and those flats were purchased from a shop named Summit. I'm happy that my earlier 'tiny winy' wish was granted~!

--> If you're pregnant, I would recommend you to purchase maternity wear from Miki Maternity in any Padini Concept Store because they offer pretty and affordable clothes that are suitable for casual and officewear. Padini Group is currently giving RM30 rebate for RM150 purchases so it's a pretty good deal. Each of my blouse was priced at RM99 but it was discounted to RM84 each with that rebate. From my observation, I may still able to wear those blouses after pregnancy so it can be considered as good investment.

So far, Miki Maternity is the best choice compared to other maternity shops like V-Mum Concept Store (only selling sleeveless / short sleeve blouses and price ridiculously starts at RM120 and above), Modernmum and several others which names I couldn't remember (too matured / gaudy and also expensive). The downside is Miki only has limited designs so there are slight chances that you're going to stumble upon another preggy lady who's wearing similar top as yours. Errr, hopefully it won't happen to me though.

--> If you're not pregnant and searching for shoes, I would recommend you to check out that Summit shoe shop (One Utama old wing, next to Vincci) because they're selling a lot of beautiful and trendy shoes especially high heels. Previously, I had hard time searching for pointed high heels and that shop just now got varieties of them that suit my taste. Not only that, they also have pretty ballerina flats that caught my eyes beside the one that I bought for only RM39.90. Seriously, I'm so gonna visit that shop in the next 6 months.

Wokey, the shopaholic spirit is back inside me and next on the list would be long cardigans in bold colours. Maybe I'm back for another shopping spree next weekend but till then, good night and sweet dreams. zZzZz.


qistory said...

Miki Maternity takde kat Padini Concept Store Ipoh...wuwuwuwuu...kuciwawawa....

phatgurl said...

Loerr ye ke...tu maksudnya kena turun kl utk shopping tu... (sambil bgaya dgn beg kete kuda baru). hehe

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