Saturday, February 26, 2011

:: tribute to my heels ::

Yesterday I officially put my black wedges (the one purposely bought to be worn during pregnancy) to rest, well at least for another 6 months...

It was a new arrival item sold at RM75 and bought on New Year at Padini Concept Store, Ikano. I love bow and satin made shoe so it was the perfect one for me, comfortable enough to be worn to office everyday despite its 3" high and the fact that I'm carrying a big belly. Finally, at week 22 I've decided to keep this wedges and other heels to rest in the shoe cabinet or shoe racks and starts wearing flat shoes to office everyday. Started it by wearing a pair of Lewre white loafer to office yesterday and planning to do shoe shopping tomorrow.

Since we're talking about shoes, which is among my favourite collectable items I've decided to make this post a special tribute to my heels, since I haven't worn most of them for quite a long time. These are no Louboutin's nor Jimmy Choo's but I still treasure them. Personally, I don't look at brands when buying shoes because the most important aspect that I looked for is the design and I'll grab them as long as they're pretty in my feet. So now I'm presenting you my 5 favourite heels.....

1. Vincci's Black & Brown Bow Peep Toe Heels
This is among my most favourite and most frequently worn heels. It is made of satin and very comfortable. The fabric, the bow, the gold lining made it look classy and pretty so I had received a lot of compliments when wearing either one of them. Bought these heels in Pavilion at half price (less than RM50 each) many years ago, but until today I still regret for not buying other 2 colours which are fuschia and electric blue. Although both of them are now in poor condition I still keep 'em on the shoe rack because they're really loved. Wish I could wear them forever.

2. Blay's Red Gladiator Heels
This is love at first sight - the hottest and sexiest pair of shoes that automatically boost up my confidence level everytime wearing them. Didn't buy it straight away although I really liked it because the price exceeded my budget. After few weeks and after visiting Blay Sunway Pyramid outlet few times trying the same shoe I finally follow my heart and grabbed it. The thin heels are 3" high but I tell you, they're comfy because the straps are made of elastic bands that grab my feet accordingly. I have only worn them less than 5 times, so I'm hoping to make a 'comeback' in these heels later this year :-)

 3. Carlo Rino's Baby Pink Strappy Heels
This is a shweeet looking heels in my most favourite colour. The tiny buckled straps and the glossy candy-like material made me love 'em even more. This is another comfortable heels that enable me to walk in my fast-paced speed without making my feet sore. Bought it at Alamanda Putrajaya some time last year and usually worn with matching pink attire. 

4. Charles & Keith's Black Patent Peep Toe Heels 
Bought this pair in MidValley on my birthday last year to match the Burberry handbag that Bee just bought me as birthday prezzie. The patent glossy material, those buckles and snake skin texture on the heels make them look sophisticated to me and perfect to be worn day and night. Charles & Keith made beautiful, up-to-date shoes but personally, I don't think most of them are actually comfortable. I've tested a lot different designs and this is one that I can bear wearing.

5. Twins' Silver Peep Toe Heels 
This was bought many years back in Isetan KLCC. Again, there's satin and bows which are among reasons why it was purchased. This glam silver coloured heels never fail to enhance my look especially when it's worn with black pants or long skirts. 

From what you've seen, you may notice that I'm into details especially bows and buckles. I also like bling-bling shoes, so patent leather-like material and satin are my favourites. Anyway, besides those 5 heels they're still few others that I treasure and love wearing... so here they are:

Top-left: Black Sequins Oxford Booties - Summit USJ
Top-right: Brown Gladiator Heels - given by my bff, Fila
Bottom-left: Navy Blue Gladiator Heels - Zara MidValley
Bottom-right: Shocking Pink Patent Quilt Pumps - VKI Jusco MidValley

Top: White Wedges - Vincci Queensbay Mall, Penang
Bottom: Purple & Black Lacey & Bow Heels - Lui Lui Isetan MidValley
Right: Black Pointed Boots - Mecca

I bought that black pointed knee high boots while performing Umrah in Mecca 5 years ago and only worn it once for few hours during TM Group Awards Nite 2009. I really, really like that boots because they're one of a kind, look glamorous and sexy but unfortunately dunno when and where I could wear it again. Any idea???

Writing this post makes me realize how much I love shoes and how much I love spending for them. Back in the days I could shop up to almost 10 pairs per year but nowadays, I sense that I'm losing the shopaholic in me because I rarely went shopping *sigh*. Missing the good ol' days... but on other note, I'm hoping and praying to be back in my heels after giving birth because in case you didn't know, pregnancy could enlarge one's feet to one or two size bigger. In the meantime those ballet flats, white loafer and sneakers would be my besties for the next few months. Adios!


Anonymous said...

If your weight didn't increase rapidly during pregnancy,then the chance to get your normal feet size is high (or you still manage to wear the same size the whole pregnancy period and after pregnancy period - like me).

phatgurl said...

So far so good...hope i can mantain it till d end. Missing all my babies (tops & high heels) already. Hukhuk.

Blogger said...

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