Friday, March 11, 2011

:: a boy or a girl? ::

I'm only following 15 peeps on Twitter and 4 of 'em are my best buds while the rest are famous personalities like the Kardashians, P.Diddy, Paris Hilton and others. 11 hours ago Kourtney Kardashian tweeted:

"Bath time with my favorite boy Mason Dash. We had park time today too. He lights up my days and nights."

Baby Mason is such a cute boy with a chubby, adorable face. To me he is the cutest among famous baby boys in Hollywood. Reading that tweet awed me as I imagine myself having that kind of 'time' with my child too. It'll be fun to have bath time and even strolling in the park (or a shopping mall) together...and best of all, having someone to talk to (although that is only possible after few years). Only 3 months to go, baby and we shall welcome you into this world. In the meantime, keep on playing and kicking inside there because you will have much bigger area to play and kick later.

p/s: consider this entry as a hint to our baby's gender. A boy or a girl. Wanna play the guessing game?


MistaZam said...

baby boy!! am i right? :D

phatgurl said...

10 bonus points for that... Blue rules yeah!

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