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:: the one about i-city ::

I have a lot to share and tell but I was either too tired or too occupied with something else to blog (most of the time I was too tired though). My unit just took over a big task from another unit and the handover was last Tuesday. Ever since that, I've been busy studying, trying to simplify any possible procedure to make things much easier. The thing is, I can only do the thinking part after office hour because there were too many requests to be entertained during office hour. So in the end I have to stayback until 8 something every night and reached home just to lie my head on the pillow before a new day starts.

I have been reading and listening to people's experiences on their visits to I-City Shah Alam since ages ago. Despite that, I still knew nothing about that place except it has lots of lights and also famous female ghost (just google 'hantu i-city' and you'll know what I meant). After living in the dark for the Earth Hour celebration two weekends ago I made my way to the I-City with my dear cat to visit hubby who was handling an ICT Carnival booth there. Seriously, if not because of that I'm not sure whether I'll be visiting that place after all. I just followed signboards available on the federal highway and when we reached, a number of cars were already queueing to enter since it was Saturday night. Parking fee is inclusive of entrance fee and it was RM10 per car. The car in front of ours had 7 people congested inside and I considered that as managing cost effectively... hehe.

Bee had to pick us up at the elevated parking building because I didn't know where to go. There were so many people that night and I was surprised to see the area had many shoplots and buildings because I previously thought it was just a huge open space. The ICT Carnival was even held in a covered area so we lepak at modernopc booth for a while before made our way to see the lights. The whole place had somekind of festival-like ambience. Besides crowd of visitors, there were reptiles show where we were allowed to take photos with a gigantic yellow snake (ular sawa) and other creatures, apart from donkey riding, glow in the dark show and booths selling lights and glow in the dark stuff. 

We reached the lights area and from what was seen, most people were just strolling around, taking photos. There were lights in the shape of trees, animals and many others which I couldn't be bothered much. What I had in my head was "how much do they pay for electricity in a month?". I felt inappropriate to be there because I just didn't know how to appreciate those static lights. Yet still, we did take several photos for memory's sake, especially that KiKi was with us too. I think KiKi might be the first cat visiting I-City as a visitor... hehe. 

It was kinda hard to take photo because there were too many people so after few snaps we just walked around to the other side. There was this gated area of lights with only few people inside and apparently there was entrance fee of RM2 per person to enter that small area... no wonder it was not congested. Anyhow, we could also convert the RM10 parking ticket to enter for 5 people and luckily I brought along that ticket in my bag so off we went inside. There were nothing much actually, just lights in the shape of cow, giraffe, orange tree and santa with his reindeer. Since there were only few people, it was easier to snap some more photos without being distracted or waiting for turns. We then went back to modernopc booth and just sat there until the carnival ended.
As I said earlier, if not because hubby was working there, we surely would not visit I-City. Yet, it was still worthwhile if you have nothing else to do or wanted to bring family members who came from outside Klang Valley for a visit. It can be a good place for an outing with friends and even a date with your gf or bf because there were so many people around you although it is dark. Most people who came must be those who live around the area too because there was this uncle who came with his family in his sarong or kain pelikat while his wife came in her one piece long night t-shirt. Feels like home, eh? 


On our way home that night we stopped by for supper at Aimar Char Kuay Teow in TTDI Jaya with the rest of modernopc team, inclusive my sis in law who was so helpful following his big brother. It was already near 2 am I think and there were only 5 plates of char kuay teow left for us to order. Apparently that restaurant is famous with its char kuay teow and it did taste good. The portion was a bit small though, but I just knew that char kuay teow is meant to be cooked in small portion. Still, there were options for kuay teow besar, kuay teow special and kuay teow besar special; and special means more prawns. We enjoyed our food and even KiKi enjoyed eating the prawns from inside her carrier bag... 
I highly recommend the restaurant and we did return for dinner last Thursday night. They also have satay and Thai food so we planned to try their Thai food perhaps in the next visit because according to the menu, a set for 2 which includes rice, siakap or bawal (seabass / pomfret), ayam or daging kunyit (chicken / beef fried with tumeric powder) and tomyam... errr I think there's tomyam in that set only cost RM25, which is considered reasonable. Well, at least we have another place to have dinner instead of the same ol' places like food court SS19. Previously we had gerai tomyam Sunway in the list but we have banned it because quality of food has became poor but the price is getting expensive. To Aimar Char Kuay Teow... please don't let us down ya :-D

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