Thursday, June 16, 2011

:: almost there ::

I wanted to share this news since 2 days ago but didn't have the opportunity to write because I was occupied with other errands. Now I have a lot to share in limited time because the big day is tomorrow. Yeap, we are only a day away from becoming parents. The wait is almost over and it's going to be a new beginning for another chapter of life.


Last Tuesday was my last prenatal checkup. It was scheduled in the evening and as usual I had to undergo the normal checkup procedure before meeting the doctor. Gained 1kg from the previous checkup but it didn't matter anymore because what matter the most was condition of the baby and the placenta. It was still the same as expected, hence it was confirmed that the baby need to be delivered through cesarean section. We had to set the date so we straight away told doctor we wanted it to be done on Friday, 17 June. There are two reasons why we chose that date. First because 17 is my birthdate and second because it falls on Friday. We were upset to know that operation theatre was full on that date. Doctor offered us Monday, 20 June but thankfully the operation theatre is also full that day and since hubby continuously insisted, she then booked the operation room according to our preference date (yeay~!). Doctor said I will be the last one and it might be done at night, around 10pm. To me being the last one is not a problem as long as it can still be done on the 17th and hopefully it is possible.

I will be admitted to ward at 12:15 pm tomorrow until my turn arrives and will be staying in the hospital for another 3-4 days. Not only that, I also need to fast starting from 9:00 am as a preparation for the operation. To be honest, I'm still cool about tomorrow. I never went through any sort of operation, minor or major through out my whole life so I don't know how to react and what to expect. Moreover I have expected this since early pregnancy because I was told by doctor that my placenta was low and that might also affect my calmness right now. Another thing about me is I never read anything about cesarean section procedure either from books or the Internet but only rely on stories from experienced close friends. Not only that, I also seek for tips and advices on recovering during confinement for c-section because the pain will last longer than giving normal birth. Some of my friends already undergone both normal and c-section so they will share the differences between the two. I found that different people have their own preferences. Some preffered normal birth but some preferred c-section, so I figured out it is up to me to make the judgement after I went through it. Don't know whether it is good or not but at least it doesn't make me feel nervous at all. Anyway, that is what I'm feeling right now, but not too sure whether I can still stay this calm tomorrow. Errrr.....?

I was on medical leave for a month but as usual, last minute preparation is a must. Went out having fun with my BFF yesterday and managed getting some items for baby and myself to complete the list. I was advised by some friends to get breast pads so I bought a box of Avent washable breast pads (pack of 6) instead of disposable one, because I felt it is more cost effective. I have searched for breast pump before, but some people told me no need to buy breast pump so early especially that I'm not going anywhere during confinement. Only few days ago I was again advised by experienced close friends that having a breast pump would be better to avoid wasting milk. Well, who else should I listen to so I got myself a manual breast pump from an ordinary brand, Anakku which only cost me RM69.90 before 10% discount. I just knew that there are affordable pumps available out there. All these while I have been comparing and contemplating whether to buy Medela or Ameda because most people only talked about those brands besides Avent, which is the most expensive. As we knew, established brands mean better product quality but if I got the chance, I will share on my experience using the Anakku pump. Who knows it is still similar to the high end brands but in cheaper price? :-> 

"all set and ready..."

Only few hours away and everything is ready. Feeding bottles and breast pump have been sterilised, baby crib is all set and baby bag is ready to go. Oh not forgetting, I have also bought Poleney's essence of black fish (pati ikan haruan Poleney) priced RM34++ at Mydin and Leesa Formula's black fish pills (pil ikan haruan Leesa Formula) priced RM45 at a jamu booth which can assist in healing. Well, at this point I should thank my old neighbour, Nana who has given me a lot of advices in these sort of things. Thank you so much for the tips babe! 

Hokeyh, I should stop here then. Will try to share some other thoughts and stories if time permits or else, don't know when I can start blogging again. Wish me luck and please pray for both of us, me and my baby ya. Hopefully everything will go silky smooth, insyaAllah. Till then, goodbye and good night!



NaddY said...

semoga semuanya berjalan lancar.
Baby dan ibunya sihat-sihat sahaja.

~YUN~ said...

yun doakan semuanya dipermudahkan and mummy sihat and selamat semuanya..nti dah deliver update k!take care mama! =)

phatgurl said...

Thanks Naddy... harapnya begitu juga ;-)

Thanks Yun. Dah deliver nanti memang harus update (kalo larat...hehe) Yun take care juga... your turn will be next! ;-)

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