Wednesday, June 1, 2011

:: week 36 = 9 months ::

Went for my Week 36 check-up at Hospital Putrajaya this afternoon. My appointment was scheduled at 2:00 pm but being fashionably late as always, we arrived at 2:30 pm instead. It didn't matter though because reason #1 - I'm under Full Paying Patient (FPP) program so I'm allowed to skip queue and reason #2 - No matter how sharp we arrived, we still have to wait for at least 30 to 45 minutes because consultation time varies between one patient and another. Last time we even waited for almost 2 hours because my gynae was helping her patient giving birth in the labour room. I am still cool with that condition though because from what I heard, waiting time at some private hospitals are even worse especially if your gynae is a famous specialist. You need to come very early in the morning just to take your number and you can return home or even go shopping before your turn arrives maybe in the afternoon or later in the evening. Comparing that to our waiting time and the price we paid, I'm definitely satisfied with the FPP (except their average customer service level laa... but it's government hospital so have to expect that lorr...hehe).

As usual I had to undergo the same process of measuring weight, blood pressure test and urine test before meeting the doctor. My weight decreased a bit from the last check-up so obviously I'm happy with that because it is (only) 10kg extra than my pre-pregnancy weight, which is normal according to result shown in this pregnancy weight gain calculator. If you're pregnant, go check it out because I personally feel it is very helpful for us, mommies-to-be as we could refer and monitor how much weight we should roughly gain every month by inserting our pre-pregnancy weight and height. Not only that, they also provide info on where does the pregnancy weight go such as 0.7 kg for placenta, 0.9 kg for amniotic fluid, 2.7 - 3.6 kg for baby, 0.5 - 0.9 kg for breast growth and so on. 

My baby is considered full term at the end of this week and since my placenta previa is still in type 1, I have to deliver my baby through c-section which could be done in Week 38; only 2 weeks away from today. Most people would want to deliver their babies normally and so do I but with this condition there is no option left. Despite that, alhamdulillah our baby is in healthy condition and he is already 2.5 kg. Doctor gave me another appointment date on 14 June and that should be my last pre-natal check-up. My medical leave is continued until that date and ironically that is the end of my 25 days medical leave. I will need to take my annual leave or starts my maternity leave after that so I plan to have the operation not very long after the last check-up. Hopefully it can be done on this particular date which I already have in mind ;-)

It's coming to an end. I thank Allah the almighty for giving me this wonderful experience and strongly believed more is yet to come especially after our lil guy is here with us later. I'm grateful for having a healthy pregnancy period and hopefully the next 2 weeks will pass by smoothly and easily, insyaallah. 

Baby, mama and papa couldn't wait to see you. Just hang in there for a little while dear... mwah mwah!


The Dreamer said...

we might hv been in the same building at the same time!
at around 2.30, baru je nak bergerak balik ke ofis selepas melawat member yg baru bersalin. she also had a c-sect.
all d'best yatoque! (heh, all d'other girls still call u that?)

Anonymous said...

Yatoque, omg how time flies! All the best dear. C-sect or normal delivery it doesn't matter as long as the lil boy is healthy. You will be a mother soon and I am sure you will enjoy it. ;) Have a good rest, sleep more coz later you will miss this lil luxury. Take care dear! xoxo

phatgurl said...

the dreamer: oh yes, we were in the same building yesterday cuma tak berselisih je kan? lama sangat tak jumpa birthdaymate ku ini... and yes, they still call me yatoque. not only that, some of my friends kat TM pun panggil nama tu jugak :-D

phatgurl said...

mrsD: yeap, the moment is yet to arrive. time flies really fast kan... ko pun dah keje dah. thanks so much for the earlier advices (dari hal2 susu dan lain2) and u take care too!

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