Monday, June 6, 2011

:: yeayyy menang! ::

The above was my FB status 6 days ago, sharing about the ChurpChurp MAD Deal of the Day. Noticed my p/s message? Honestly I was really interested on the postnatal maternity therapy (although I said just kidding there) and somehow on the next day thePinkStilettos kindheartedly decided to give that voucher as a giveaway to 2 lucky winners by telling her why we deserve to be pampered. 

As you may aware, last month was a tough month for me and I kept on receiving bad / sad news, one after another. I really wish on getting at least one good news no matter how big or small just to cheer me up, so I tried my luck and left her an honest reason why I deserve to be pampered:

Dear Iza,
"I deserve to be pampered with the Postnatal Maternity Therapy because I will give birth to my first child in next 2 weeks through c-section due to placenta previa. Being a woman, getting back to pre-pregnancy weight and shape is among my concern and it's pretty challenging to achieve that especially after operation. Since the said therapy could be done within 2 months after giving birth which also means before I'm back to work, having it would definitely help me mentally (to destress myself) and physically (by any chance, it could help flattening my tummy Laughing). I wish to make a major 'comeback' at work and you will always be remembered for contributing to it.

By the way, past month was a devastating month for me because my beloved cat was stolen, followed by several other bad news and incidence. I really wish for a good news to make me happy and winning something would be a great gift for this preggy lady Smile ."

I was out from the Internet world the whole day yesterday and when I checked my inbox at 3 something early this morning I found an email that immediately brighten up my face. I am one of the 2 winners for the spa voucher giveaway... weehooo...!

As mentioned earlier, any good news will do to cheer me up and so I did. Thank you so much Iza @ thePinkStilletos. You gave good vibe to my day and coincidentally today is our wedding anniversary too. It is indeed a great combo gift for my pregnancy and also wedding anniversary... Alhamdulillah, murah rezeki and may one good news leads to another, insyaallah. 

Couldn't wait to enjoy the therapy in next 2 months. To my skinny jeans, fitted working shirts, favourite high heels... " I'll be back! "


Pink Stilettos said...

yay! jgn lupa book awal2 k coz selalunya deal macam ni cepat jer fully-booked semua.

enjoy the spa session! :)

phatgurl said...

oh ye ke... hokeh, baby lahir je nanti terus buat booking! :-)

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