Tuesday, August 2, 2011

:: raya shopping ::

It's only the second day of Ramadhan and I'm talking about shopping for Raya? Yes, but it wasn't for me but for my 2 lil sisters. Every year my family do their Raya shopping in KL and this year it was a bit earlier than usual. They came last Sunday, a day before Ramadhan. My father, who is the only man in the family didn't join the trip so my mom and 2 sisters took the commuter instead. There are massive discounts everywhere nowadays but they went to Sogo because as many people know, Sogo has varieties of children's wear and it is one of the best place to go when they're having sale. Thought of joining them at first but due to several reasons we ended picking them up from Sogo and we all went to Mid Valley. It was Ady's second visit to a shopping mall after our outing to Empire Shopping Gallery 2 weeks ago. This time, it was a longer car ride rom home but fortunately he was quiet and seemed to enjoy the ride while resting in my arms although he was not asleep. We concluded that Ady loves movement and car ride. In these past few days I even had to carry him while walking around the house to put him to sleep or he will stay awake for hours although he has started feeling sleepy. Well, at least we knew he loves riding the car so worst case later, we just take him for a ride out to make him sleep ;-)

"I'm mum's little monster" 
(thanks to aunty Rynn for that pretty statement t-shirt from Mothercare)

It was already 6 something in the evening when we arrived Mid Valley. I didn't do any shopping at all. My sister Atiqah was searching for her Raya shoe and after almost 2 hours she finally found it at Royal Sporting House. Both hubby and I were starving because we didn't eat anything since morning and since my mother's birthday was on the next day (yesterday) we decided to eat at Chillis so we could surprise her with their birthday brownie. We were a bit disappointed knowing that the customised menu is promotional and already ended so we had to order the New York Strip and Monterey Chicken individually. My family has just eaten in Sogo earlier so we just ordered Triple Play so everybody could take a bite. We never bring any children to Chillis before but since my youngest sister, Adibah was around she got the "child eats for free" dish, which is only valid for kids aged 12 years and below. There were varieties of menu for kids which come with bottomless beverage. Adibah chose cheesy quesadillas and it tasted ok although there were only tortillas and mozarella cheese in between. The service was a bit poor at Chillis Mid Valley that day although the restaurant was not full. Our food arrived a bit longer than usual. Hubby ordered his steak in well done but had to return it because it was still a bit red inside and it also took quite long for it to return. We even waited for almost 10 minutes for the bill so it was not the kind of service we usually had. Anyway, we still managed giving my mother a surprise with the birthday brownie and servers singing birthday song for her. Happy birthday, Ibu. Thank you for everything and we love you a lot!

We then left Mid Valley at 10 something and sent my family back to Seremban, while Ady quietly sleeping in his carrier through out the entire journey until we safely arrived back in USJ. What a good boy. Ady, everybody loves you but mama and papa love you even more!

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