Thursday, September 22, 2011

:: redmummy ::

Don't get me wrong. I'm not talking about RedMummy the famous blogger but since I'm now a mother and I was wearing red, I deserve to be called RedMummy too right? :-P

Our department, Group Human Capital Management's hari raya celebration was held last Tuesday at TM Training Centre, Jalan Semarak. It was a close event for Human Capital's staff but those attended mostly donned in their best baju kurung, kebaya or baju melayu complete with sampin and songkok. I had hard time finding what to wear because I only have one raya dress that looks a tad too glamorous for a day event so I just wore that old red kebaya instead. Ok I know it was also a bit OTT to be worn from early morning but hey, it's Hari Raya... need to be extra pretty lor. Hehe.

I don't have much time to write about the event so I just let these pictures and short captions do the job.

Left to Right
* 1st Row:
- We were encouraged to bring something for gift exchange activity. That was what I bought and how I wrapped it.
- Overwhelming responds for gift exchange activity.
- The best sampin contest.

* 2nd Row:
- My tablemates: Nurul and En. Baharin.
- People were busy eating or queuing for food.
- Lovely chocolate cake & cheese cake... and a cute ladybird chocolate.

*3rd Row:
- Tapai pulut sedap!
- A colleague chose a yellow coloured giftbox to match his baju melayu.
- Me & Nurul with our selected prezzies. We participated in "highest high heels" contest and I won it, thanks to my red skyscraper heels. Choosing the perfect gift for myself was quite challenging because I didn't want to end up with food or beverages. Made an excellent choice and got a set of 3-in-1 plasticware :-D

*4th Row:
- Another pic with Nurul
- Ketupat weaving contest were mostly participated by the seniors...


ketawariang said...

i love ur heels! cantiknya....

phatgurl said...

@ketawariang: tq dear ;-) beli kat Blay.

DaZzlingLilLy said...

heels and butang/kerongsang? tu sangat cantik...

phatgurl said...

Lily: recycle apa yang ada dalam gerobok je...hehehe. anyway thanks!

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