Monday, October 17, 2011

:: cheeky boy ::

Ady Rifqi is 4-month 'young' today. Alhamdulillah, our little boy is growing healthily and when we sent him for his monthly jab 2 weeks ago he was already 7.1kg. So far Ady is excellent at stealing people's heart with his smile. He smiled generously to anyone who made eye contact at him and already knew how to laugh during playtime. In terms of other skills, Ady still couldn't turn his body to the side yet although he has already able to push up his back. According to studies made and reported in Babycentre, babies who sleep on their back had less advanced motor skills such as rolling, creeping and pushing up compared to babies who sleep on their stomach so this might be true because Ady sleeps on his back most of the time. When he was smaller we used to put Ady sleeping on his stomach because he slept longer in that position but stopped after reading that position is prone to causing SIDS death. Baby's development is different from one another anyway so we're still fine with it at the moment. According to Babycentre again, parents only need to worry if their baby couldn't turn until the age of 6-month. By the way, Babycentre is my main reference source in learning about baby's development ever since I was pregnant until today. I have to admit that I don't do much reading these days so I just rely on the internet to gain knowledge especially about babies. So far the information is beneficial and reliable, and I highly recommend it to any new mommies and mommies-to-be.

Anyway, Ady already goes to school (when speaking to him we refer his nursery as school) for a month now and everything is good so far. Hubby sends Ady every morning because he leaves the house a bit late and I fetch him in the evening right from office. Starting last week Ady seemed to know what time I would leave for work so he woke up just before 7:00am and asked for milk. One morning he even smiled when he felt asleep in my arms after breastfeeding (I tried giving him formula milk at first but he didn't want to drink it) and in fact, he was smiling in his sleep after I kissed him today. Cheeky boy! I was late everyday last week except Friday because he was still asleep when I left but later in the office hubby called informing me that Ady cried endlessly since 7:30am. He might be mad because he had overslept and didn't manage to catch me...haha.

The cheeky boy

I wish I could write longer but time envies me more. I had a long day in the office today and now that Ady is already asleep, I really need to move on because a number of chores are waiting to be done. Before I leave I just want to say that no word could describe how much we love our son and no word could also describe the joy of being a mother to our cute lil baby.

Ady Rifqi, Mama may have said this before but I still want you to know that Mama loves you so much!
Bee, I also love you so much!

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