Friday, November 11, 2011

:: 11.11.11 giveaway ::

11.11.11 - The most anticipated date has arrived. Many people got excited with such beautiful number and it is the most popular subject of the day. Radio DJs made it a topic for listeners, friends wrote it as Facebook's status, tweets and not forgetting those who made today a special occassion by getting married. Last year the most sought after date was 10.10.10. It was the date I chose to start blogging using Blogspot from after 7 loyal years with Blogdrive.

From 10.10.10 to 11.11.11, alhamdulillah this blog is still 'alive' with your continuous support as the reader. This calls for celebration and in conjunction with this special date I would like to do a giveaway. It is just for fun and what I can offer you as a gift is this:

Silkygirl Glitzy Chic set which contains a set of duo eyeshadow, a blusher, a lipgloss and a glitter eyeliner. I know it is not a high end brand but consider it as an emergency kit, perhaps for an impromptu date or last minute touch up?

Winning is so easy because the only thing that you have to do is leave a comment at this post that starts with the word 'I like ...' or you could even write in BM and starts with 'Saya suka ...'.

Just write about anything and one catchy comment will be chosen as the winner.

Contest ends on another beautiful date in this year: 20.11.2011.

Good Luck!

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suhaila said...

Saya suka cara awak menyampaikan kisah hidup...tampak jujur dan ikhlas untuk berkongsi pahit dan manis kehidupan ini. Kerana hidup kita di dunia bukan seorang, saya suka menjenguk blog awak sebagai "sokongan diri" dan meminjam inspirasi. Terima kasih dan salam 121111...semoga awak dan sekeluarga terus dirahmati olehNya.

Fiza Mastar said...

I like to eat chocolate because I'm a woman with many moods and they all require chocolates ;)

Penawar_Rindu said...

i like @ "saya suka"....mensoroti kehidupan rakan2 siber & menulis di blog empunya diri, walaupun tulisan digital ini kurang mantap tapi saya suka...bebas meluahkan inspirasi & cetusan hati serta bebas berkongsi intipati coretan hati....Tidak pinta disukai sekadar mengharap tidak dibenci...Peace!

hazera said...

saya suka blog-hopping :>

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