Wednesday, November 30, 2011

:: it's a girl thing ::

Can you guess what is inside the 'Rock n Roll' tin case?

Unless you have already seen it or got it from the same source as mine, does it crossed your mind that feminine towels or pads are inside?

I doubt it.

But look...

There are two pads inside because the tin case is actually a pad holder!

Many years ago, feminine towel was a taboo item in the local society. They were sold in boxes and wrapped in old newspapers during checkout because you wouldn't want to be seen carrying one in public. The norm has changed as years passed by. We could now see pad advertisements on television with top celebrities as brand ambassadors and thanks to chic, funky packaging, holding a pack of pads is not an embarassment anymore.

When I was staying in UK more than 10 years ago, I discovered something that was not available in Malaysia. That time our pads were packed in plain white individual packets whereas in UK, most of the brands have introduced colourful patterned individual packets. I found it cool and attractive, and wondered why haven't we got the same thing here in Malaysia? My question was finally answered last year when a new feminine towel brand, Libresse launched their product with colourful patterned individual packets. Hooray!

I have to admit that I was a loyal user to this one particular brand but after trying a set of Libresse free trial pack I got in Mid Valley during their roadshow last year, I have moved on. Not only they are slightly cheaper in price, Libresse offers similar protection as the other brand and with that colourful packaging, I have no other reason not to change. Another thing that keeps me buying the brand is also the freebies. (Their marketing strategies really influenced me, eh?)

They previously offered pad dispenser in their promo bag and this time it is the designer tin case, which can be used as a pad holder or a trinket box. There are 3 different designs (Rock n Roll, Power Suit and Streetstyle) and one free tin case is available in every promo bag of 2 x 12s Maxi Night Wings, 2 x 20s Maxi Non Wing or 2 x 16s Maxi Wing. I actually preferred the Power Suit design but it came with other pad types so I had no choice. Nevertheless, there will be more designs in December so I look forward to that. By the way, something else also came with the promo pack and that is:


 If you were growing up in the early 90's like me, you would recognise that. I loved playing with paperdolls and owned a full basket collection of them back then... and now Libresse brings back my childhood memories.
Get a pack of yours today!


Penawar_Rindu said...


Wa@Wawek@Siti ;) said...

teringin la pulak! ahaksss!

phatgurl said...

PenawarRindu: go get one!

Wawerk: Kat Oz konfem takde nih so kena kirim kat someone lah beb suruh belikan.

Anonymous said...

ada jual kat mana ni?

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