Friday, November 4, 2011

:: sporty spice ::

When I reached Manchester in winter of 1996, there was this huge billboard of an all girl group calling themselves the 'Spice Girls'. Few weeks later I learnt that Spice Girls is a sensational hit in Britain and their famous single, "Wannabe" was topped at all radio charts. I couldn't resist myself to become one of their fan too and between five of them, I liked Geri Halliwell because of her sexy body (there's nothing wrong with adoring another woman's body right? :-D). Geri was known as the Ginger Spice due to her auburn-coloured hair while rest of the group are the famous Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice, Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice, Mel. C aka Scary Spice and Mel. B aka Sporty Spice.

One day that I always look forward to in a week, excluding weekend is Friday. If not mistaken, our company introduced 'casual Friday' in 2008 and I have been wearing jeans almost every Friday to 'fully utilise' the freedom given. Lately I have been 'using' Friday to experiment with different looks and style. I have shared with you my colour blocking Friday and pastel Friday but I have also tried rock chic Friday, bling bling Friday and many others. This is literally related to Spice Girls because each of their nickname reflects their personality and style; and so does my casual Fridays.

Today, I came to office in something I have not worn for ages and something that I never worn on Friday... and they are:

My Sporty Spice look: Adidas sweatshirt, Guess cuff watch + Coach sneakers

I know, it is not 100% sporty but I'm not playing sports anyway. Believe it or not, I have received remarks from few colleagues about my sporty look. Even our VP noticed it and commented about my sweatshirt, saying "eh, cantikla baju you" (nice top)...hehe thanks Doc! 

That sweatshirt is from Adidas World Cup 2006 collection for Deutshcland or Germany. I started supporting Germany that year and it was not because of Michael Ballack but the team spirit that Germany players had. I also support Portugal and I admit it is more because of Cristiano Ronaldo but for Germany, it was different. During the World Cup that year I was involved with TM CSR project so I had to stay in Jeli, Kelantan for a week. My then boyfriend now my husband picked me up at the airport and surprised me with this sweatshirt that I'm wearing. I really like it because of the sentimental value and also the design so I rarely wear it to preserve its condition, especially that it is white in colour. This morning, after several years I felt like reminiscing those sweet memories and decided to wear it.

Due to age factor, I realised that I'm wearing more feminine dressing nowadays because back in the days sneakers defined my casual attire. I never wear sneakers on casual Friday because the actual dress code is smart casual and I prefer heels or pretty ballerina flats but I break that rule today. I bought that Coach sneakers in its KLCC boutique with Nor and I love it to bits.

So that's it and now I'm thinking whether I should replicate the next Spice Girls. Hrmmm... what should I be next? Ginger is definitely out of the way so should it be Posh, Baby or Scary?
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