Tuesday, December 13, 2011

:: apple of my eye ::

Ady was attacked by fever last week, his third so far. I have started feeling worried because he had fever every month since I started working, which also means since he started going to nursery. People around me said it is normal for babies to get fever. They called it 'growing fever' or fever due to transition of month (demam membesar / beralih bulan) and also maybe due to teething. I'm not very sure whether Ady is teething, but yeah maybe he is because he keeps playing his tongue and lips with his gum but I still could not see or feel any tooth yet. This is his worst fever so far because it came in combo with running nose and cough, which made him uncomfortable and cranky.

Watching my baby suffering with fever, blocked nose and cough broke my heart into tiny pieces. During its peak, I was so worried about his condition and wish I could absorb all those germs so he could be healthy again. Thank God, after 4 days he recovered from fever but is still left with light flu until today. I went through my office emailbox last Friday and found an email sent from an ex-colleague on how to reduce cough effectively. The email which also came with testimonials said rub Vicks on the feet then cover them with socks before going to sleep. I tried it on Ady since that night but got frustrated at first because he was still coughing. However on Sunday night I noticed he only coughed two times during sleep and tonight he is sleeping next to me safe and sound. Does that means it really worked or is it a coincidence? For those who are coughing, please try it then share whether it also worked on you because the email said it can be applied to babies, children and adults too. Hopefully it really works so all of us can benefit from the simple tips as it is a healthier choice if compared to taking drugs.

Anyway, Selangor was on public holiday yesterday in conjunction with Sultan's birthday so Ady's nursery was closed. I could not take leave because I was very busy in the office since last week processing December's salary. Please note that December's salary is always earlier than usual due to Christmas and for us in TM, pay day is on the 20th while for government servants, it falls on the 19th. I bet most government servants knew that because they anticipatedly waiting for their year end bonus and oh, congrats for the increment too (with a jealous tone). Ah let's forget about all those money talks. So since Ady's nursery was closed and I could not take leave, hubby then decided to stay with him at home. Only later in the evening hubby brought Ady to his shop, so he joined the big guys until I came and brought him home. Little that I knew, Ady had a good time at Papa's shop before I arrived. I saw these photos on hubby's FB page when I reached home and they made me happy because I knew our baby is healthy again. Alhamdulillah.

Ady Rifqi is definitely the apple of my eye.


The Dreamer said...

ady is very much like his papa except for his eyes like u...agaknyalah..chumel!

phatgurl said...

Yes, dia memang anak papa :-)

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