Monday, December 19, 2011

:: not-so-early morning innovation ::

We went back to hubby's hometown in Sik, Kedah for his cousin's wedding over the weekend. Started journey at 5 something on Saturday, arrived Sik near 10 pm, then started our journey back to KL at 9 pm yesterday and arrived home at 2 in the morning earlier today. Only one night in the North with 10 hours spent on the road, I have to say it is a bit tiring.

I was late to work so I decided to wear a top that requires less ironing or in worst situation, can still be worn without ironing and it was my printed satin Naf Naf shirt. That shirt needs to be worn with cufflinks and I was very confident that I have kept my cufflinks at its place but when I checked the casing, they were not there. Checked the dressing table's drawer and it was still the same - nada. I didn't have time to change to another shirt because I was already in complete attire. While looking inside the drawer I found something that saved me. Out of nowhere a 'lightbulb' popped out of my mind. Inserted the item through the slits and happy to find it worked well as a replacement to my lost cufflinks. Not only that, I also like how they suit my shirt.

Here, let me introduce you my not-so-early morning innovation.....

.....faux diamond baju melayu buttons as cufflinks.

A small little thing that saved the day ;-)

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DaZzlingLilLy said...

kreatifnya u..kalo i mst dah cari baju lain yg tak payah iron jugak..hehe

phatgurl said...

hehehe thanks Lily. I pulak malas dah nak pikir baju mana pulak nak dipakai so alhamdulillah tetiba otak ni geliga pulak pepagi :-D

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