Friday, December 2, 2011

:: pink overload ::

I have organised a briefing and demo session on new feature in our claim system for all company's secretaries in Klang Valley and it is happening today. Best part of it, the speaker of the session is no other than myself. I usually plan what I am going to wear to office on the next day the night earlier especially when I am having something important like meeting, get together, townhall session or any kind of event, but last night I was too tired so I felt asleep before I could decide what to be worn. Too bad, I didn't wake up as early as expected.

It was already 6 something. After taking shower and preparing Ady's stuff, I was left with only few minutes to decide and prepare myself because I had to rush to get a parking spot inside the building. Thank God it is Friday. At least I could turn to something that doesn't require much ironing so I just grabbed my favourite grey skinny pants and paired it with cardie, basic tee, striped shawl and heels. I was in a rush. I picked whatever crossed my mind so when I was driving and already calmed I just realised that I was overloaded in pink.

Pink shawl, pink cardie, pink tee, pink heels; not forgetting pink ipad casing and pink lanyard tag too. Although they are in different shades, they are still in the pink family. If being asked "what is my favourite colour?" people would not hesitate to answer it because the answer lies here:

Shawl: Bought in Mecca | Cropped cardie: ButtonMyButtons | Basic tee: Dorothy Perkins | Skinny pants: Giordano | Heels: Jaya Jusco

If you are allergic to pink, I have to say sorry for hurting you. Although as Steven Tyler sang 'pink is my obsession' I still thought it is a bit too much at first but I'm kind of like it now. Perhaps this can be considered as a tribute to my favourite colour. No? 

Well well well, on another note the morning demo session was a success. Almost 60 people came and few others will come later in the afternoon session. I haven't talk to a group of people for quite some time already. The last time was earlier this year when Rabby invited me as a guest speaker, talking about event management in front of her students. Frankly speaking, I have passion in teaching, presenting or giving talk about topics that I really like and good at. I like the idea of being a guest speaker or part time lecturer but not interested in being a full time teacher or trainer though. Anyway I used to be a master of ceremony or emcee for many events within and outside the company and actually like the role a lot but I have decided to slow down on that because of personal reasons. Hmph.

Before leaving, below are pics taken during the demo session just now.

One of my colleague said she could listen clearly to what I said although her cubicle is few metres away from the briefing area. Yes, I have a loud voice and thank you for the compliment.


DaZzlingLilLy said...

Owh bagusnya u minat dlm presentation ni..even I kena bg lecture pn tak suka,maybe bcoz it is my job so I tak suka..hehe..I suka ur pink shoes..I ada satu crop jacket mcm tu but in red..

phatgurl said...

Lily: as what i said, i'm only interested in being part time / guest speaker je sbb bila fulltime memang kita akan treat dia berbeza. i mmg minat cropped cardie / jacket especially yang ada puffed sleeves and detailing mcm buttons emas tu. i ada another one in cobalt blue tapi material lain. rasa nak beli jugak in red and yellow tapi poket dah kosong...huhuhu.

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