Tuesday, December 6, 2011

:: prosperity burger is back! ::

 McDonald's Beef Prosperity Burger  is back yaw!

I know many of you are cheering about this. Perhaps you couldn't even wait to set your feet to the nearest McD or even easier, make a call to 1300-13-1300 for McDelivery because prosperity burger is seasonal and only released during Chinese New Year. 

As usual, the mouthwatering burger is available in ala carte or in set that comes with Twister Fries and The Prosperity McFizz. 

Eventually the price is a tad expensive if compared to 2010 (have to expect that though because everything has increased these days) but for better deal, we can buy the Prosperity Meal during lunch time for RM10.95 from normal price of RM13.88. 

I still remember the excitement when I knew about its release last year and now it's back, means a year has passed by faster than I could imagine -_- What ever it is, a visit to McD for that hot scrumptious beefy thang is a must and I like the taste of that twister fries too. Now.....should we get it for our dinner tonight? Slrrrpppp...!

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DaZzlingLilLy said...

Sedappnya..tapi mcd jauh..kena tunggu weekend br leh gi sana

Balq15 said...

Sudah makan tengahari tadi...actually tak tau pun dah ada. Hihihi...

phatgurl said...

Lily: takleh calling calling je ke? Jauh sgt sampai mamat motor xleh hantar ek...kalo gtu kena tunggu weekend jerla. Penantian yg berbaloi... :-)

Balqis: selalunya gitulah kan...bila gi tengok "ek eh Prosperity dah ada balik?" tu lagi best actually sbb cam dpt surprise pastu segala mende yg kita plan nak beli terus poof hilang...tukar jadi set Prosperity. Hehehe.

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