Friday, January 13, 2012

:: year end shopping spree ::

After a rough week, I finally have a short "me-time" in the office.


It's lunch time anyway so it is not wrong to blog from my work station, right? Been very busy with life so I now have a lot of stories to share, yet too little time to do it. We had jam-packed weekends last month and I am planning to have a quiet weekend at home tomorrow because my body is extremely exhausted. A week before Christmas we went up North for a wedding, then our Christmas weekend was spent in the opposite route as we went down South for family vacation and last two weekends, our New Year weekend was spent in ward instead. What a month!

December passed by with a lot of memories... and a number of impromptu shopping spree too. I have love-hate relationship with December because there are so many irresistible promotions and sales everywhere. Probably I should take a break from spending and start saving from January till November so I could spend my savings all in one month with better bargains. As for now, I am officially broke. Only few RMs left until the next pay day -_- and before I start hating myself for being a big spender, here is list of items I have bought through out December. At least I can reread this entry over and over again to see how many new investments I have made for myself and for my loved ones.

A day before going to Singapore - Sunway Pyramid
- Short sleeve t-shirts for Ady (3 pieces)
- Ralph Lauren khakis short for Ady
- 3 tones shawl for myself (2 pieces)
- Dorothy Perkins black waist belt
- Mango Slim Fit jeans in faded black
- Casual belt for hubby
- Miss T water tumblers for my lil sis, Atiqah and Adibah

In Singapore - Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road

- Escada Desire Me EDP 75ml*
- SKII Facial Treatment Essence 30ml*
(*thanks to father-in-law for the pocket money)

Last week of December - Mid Valley

- Fisher Price toys for Ady (2 types - thanks to Nor for RM10 contribution)
- Diva Vintage Lace Necklace
- Diva 2 in a pack bow headbands
- Mango striped shirt
- Mango leather ankle boots for Nor's birthday prezzie
- Bonita leopard print ballet flats 
- Camel Active shirt for ibu
- 3 for RM10 accessories: headbands and hair clips
- MAC lipstick in Bombshell (free from back-to-MAC program) 

I really need to curb my spending habit but I already have few items in my 2012 wish list (damn!).

Goosfrabaaaa goosfrabaaaa...

...err okay lah, let's get back to work. Happy Friday peeps!


DaZzlingLilLy said...

leopard print ballet flat tu sgt cute...

phatgurl said...

I beli kat Bonita - 2 pairs for only RM69. My first leopard print item dan I sangat2 suka~! Terasa nak beli leopard print kaler kelabu pulak lepas ni...huhuhu. U gi la usha kat Bonita...banyak design cantik :-)

~YUN~ said...

besnya shopping!! =)

hazera said...

ehehe..beb! aku pon rasa aku pon ptt blog my spendings! :(

ok, takleh membeli dah!! simpan duit utk shopping year end..hehe

phatgurl said...

Yun : shopping memang best tapi akibat dari shopping berlebihan sangat tak best sebab $$ pun kurang. Huhuhu.

Nor : ye cik Nor, marilah kita menabung. Tapi camana dengan camera Instax (betul ke nama dia ni ntah) dan segala macam lagi barang yg telah tersenarai dlm wishlist tahun ni? Huahuahua.

eifa said...

hye nk tnyer laa..yg back to MAC program tu..u tukar aper yeh..wonder whether my eye cream pon bleh tukar ke tak..boley rasenyer kan..mean bleh mixed laa kan...

phatgurl said...

Dear Eifa, back to MAC program accept any normal size makeup. Kalau botol eye cream u normal size bolehla tukar & mix dgn benda lain mcm lipstick, lipglass, compact powder etc. Biasanya kat kotak dia pun ada tulis utk item yg boleh back to MAC :-)

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