Saturday, March 17, 2012

:: 9 months ::

This is the first ever pic of my baby when he was 12 weeks in my womb.

I carried him for 38 weeks before we welcomed him into this world on 17 June 2011.

It has been 9 months. Watching him growing is another wonderful experience for us and no word could describe how grateful we are for having such adorable sweetheart who cherish our life every single day. 

Haven't share his milestones for few months already but as at today, Ady could:

- Sits on his own without support. He now sits in baby high chair when we dine out.
- Crawls to move around. He is like a mini tanker, crawls over anything including us.
- Stands while holding onto something.
- Passes item from one hand to another and purposely drop and pick the item.
- Speaks in baby language.
- Make the "want" gesture by holding up his 2 hands if I offer to carry him.
- Knocks his palms continuously on the table.
- Eat a large size (4 scoops) of KFC's mashed potato and a piece of roti canai.
 Ady celebrating his 9 months anniversary wearing his first shades

p/s: Baby, we love you so much with all our heart.  


farhana shamsuddin said...

Comelnyer dia...

~YUN~ said...

pewitt!hensemnyaaa dgn shades tu!hhhheeeee

Balq15 said...

Iffat pun suka tepuk tangan atas meja...even atas lantai, ipad, bantal, tilam...emmm...almost everything la.

phatgurl said...

farhana: thank you~!

yun: kecik2 ni boleh lah paksarela kan pakai apa2. esok dah besar dah tau memilih tak boleh dah

balqis: itulah...suka benar menepuk sana sini. muka mama & papa pun kena tepuk!

Miss Wanie said...

baby ady damn cute n got style!~ hehehe

phatgurl said...

Hehehe thank you Wanie. Baby pun kena stylo gak :-)

Penawar_Rindu said...

so cute...happy 4 u.

hazera said...

I think you forget one to see eye to eye with you! which is sooooo kawaiiiiii!! Oh, auntyNor loves you babyAdy!

phatgurl said...

Penawar_Rindu: thank u dear ;-)

Hazera: yee betul betul...suka sangat tengok mama sampai cair mama dibuatnya. esok dah besar bisa mencairkan hati aweks2 dengan pandangan gitu. ahahaha.

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