Thursday, March 8, 2012

:: charles & keith warehouse sale ::

Today I took leave for the sake of this:

It's the first Charles & Keith Warehouse Sale and best of all, the venue is near to my house.

It was a wet morning and still drizzling when I arrived at the place, around 10:05 in the morning. Traffic was okay maybe because it was still early and instead of parking at the roadside, there were crews directing us to a parking space opposite the building. The event was held at the basement of Wisma GBA and those who came with big handbags had to place their bags inside sealed plastic bags before entering the sale area. 

For you info, the entire basement were actually full of shoes. They were everywhere on the tables and inside boxes and they were all placed according to price range of:
* RM19 - RM29
* RM39 - RM49
* RM59 - RM79
* 50% discount

Wide range of shoes were available from flats, heels, wedges, booties... just named it all and they all came in many colours (rambang mata dibuatnya). Samples were all stacks on the tables so just pick which ever you like and ask for size. There were only a number of assistants available at an area so it took a lot of time to get their attention to cater you. It took me almost 3 hours to leave the sale because most of my time was spent pushing into big crowds to view samples and waiting for the assistants to get my shoe size.

Besides shoes, they also sell accessories like belts, purses and handbags priced from RM9 and above but in limited choice. Handbags were still expensive because there was this particular denim chain bag priced at RM116 and a small studded sling bag was priced at RM89, which is unreasonable for warehouse sale. Other than that, nothing much to write about because if you normally go to warehouse sale, you will know how the ambience is but if you are interested to try your luck and 'join the fun', here are some tips:

1.) Wear comfy shoes and clothings because it is quite stuffy and crowded. You will be sweating.

2.) Bring your wallet, handphone, etc inside a clutch or pouch so you can move around easier. 

3.) No need to spend time at the accessory area at all. Wasting time. Just focus on shoes!

4.) If the shoe sample is in big size, smaller sizes are normally no longer available for that particular pattern. No need to waste time, just search for other models instead.

5.) Don't be shy to make friends. If you see someone holding a pattern you like, approach her so she can ask for two sizes from the assistant.

6.) They only accept shoes that come inside boxes during payment. Please do not leave your boxes around. Ask crews at the entrance for shopping bags. A woman who was queueing at the cashier with me was left with only a pair because she left the boxes.

7.) Be patient. Please note that this is a warehouse sale. If you can not deal with big crowd and anticipation, forget about going.

I know some people were dissatisfied with the organizer but for myself who normally go to warehouse sales, this sale is considered worth going because all shoes are inside boxes and in excellent condition, except last pair. The space was ample and there were numbers of payment counters available. The only setback is due to limited number of assistants. Some assistants were competents and able to search sizes for up to 5 designs but some can only cater a pair or two at a time so imagine how slow it is. Some assistants entertained people too personally which is good but since this is a warehouse sale, that took a lot of other people's time.

You can still make your decision whether to go or not to go because this sale will go on until this Sunday, 11 March 2012. I was contemplating last night but satisfied with my decision this morning because these are my haul for today:

Spent only RM88 for two Charles & Keith shoes. H-A-P-P-Y-!


Balq15 said...

I'm soooo jelly! Wuuuuu....

phatgurl said...

Balqis, meh datang kl over the weekend. It's worth going. Mama needs some rewards too -> say this to en.Halid. Hehe.

~YUN~ said...

besnyaa!my sis pergi semalam..kesian die kene siku dengan orng smpai terjatuh!hehehe!pity her..but at last she managed to get a pump only rm29.90

DaZzlingLilLy said...

i suka yg 2nd tu...mmg murah giler kan harga camni..

Unknown said...

i love that killer I wish I can join the warehouse sale too..*sigh*

phatgurl said...

Yun: memang best sangat rasa tak nak balik. Bila org makin ramai mmg berebut & bertolakan tapi berbaloi bila dapat good bargain cenggini.

Lilly: i actually mintak boot tu in black tapi yg brown je ada for my size. Beli jugakle sebab mmg murah sgt...hehehe

Haliq: wedges tu ada another one with blue stripes. Rasa nak amik dedua tapi mcm melampau plak. Wore it yesterday. Sgt comfy...! ;-)

miya said...

yg second 2 mmg cantek!! berbaloi sgt rm29..

phatgurl said...

Thank you miya. Memang happy sangat dapat good bargain macam ni. Weehooo :-D

LauraLeia said...

WOW! I'm not a fan of C&K style of footwear, but I have to admit that the 2 pairs you got are gorgeous! I wouldn't mind wearing those, haha.

phatgurl said...

Laura: Thank you so much~! :-)

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