Monday, March 12, 2012

:: glam bazaar ::

I had a not-very-productive-weekend. Not sure why but I was so sleepy on Saturday and Sunday... and it seems to continue until today. This is major Monday blues. My brain literally freeze since morning. Man, should I take supplements to boost my energy? I have a trail of to-do-list and it is very bad if I am stuck in this condition for days.

Anyway, let me share about this event called Glam Bazaar which I went with BFF: Fila & Rabby plus Rabby's student, Hana last two weekends ago, on Saturday 25 February 2012. It was held at this gorgeous bungalow named Adik Villa in Setiawangsa. So what is zis Glam Bazaar thing? Well it is a bazaar selling pre-loved clothings owned by famous local celebrities like Shaheizy Sam, Hans Isaac, Iqram Dinzly, Zahid AF, Faizal Tahir, Sari Yanti, Intan Ladyana, Fauziah Ghous and even Siti Nurhaliza. Not sure whether many people knew about it but when we arrived at 10 in the morning, the place was still serene. That was a good thing because we had the chance to browse and grab good pieces before many arrived.

These single photos are taken from Fila's FB (mohon izin ya buk Fila):

"Lelong lelong... murah murah!"
(Those jeans were owned by Sam and priced at as low as RM25)

Browsing through Sam's tops while carrying babyAdy who was asleep. The art of multitasking :-D

Myself with the beautiful lady, miss Fila

babyAdy strike a pose with aunty Fila. I love this pic!

Fila bought this cupcake from Enot. She also sold cookies and cakes that day. That's her phone number if you're interested. I love the cookies - crunchy and rich.

Enough with photos. After spending few hours in heat and humidity, I bought a Topman shirt pre-owned by Shaheizy Sam's at only RM25. According to the organizer, that is one of Sam's favourite shirt and now it is owned by my hubby :-D I also bought a maxi dress at only RM5 which was owned by someone who is not very famous but Rabby and Hana bought Sari Yanti's dress and few others. For your info, Fauziah Ghous is one of the organizer so she was in charge at the cashier counter that day and she is so pretty. It was an interesting event with good bargain and we look forward for another session next time.

Follow @GLAMbzaar on twitter if you want to be updated with their next project.

Got to go now. Bye!


DaZzlingLilLy said...

wah murahnya...mesti best kan..nnt tunjuk la pic maxi dress tu atie

phatgurl said...

Lily: memang murah dan berbaloi tapi ada juga yang mahal. maxi yang I beli tu slim fit colour grey. Nanti one day I pakai I post pic tu keyh ;-)

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