Tuesday, March 6, 2012

:: surprise for shazwani ::

On 4th of February, most of us who attended the tea party in Bangsar last year received an FB message from Aishah about her plan. After more than 200 messages between us, plan became reality on:

Date: Sunday, 26 February 2012
Venue: Garden Cafe, Alamanda Putrajaya
Theme: Pink

It was a surprise party for Shazwani Hamid, a famous blogger in town in conjunction with her engagement and birthday celebration.

We arrived early to set-up the place and also made a scrapbook theme gift for the guest-of-honour. I don't want to write much though because I want to let these photos do the talking instead...

Garden Cafe is such a beautiful place with cosy ambience. It was even more beautiful when combined with our theme colour.

The organizers from left to right:
Lina Zahrah, Afra Yuri, Ayna Jalal, Me, Aishah, Zuen, Ashikin, Raisya, Nurul

The 'Queen' arrived at 1 something and she got this priceless expression on her face!
Wani was crowned as queen of the day by Aishah. As if she knew, Wani was actually wearing yellow - the colour of royalty. Everybody was starving so we all then enjoyed our food.


Girls will always be girls.
We posed for photos then gave Wani our handmade gift, took more
 photos, then asked Wani to cut her pink stiletto cake, chatting, then took some more photos...

Many thanks to Shiela for helping us to bring Wani.
We owe you one ;-)


To Wani:
Congratulations on your engagement and Happy Belated Birthday. Hope you enjoyed our lil party for you and wishing you many happiness in the future.

To the "pink team" members:
We made it girls~! I really had a great time with all of you. Hope to see all of you again next time and do keep in touch ya ;-)



mIZz *.* aYNa said...

love hanging out with you too dear =) nk curi ur pics tp dh di-collage kan, ada x yg single single pics? Nak nak, hihi =P

phatgurl said...

Hi Ayna...will contact you personally via FB. Nanti I forward kat email yer ;-)
Hope we could hang out together next time.

white purple flower said...

nice entry. i have been busy i didn't update my blog for awhile now. haha. i used to be the fastest to update on things. anyway, i'm so looking forward for our next plan :)

awek retro said...

wow awesome...
i yang bace pun terharu...

phatgurl said...

Aishah: i was so excited to share about it and show the world our pretty photos...hahaha. Kebetulan ada masa, yg tea party dulu tu sampai skang i x update. Nway tq so much to u who made so much effort. Hope we gonna have another gath next time.

Awek Retro: hehehe kecil-kecilan je tapi alhamdulillah berjaya :-)

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