Thursday, May 17, 2012

:: 1 month to 1 ::

Today, Ady Rifqi is 11 months old. Only one month to his first birthday, yet we still call him "baby" although he does not look like a small baby anymore. I did not get the chance to blog when he was 10 months so there is definitely a lot to talk about him this time.

A day before Ady reached 9 months (16.03.2012) I discovered his first tooth. It was accidental when he was crying on my lap with his mouth wide open or else I would not see it because it was an upper tooth. Not long after that his other teeth came out and as at today Ady already got two upper and two lower teeth. We already feed him rice now with chicken, vegetables or fish and he rarely reject any food offered. The other day, I was talking to hubby while putting my finger near Ady's mouth and he eventually open his mouth to accept the 'food'. Quite funny but pity him. He must have thought there is something to eat. 

Anyway, Ady had never eat on his own so Thursday last week I bought a pack of Heinz chocolate flavoured finger biscuits for him to hold and bite as finger food. He was interested at first, holding and tasting it but after one bite he started playing around. As a neat freak mom, I took away the biscuit and hold it for him because we were in the car heading to KL for dinner. However, he did not want to eat the biscuit again after that and even the day after so in the end, the mother became the baby and finished up everything. The biscuits tasted good and it also came in apple flavour, in case you are interested. Ady may not like biscuits but I am happy enough because he loves eating two of my favourite food; bread and potato. Well, at least he inherits something from me ;-)

Ady already knew how to drink from sippy cup now although it took me months to train him. I bought Avent's sippy spout when Ady was 6 months plus and it came with a rubber shield to protect water from leaking. He did not know he has to suck for the water to come out so I usually had to take out the rubber for the water to flow, but last weekend he finally learnt to suck from the spout. Apart from that, other significant developments include of:

- More babbling and even 'singing' in his own language.
- Pick and drop things from a high place like bed or sofa then look down and stare at the item.
- Crawl on his hands and knees faster than before, even climbed up the stairs.
- Rocking his body from side to side especially when he is excited.
- Showing tantrum. He already learnt that he can get something if he screams or cry loudly.
- Walking and running around the house in his walker.
- Slapping our face to make us wake up from sleep -_-

Not only he looks more like his father, Ady also likes doing something or having activity with his hands so he still likes to knock his palm continuously on the table if there is nothing else he could do. One thing we discovered about him is his interest towards 'real thing' instead of toys. He got a set of rubber ducks and a Pokemon that can flashes light, but he is more interested playing with shower gel bottle while bathing. Not forgetting, he is still into gadgets - from mouse, keyboard, headset, handphone to iPad. I am fine with that though so instead of buying normal toys, I bought a set of plastic tools consist of hammer, spanner and types of pliers for him to play and he likes it. Due to that, you can now find a plastic plier in my handbag even when I am at the office. 

Last but not least, anoher thing that makes Ady excited is .....

..... car steering. 

Ady Rifqi is definitely Adiel Jr.


Wa@Wawek@Siti ;) said...

Love the photos, babe! You always take really good ones, unlike yours truly! Huhuhu.. Sgt bagus Ady makan dgn jayanye..Aariz mkn skit2 jek. Risau gak nih.. Kisses and cuddles! :-)

Wendy said...

I can't believe my little boy is almost 1 year old ! He is such a cutie and - yes - he is Adiel Jr. That's for sure. That's not a bad thing !! I love the last photo of him steering in the car. The look on his face " What are you looking at ? " kind of look. Haha. I hope to see him again soon. XXX

efaifi said...

1st pic tu ingatkan Ady pakai kain pelikat duduk bersila mcm pak cik pak cik pulak hahaha

phatgurl said...

Wawek: I'm obsess with taking pics tapi yang letak kat blog of course selected ones. Yang tak cantik pun banyak je...hahaha.

phatgurl said...

Wendy: he is a cheeky boy now. Still clingy like before. Do come again to Malaysia and visit us!

phatgurl said...

Fila: itu pose ala mat mat bujang tapi betulla ko cakap, macam pakai kain pelikat plak dia... hahahaha.

hazera said...

comelll!!!! :> bila nk jumpa Ady ni haa..dah anak bujang pon..hehe

phatgurl said...

Jom girls day out before his birthday.

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