Tuesday, May 22, 2012

:: specially baked for bread lovers ::

Recently I have found a new addiction and that is munching while driving home from office. My snacks are usually buns and junk food so when I was searching for something to buy at myNews Menara TM two weeks ago, I found this:

a new line of bread from Gardenia

"Specially baked for bread lovers" was printed on the packaging so as a bread lover, I was tempted to give it a try. What's more, it was said that the brown bread is baked with sundried tomatoes and olives too. Wahhh for real?

I do not normally eat a slice of bread just like that because I normally prefer it to be toasted but I could not wait to reach home to try it. I ended up eating two pieces. It was fresh and the packaging did not lie because they were real olives and tomatoes! (...and olive is one of my fav).
I knew the bread would taste better if toasted and my instinct was right. It produced nice smell, crispy outside and soft inside.  If you are used to eating Subway sandwiches, the bread is almost like the Parmesan Oregano type and I bet we can produce a Subway-like sandwich with this Passione Italiana too because it is made of herbal mediterranean mixed grains. The packaging suggested it to be toasted and eaten with a butter spread but our refrigerator was out of butter spread or margerine so I had my toasts with my all time favourite ingredients - cheese and baked beans. Man, it tasted so good. I had four slices of bread with similar toppings and they were gone in just mere minutes.

Simple but yumzzz

I was very satisfied with this Passione Italiana bread and seemed to be addicted to it already. Eventually, there are other two types of bread in the same line; the Sommerset Cottage and Bonjour. While the Sommerset Cottage is an English loaf with wholesome grains and seeds, Bonjour is a classique loaf topped with black and white sesame seeds. They are all priced at RM4.20 each, double the price of an ordinary Gardenia white bread but I can asssure you the cents are worth spending.

Click here to learn more about the three tasty european cottage style bread by Gardenia. They even share few recipe suggestions too. Bon appetit~!


Wendy said...

Just reading your words is making my mouth water Siti !! Yum. I could live on bread alone - only NEVER white bread. It has no taste at all. I have a friend who is a chef and he says " The whiter your bread the quicker you're dead !!! " Haha.

DaZzlingLilLy said...

i suka yg sesame seed tu..mmg best..

phatgurl said...

I've been eating white bread for ages and now I'm worried after reading your chef friend's statement...hahaha. Guess I should stick with brown bread then.

phatgurl said...

Yang tu pun best ek? Ok nanti i try ;-)

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