Thursday, May 31, 2012

:: hfw 2012 - leaders in hijab ::

-Hijabi Fashion Week 2012-

The challenge is:

Leaders in Hijab

What leadership roles do you have & how do you dress for them as a hijabi?

Actually this is the theme for Day 1 but since I am emceeing for an official event attended by one of the deputy minister today, I am wearing a formal attire which is really appropriate for the 'leaders in hijab' look.

As some may know, I am working with an established telecommunication company in Malaysia and a leader of this particular unit in the Human Capital department. Leadership role is pretty challenging especially when problems arised but I am thankful enough for having team members and superiors who are very supportive. A person can be born to be a leader but it is not easy to become a good leader. For me, the leadership path is still a long journey and there is a lot to learn, improve and execute.

Working in the corporate world allows me to explore fashion. While we should dress formally except on casual Friday, the rule is not rigid as long as it is appopriate with the working environment and agenda. The look that I have for today basically reflects my dressing to office most of the time. I believed our dressing reflects our personality. Despite my interest in exploring and playing with different look and trend, I still stick to some rules I learnt from corporate grooming classes on formal attire such as only wear up to 3 colours at a time. Here in this look you could see me wearing a formal colour which is blue with a dash of grey and black.

Scarf - Vincci Accessories
Corsage - Heart Attack
Shirt - Mango
Skirt - South China Sea
Handbag - Coach
Heels - Charles & Keith

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