Friday, July 6, 2012

:: my new favourite makeup ::

Other bloggers have been writing about this makeup brand for ages, but it is better late than never for me to write about it. If you always read this blog you may noticed on my interest towards MAC Cosmetics. Yes, I am an avid user of MAC because the quality is good, long lasting, nice colours and also suits me well, but despite all that I am actually a mix and match person. Not everything I got from MAC because I believed different brands have diffferent killer products. I swear by MAC's Studio Fix foundation powder and Paint Pot cream eyeshadow but I still open my purchase for other brands especially for items like lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. Telling you the truth, the best mascara I have ever worn is from Maybelline and it is better than MAC's mascara, which is easily smudged. I used to wear lipsticks by Maybelline too and really love them because they are light in texture and not strong fragranced like some expensive brands.

MAC Morning Frost Paint Pot from Christmas 2011 Glitter & Ice Collection is my daily essential

My life is unberable without this MAC Studio Fix in NW25

I do not mind buying makeup from over the counter brands like Maybelline and Silky Girl (their Funky Eyelights Pencil is awesome) because as mentioned earlier, different brands have different killer products so although we are brand conscious, do not ever judge a brand without testing the product beforehand. Established brands may not always produce good makeups and 'cheap' brands may not always have less quality makeups. Few of my friends told me that SimplySiti makeup products are good especially their eye shadow, which shows local brand can also have quality products and can be purchased without breaking the bank. Ah, don't let me write about makeup because I will end up straying from the main subject, so now let's get back to the subject, shall we? 

The brand I wanted to talk about is actually Topshop Makeup. It has been here for more than a year already but I just managed to try their product within these few months. It was an accidental visit to Topshop after getting my Fashion Fast Forward membership from Dorothy Perkins. Being a Fashion Fast Forward member, I am entitled for 10% discounts for any products from DP, Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Topman. I was with my BFF Nor and we somehow got stuck at the Topshop Makeup's island testing and applying their products. There was a promotion that time where shoppers will receive a makeup bag with purchase of 5 makeup items. Nor who always couldn't resist such promotion (and because the makeup bag is large and nice) decided to purchase 5 eye liners, which were then given to all her BFFs including me as a gift.

The black kohl eye liner is my first Topshop Makeup product but few weeks later I returned my visit and purchased Crayon eye shadows in Whisper and Ramble. With additional items bought by Nor, I also managed getting myself the spacious makeup bag which has now turns into my lunch pouch. The Crayon eye shadows are fantastic! It is glittery, rich in colour, easy to blend and most importantly, long lasting. I usually do my makeup in the car before going up into the office. Applying dry eye shadow with brush takes me longer than applying it with the Crayons because after drawing them on the lids, I can just blend them together with my finger. It is really easy and the blending result is much better. Not only that, the Crayons can also be a base which can be used to retain dry eye shadow and make it last longer. Totally worth buying.

The Kohl eye liner is an awesome product too. It is soft but bold so without hassle to apply, the colour is strong on the eyes. It doesn't smudge easily but through experience, it is more appropriate to be worn indoor (ie. in the office). Here are colours of the Crayons and black Kohl for reference in case you are interested.

1 - Crayon eye shadow in Whisper
2 - Crayon eye shadow in Ramble
3 - Kohl eye liner in Coal

There are 2 other shades for the Crayon, one in gold and another in lighter brown to Ramble, meanwhile the Kohl also comes in brown. Topshop Makeup also produced its line of lipstick, blusher, brushes and others; and you can always check them out in Topshop stores. As I mentioned earlier, I can get 10% off the price so just buzz me if you need my assistance to help you buy one. Toodles!    

*image source for MAC products: Google


Wendy said...

I agree about the mascara. I have tried so many brands - cheap to expensive - and Maybelline is definitely the best !

efaifi said...

Kohl eye liner tu cepat sgt smudge, xyah tunggu sweat lepas a few mins pon dah smudge, maybe x sesuai kot ngan mata aku. so improvise sket, if nak wat smokey eye gune je Kohl eyeliner then smudge smudge smudge ngan purple eye shadow, tayah dah gune black eye shadow wohoo!

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