Friday, July 13, 2012

:: one happy weekend ::

Weekend is hours away. Before it arrives I wanted to share about the previous weekend. We started our Saturday with a wedding at Titiwangsa. Not the Titiwangsa lake, but Jalan Titiwangsa somewhere around there. It was my ex-hommie's wedding - Julie or better known as Opet to us with her partner, Aie. The bride and groom looked fab in their white songket. Besides the tasty main dishes and cendol, they also served putu piring which is my favourite kuih. I guess this is the first ever wedding that served putu piring and I like that brilliant idea. Welcome to married life, sweet couple. We are happy for you and wishing you an everlasting love.  

Ady couldn't stop staring at the bride and groom

We did not know where to go after the wedding so I suggested us to drop by at Mid Valley for the Maybank Treatpoints Fair. It is an annual event for Maybank card members where we could redeem our points for items and get extra bonus points for spending. We used to go to the fair but never redeem anything because I was so stingy but that day I intended to utilise some of the points. The crowd was huge. We did not know what to get at first but hubby then suggested on getting garment steamer. We looked at two brands but finally settled with one by Faber instead of Phillips because Faber's came with adjustable hanger rod, which is really convenient. We even tested the item on the Poplook's chiffon maxi dress that I was wearing. The result was convincing until another lady who helped me ironing my dress took one steamer home too. There goes 47,600 of my treatpoints. 

Hubby was interested to get a massager but I was not very keen of it (sorry Bee) but ended up redeeming Zwilling's nail clipper instead for 11,000 plus points. I am a fan of Zwilling products but I could not get anymore of their knives because the small paring knife is sharp enough even to cut fish and meat. I used the chef's knife occassionally and had never use the other two, which are still nicely kept in their packaging.

We left the fair and strolled around Mid Valley until I told hubby about my interest towards Samsung Galaxy Note. I just bought the Galaxy S2 last October but Note has large screen and I kind of like it, especially the limited version piece in pink colour. I was not serious though but we still went back to the Treatpoints Fair and looked for Samsung phone booths. Apparently this particular booth got the pink Note but it was limited in number and can only be released at 10 pm. After a bit of thinking and strolling around the mall, I then agreed to get the phone. We went back to the booth again and hubby told the supervisor there about our intention in getting the pink phone. It was 8 something that time so we spent more time walking around the mall and arrived at the booth at 9:45 pm. 

Hubby asked me to wait in front of the counter so I could grab the phone when it is exactly 10 pm but I was surprised to see two pink Galaxy Note on the counter prepared to be bought by two people. Whattttt...?! I told hubby about it and we 'made some noise' about the situation. It was totally unfair for those people to get that limited phones before the said time. The supervisor and sale assistants were in big trouble. Their big boss was scolding them and asked the supervisor to manage the situation; and we at the other side purposely made unhappy noises. I actually thought it is ok if I didn't get the phone but I still complaint just to make the seller realise about their wrong act because it is totally unfair. Apparently another guy also waited for the phone and he was also unhappy about the situation. To cut the story short, the big boss came to us and apologised. He told us he only got two set of phones so the only way to solve the situation is to have a lucky draw between the four of us. He prepared two cards without any writing and another two cards with 'pink' word on them; and asked us to pick one card from inside a box.

It was my lucky day indeed because I got the pink card and the other guy who also waited earlier got the other set. Even if I didn't get the phone, I still admire the boss's way of managing the situation because that is the only way for him to be fair to his customers. Thank you boss and thank you hubby for supporting me. On another note, my previous Galaxy S2 is now in the safe hand of my dear friend, Nor. At least it doesn't go far and I can still see the phone whenever I miss her. Thank you bebeyh and it is a pleasure doing business with you ;-)

Enough about Saturday. Sunday arrived and it was a Girls Day Out with my usual buddies and my dearest babyAdy at Empire Shopping Gallery. We had lunch at Chillis and it was a treat from Nor and I. We have something good coming so sharing is caring :-) 

Ady is a big boy now. He was happy that day and willingly seat in the high chair while eating. I ordered him chicken crispers with fries from the child eats free menu. Ady loves potato so I also fed him mashed potato and also vege from my monterey chicken. Fila went for a healthier choice which is fish while Nor went for burger and Rabby ordered chicken chipotle. We also got the must-have menu, triple play so I don't need to explain how full we were at the end of the lunch.

We strolled around Empire, visited one shop after another before taking a break at Starbucks. It was a treat from Rabby (Thank you Beek~! ) and I had their rich signature hot chocolate. It was among the shortest outing we had because we usually spent time until night or till the mall is about to close but I have to excuse myself early so we all went back home around 6 pm.

I was wearing Thepoplook tribal dress but I think the pink cardie made me look f-a-t. Urgh!

It was a one happy weekend and I am glad to spend the entire two days with people I love. Thank God It's Friday again, so happy weekend to all of you.

Peace and Love yaw!


hazera said...

Love last weekends to bits..;) we had fun..thankkk youu!

efaifi said...

yatoque ni boleh jadi duta poplook :P

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