Thursday, August 9, 2012

:: h&m malaysia opening soon ::

This picture worth a thousand words:

That is no other than David Beckham and he is wearing David Beckham Bodywear for H&M, which you can easily get when the first H&M store opens in Malaysia soon. (By the way, that is one decent photo of him instead of the ones in undies O_o ).

Yes fashionistas, save your $$$ from now because the reknown Sweedish retailer will opens its first flagship store in Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur this coming 22 September 2012.

H&M is known for offering fashion and quality at the best price. When I was in UK last time, I considered their price moderate due to currency conversion but when I visited H&M Malaysia, I was surprised to find they have uploaded their collection together with price tags and they are really affordable! Now they are making me really excited to que in front of the store on the opening date...haha.

By the way, H&M is not only for ladies but also for men as well as kids; and the designs are trendy too. I personally find their designs in similar range as Mango, Zara and Dorothy Perkins but better in terms of price. So far I have been limiting myself to set my eyes on items less than RM100 a piece and I am drooling over these colourful babies:

Really want to have them in my shopping bag but I really have to start saving more fund because there are nice ones waiting for my lil Ady too...

Collared bodysuit, cardie with elbow patch and colourful chinos - what's not to lurve?

One thing I like about H&M site is the fact that it does not only show what is available in the store but also a platform for us to refer on latest trends, quick tips and others. Just have a visit and experience it in your own way or follow them on twitter @hmmalaysia for any news.

I know the brand will be massive in Malaysia, just like other giant retailers and looking at how 'crazy' Malaysians are these days (judgement after looking at pictures of long queues for free scoop of Baskin Robbins yesterday) I can anticipate how the opening day would be. 

Welcome to Malaysia, H&M~!  

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