Friday, August 17, 2012

:: special iftar sessions ::

Ramadhan is getting closer to the end. Only a day left before celebrating Syawal and many have left for their hometown since two days ago. I am still in the office though. As usual we will be celebrating the first Eid in Seremban and then travel all the way up North on the second day. Before we all start talking about our Hari Raya celebration, I would like to share about special iftar sessions I had this year and they all happened in the last weekend.

The first session was on Saturday and it was an invitation by Cosmoderm for their Duit Raya contest winners, fans and bloggers at Bukit Jalil Golf Club. The theme was green and yellow so I just wore my yellow maxi dress with mint green cardie to match the requirement. The event was simple and I got the chance to mingle around with new people and meeting other Cosmoderm bloggers like elya shazleen, amoi heaxa and lyda rosli. We all brought home goodie bags which include product samples and also sambal jawa goreng. Will share about sambal jawa goreng next time because it taste really good and big thanks to Nana for inviting us to the event. 

lydarosli - me - elyashazlen - amoiheaxa

On the next day was another memorable iftar and it was a session with my besties. Rabby suggested us to buy Hadramawt buffet iftar from Groupon at only RM30 per person and we did considering the price and the fact that we never dine at any arabian restaurant together. Rynn did not join us this year because she already bought the same coupon with her colleagues, so we shall see you in Raya potluck ya?

Anyway, I want to skip telling about our (confusing) journey but still want to highlight why must Yemeni restaurants named their restaurant Hadramawt and in Jalan Ampang itself there are Hadramawt and Wadi Hadramawt! I know it is a place in Yemen but don't they have any other cities or places to be named of? :-/ Ok since I am in a rush now, I also have to skip telling about our bad parking experience at the restaurant and go straight to the food and fun time we had. Overall rating, the food was not so bad but they are incomparable to Saba and Al-Rawsha (but we may come again for the delicious goat cheese samosa).

As usual, one eating place is never enough for us and we later got our dose of coffee / chocolate at Starbucks in Great Eastern Mall. Ady was very happy because he was able to walk around the mall in freedom. He even took away Nor's 'santa bag', took out her gift and due to that we started the gift exchange session. Giving and receiving gifts is so exciting. This year each of us received a shawl from Nor; and face mist as well as lipstick from Fila. Love each of them and thank you so much girls!

What they got from me:
Dorothy Perkins's skinny belt plus a handmade hair clip for Rabby's daughter

The weekend does not stop there. Monday was a special day because it was my beloved husband's birthday and it called for a celebration. We went out in the afternoon and later I surprised him with an iftar at the highest restaurant in KL city, on top of the KL Tower.

I have went to KL Tower many times for work and events but never with hubby so it was a memorable moment for our small family. The food was scrumptious and the ambience was very relaxing. Ady really enjoyed the food and he was the first one to start and last eating. We think Ady loves buffet because he could taste different kind of food. After eating we then went to KLCC and brought home 5 new tops for Ady. 

So that's it. I have to rush home to pack and prepare because we are going back to Seremban tonight. Let us cherish our last days of Ramadhan and with His blessing, hopefully able to meet the next Ramadhan. Insyaallah.

Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri dan Maaf Zahir Batin to all. 

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